Running on E

Even when I’m on E, sometimes I keep pushing. I ignore soreness until it’s a legitimate pain. And even then I doubt it for a few days before I do anything differently.

So… being that we didn’t have any morning PT today, I had to up the bar. I scheduled a few of these for this week and the next. They look amazing/fun (even though I think the treadmill is the equivalent to death) and the bobcat threat won’t be an issue.

The day started with more Fitness reading.  I particularly like this little blip that I read:


Dog + Me = Happening. Very, very soon.

MOD C officially started today. It was… um, interesting so far. Some ‘historical immersion’ classes and other mumbo-jumbo that you have to be super high-speed to learn about. Why was I in the class then, you must be asking? Pshhh… You got me!!!

At lunch I raced to the car and popped a few of these puppies in before getting to the base gym.


They taste like big gummie bears/Dots. And they’re pretty much all organic. Now that’s my kind of energy snack!

The last few days I’ve been rockin’ the 90’s music. One of my first few blogs was all about being a 90’s kid… And, I’m back on this kick.

THIS is one of my favorites. Bling 182 – What’s my Age Again.


As well as THIS. Rusted Root – Send Me On My Way.


I also thoroughly enjoyed jams by Green Day. It reminds me of when BrotherD first started playing the guitar. He was obsessed with Green Day and I loved listening and singing along as he learned the notes.

Once at the gym I found myself rockin’ (there’s a lot of rockin’ in this post, just go with it) a running ensemble. And snapping a picture, because that’s what bloggers do. Or so I’ve seen…


I ran my 3 miles and JAMMED back to my room. I didn’t plan this whole work out-on-my-lunch-break gig very well. It was my first time. Next time I’ll bring my lunch and some stuff to take a shower with.

I’m back on with the marathon training. I’m starting at the week I left off right before my injury. That means I’m at 10 miles this Saturday. I’m going to monitor how I’m feeling as I go — but I’d LOVE to do the long run along the beach in San Diego while I’m there!!!

The afternoon was, eh. Nothing notable to speak of.

After class I went back to the gym. I’m psychotic, I know.


Here’s what my layout usually looks like at the gym. That’s my FitBook, my stinky iPhone arm band, weights, mat and towel.

Today I did:


Lunges (each leg)


Sit Ups


3 sets of 50 stability ball crunches with a 15lb. medicine ball. Those were frickin’ hard!

Then I did the sexy legs workout from Fitness Magazine. It was actually really, really good. I’m not usually a big fan of the personal trainer kind of workouts, but I rolled with rocked it (I’m hilarious).

I do these workouts in the racquet ball room. I’ve seriously never seen anyone actually use it for recquet ball. But, it’s so unbelievably hot in there. One of these days I’m going to do a yoga podcast in there because it’d end up being just like vinyassa or bikram (aka: sweaty yoga). The point is, no matter what kind of workout I do in there, I end up sweating my tush off. Thank goodness for workout towels. Ew.

Afterwards, after much deliberation (only 1 hour before Glee starts) I made a trip to Target. I didn’t end up getting anything that was on my list. Figures. Totally not my fault because they didn’t have 2 of the things I was looking for. And… I didn’t actually want the other 2 things once I got there.

I really wanted the Motif Face Wipes and those carrot chips Snack Face talked about. Sierra Vista Target, you failed me — but it’s not their fault because it’s bum-fu#k Sierra Vista for goodness sakes.

BUT… I did come across this little beauty….

Peanut Honey Luna Bar. I inhaled it immediately. It was love at first sight.

And… Chobani is making a BIG deliberate return into my life. It’s packed with way too much goodness to leave out of my diet. Really high protein, natural sugars (from fruit) and probiotics — I think I could use all three of those things. Welcome back Chobani, oh how I’ve missed thee.

I was a few minutes late, but made it back in time to turn on the TV and was painfully disappointed to learn that American Idol took over Glee tonight (or Glee season is over? I’m not officially a Gleek, so I don’t know these things)… And New Girl isn’t on until 9 instead of 8pm. Kinda crushed my world.

So, shower and homework it is… Until 9. Tomorrow morning is ruck march Wednesday. My favorite. NOT. Let’s put 25lbs in our assault pack and walk around for 30 minutes. Sounds like a great workout, Army. Good job. The sassy face is in full force tonight.




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