I pretty much love 90 degrees.

No internet requires a catch up agenda… Lezzzz do this…


Raglin came home from the hospital. He’s doing great – so I’m told. Grayson is quite worried about him. Ah, I miss those guys! BrotherD calls him “Scar Face” now. Sad.


I packed my bag and laid out my outfit in preparation to leave ASAP after class.


I made sure all my laundry was done and everything was ready to go.


About an hour into the trip I stopped for some much needed snacks: Smartpop popcorn, coconut water and PEANUT BUTTER M&M’s! (New-to-me, and am in love).


The road trip also included some John Mayer and Dave Matthews. Perfection. My Dad and I went to a DM concert a few years ago, AND…. My Dad is obsessed with coconut water. Needless to say, I was missing that guy hard core.


I was shocked that at 8:00pm, it was STILL 80 degrees!!???!! WHAT!!!


I managed to pick up Mr. Medical Sales from the airport (a HUGE accomplishment because that airport is hard core insanely BIG) and make it to Brian’s house all in one piece. We then found ourselves at RnR, the San Francisco Giants-loving restaurant.


Being that I ate dinner on the car ride there, I stuck with an oldie, but a goodies: Sweet potato fries. I couldn’t finish all of them. It was literally a BUCKET of fries! Oh and a few of my usual: Vodka soda.


We spent the rest of the night hanging in Scottsdale. So far I really like that city. I don’t have any major complaints and/or praises – I’m still a newbie in a foreign city. I loved that it was still really warm at midnight (no jacket necessary) and I liked the more “professional” crowd. Tucson is generally a college town, so I liked seeing a different age bracket… even though I’m of the “college age” – I’m well aware.


The next morning Brian and I snagged some breakfast and then I headed out to explore this sunny city. I eventually made it to my hotel room and was pleasantly surprised. Loving the government rate prices!! Now THIS is a bathroom. Yes, please and thank you. I wanted to kiss it.


BIG KING bed… all for me!!



Being that it was 90 degrees, and the pool was right outside my pool-level-room (my door opened up to the pool, ee!), I spent some well-deserved time out there. My trail mix couldn’t hang with the heat. Chocolate covered peanut butter/nut mix pretzels, anyone?


By 4:00 I was in desperate need of some food. Somehow I forget to eat on the weekends. I get so carried away with all the free time, I forget the necessities… food! Baja Fresh was down the street so I got some ensamble of a chicken salad. It was good and exactly what I needed to fuel for my run. I really did try and take a nap, but that didn’t work so well… so I went and ran 11 miles instead. Go figure.


It was cool to explore downtown Phoenix, but a little sketchy because I didn’t really know what neighborhood or what kind of people I was going to bump into.


I originally planned on 6 miles outside, and the rest on the treadmill… But my inner-bad ass (key word: inner) told me to run the whole thing outside.


This probably wasn’t a very good idea because I didn’t bring my hand water bottle. Luckily I had a Gu pack, but had to stop at McDonalds to beg for some water. It was really hot, much warmer than I expected. And, well, I’m really not used to this heat right now. It was a rough 11 miles, kinda felt like I was going to vomit towards the end. But I finished, and that’s all that maters.

When I got back to my hotel, I threw on my swimsuit bottoms and dove into the pool. I used to do this at home during the summer – bringing back good memories! I quickly got dressed and met these girls and guys (guys were taking the picture) out for dinner and drinks. Shrimp (so good) and Blue Moon for me.


It was a great night. Lots of laughs. Many stories. And a few new friends.


8+ hours of sleep. Score! We all know how much I love my beauty rest. I threw on some leggings and headed out in search of coffee and food. Starbucks answered my cry for help.

Ran 3 miles.

Pedicure 😀

Met Ryan for lunch and Lululemon in Scottsdale.

Bought this water bottle because it was on SAAAAAAALE!!

All in all… I really liked Phoenix. I loved the warm weather. But I did miss the familiarity of Tucson. Is it weird that when I got to Tucson to do some grocery shopping, I let out a huge sigh of “It’s good to be home.” — As if Tucson is my home? That’s weird.  I’m not a big fan of downtown Phoenix, it was a little too “city” for me. But I looooved Scottsdale. MommaG and I will explore Tempe next weekend. I hear that’s a nice area.

I was happy to see familiar faces: Mr. Medical Sales and Ryan. And meet some new friends too! Sunday is always depressing for me. It means the weekend is over and I have to start a whole new week… 4am wake up, anyone? But I’m staying optimistic because in exactly 1 month I’ll be leaving this awful city we refer to as Sierra Vista. Dun. Dun. Dun…. !!!

Next weekend I’ll take more pictures. It’s a little weird to take pictures of random stuff when you’re with friends. Fellow bloggers understand. “Why are you taking pictures of your salad?” Ummmm… I want to remember it forever??



Found some new goodies at Sunflower Market last night… Vitatops??? MMM!


So I found the skintight pants.

If you want to read about the Army, stop reading. I don’t feel like talking about the Army… other than to share this picture:

Seriously. My life is NOT that bad. Waking up at 4am and laughing my butt off at combatives. I’ll take it.

A few months ago I found the blog, SkinnyRunner. One of the first posts I read featured her in these jeans:

Ever since then I’ve been on a hunt. Kinda like a shoe hunt, but less intense. I tried on about 4 bazillion pairs when Nicole was in Tucson. No luck. But then I found some at good ol’ Gap — only because I had $30 in rewards to spend there…

So here’s my deal, I don’t know what shirt to wear with them!! I have the perfect shoes (thanks to my previous hunt), but the shirt is killing me.

I’m loving the striped shirts with them… If only I had my closet here in Arizona — we’d be set!

Do you wear colored denim? What kind of shirt do you pair with them?

What better way to debut the red denim than an outing in Phoenix!?!

Phoenix Weather:

Gotta love that 0% chance of rain… and 90 degrees in March!

Guess I better pack the swim suit and sun block!!

On an Army note… My first day as class leader was a success. No one died. And no one got yelled at. suuuuper. 

Tonight’s Workout:

  • Talk on the phone
  • Pack for the weekend
  • Waste time
  • 4 Rounds: 25 sit ups, 25 push press (25#), 25 squats, 25 flutter kicks
  • 3 mile run

Got any fun plans for the weekend??




Maybe She Can Lead?

Today marks the end of another chapter here in Arizona. My whole class passed the MOD C test. I was so sure I was going to fail and then have to re-test. But instead, surprised myself with a 90%!! I told Philip, I won’t believe it until I see my score card.

As that chapter closes, another one has opened: I will be the class leader for the next 4ish weeks. I can’t decide if this is a good or a bad thing, so instead I just laughed. And then laughed again. And again. I have a feeling I won’t be laughing in a few days though. When it was announced, the whole class applauded. I’m also not sure how I should take that.

Time will tell.

“Non-leader” = Class Leader. irony.

My race photos are here… Also not sure how I feel about them. (There’s a lot of that going on today.)

I look a little abused here.

Why is that lady behind me so damn happy!?!?

Where’s Waldo? Better yet, where’s Lululemon?

How do you guys feel about running skirts?

I don’t think I could hang. That just seems like too much going on down there. See the floral/yellow girl next to me (pic 3)? I mean, it looks like she’s going to Hawaii… Call me boring, but I like to look like a runner when I go running. Maybe that’s because I’m an unnatural runner, therefore I need all the stars to align in hopes that I’ll deceive those around me into thinking I can run. Look at me, got my athletic watch and iPod arm band… haaaaaaard. cooooore. deception.

I noticed that I’m not heel striking in these photos. That’s a big win in my book.

I also noticed that I don’t have my CrossFit body any more. I feel like I need to go eat a bunch of food and lift some heavy stuff. Beef those arms up.

I looked like this in December:

Today I was told… “Your hips are so bony, we need to get you a sandwich.” Funny, but… not sure how I feel about that.

It’s amazing to me that a body can change so quickly. I feel sad about this. I worked really hard with CrossFit in order to achieve certain goals. And I’m afraid that I’ve lost a lot of my achievements (pull ups? handstand push ups?). I guess I can just look at it as another opportunity to set new goals… But still.

Because of this I spent the afternoon watching CrossFit videos. And honestly, there were tears involved.

I decided to wipe up my self-pity and think of my accomplishments while in Arizona:

  1. I haven’t gained weight.
  2. I can run faster than I have ever been able to.
  3. Due to the elevation my cardio endurance will be better in California.
  4. I appreciate working out at a CrossFit box waaaaay more than I used to.
  5. Due to my circumstances, I’ve been forced to research and plan workouts and nutrition.
  6. You can do a lot of working out without any equipment.
  7. Stuck on a base = more time to work out.
  8. Re-fell in love with running again.
  9. Learned the importance/necessity of weights and strength training.
  10. My CrossFit family hasn’t forgotten about me.

I wrote on my CrossFit gym’s Facebook wall today:

Today I’m getting into all kinds of luck… I got selected for a random drug test. ding. ding. ding!! “You get to pee in this cup! And coincidentally pee all over yourself, congratulations!” By the time I was done with that it was almost 6pm. Instead of running 8 miles, I ran 6. And instead of doing my full circuit workout I did like 20 push ups. Disclaimer: a bunch of AIT soldiers were in the gym and were goofing off. They had boxing gloves on and I was afraid I was going to get a foot to the head. So I ditched the weights and went home to talk to my mom instead. We’ll get em’ next time, champ! 

Moral of this… I might have to start going to the old-smelly gym instead of the new-pretty one. At least I know I’ll always have a place to do my CrossFit stuff at the old one. The new one is hit or miss. And I don’t like that.

As I walked towards my room, as I got closer… the whole hallway smelled like BBQ sause. MMM!!! BBQ chicken for dinner.

Crock Pot BBQ Dinner (Get ready for the most complicated recipe of your life)

  • Chicken breast
  • BBQ sause
  • Chopped onion

1. Dump ingredients into crock pot. Cover. Set on high for 3 hours. boom. just. like. that.

This is perfect by itself, with salad… or with cooked veggies like I had tonight (about to grow a science experiment in my fridge).

Tomorrow we have to be in class by 8. Therefore a shower may or may not happen in the morning. Great. Overnight oats are becoming my new best friend these days. And being that I’m now the class leader (so weird)… I’ll have even less time. awesome.



Paisley…. THE leader. take. that.

The Great Outdoors!

First I want to say a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my cousin Nicole!! She’s turning 22, again… 😉 In a matter of months, Nicole and I went from mostly just talking/hanging out during family holidays to… Talking/texting almost every day. I love all of my family members, but it’s fun to have some that you’re extra close to. I wish I could be in San Diego celebrating with her… Like I did a few weeks ago:

Instead, I’m here in Arizona… playing Army Barbie. You know how it goes.


Most of today was spent outside. Halleluja.



We did another site exploitation exercise. This time I really got to use my new spy skills. We even got a bag of ninja stuff! … gloves, camera and fingerprinting kit. Not so ninja after all.


During the first exercise I got to ask the “detainee” all the questions. I was told that I did a good job of getting the necessary intelligence. I asked all sorts of questions. At times I had to bite the inside of my mouth to keep from laughing though. The stuff those “actor” people say is really funny. This is all supposed to be serious professional, therefore laughing is frowned upon.


For the second exercise, I was the assistant to the team leader. Basically I followed him around with a pen and paper and drew a sketch of the buildings and items we found. That role wasn’t as fun — but still very useful to the operation.


I look like a child here. awesome. I spy with my little eye, something red… do ya see it!?!? sneaky.

By 2:00pm we still hadn’t eaten lunch. Starve-city over here! I had overnight oats in the fridge, so I had that for lunch. I don’t believe in “standard” meals for their designated times of the day. Therefore breakfast is perfectly acceptable at all times of the day. Any day. And every day. Hence my standard yogurt, banana, granola ensamble for most dinners.

Overnight Oats:

There are also some really awesome other overnight oats recipes here! It’s kind of a new trend… Just like gold jewelry which is TOTALLY making a come back, which I’m ecstatic about!


I mean, it’s always been “in” sort of… but it’s back in large quantities. Like.


Turkey wrap for dinner.

Reading: blogs & Girlchild

This workout: 5 rounds — 50 mountain climbers & 25 sit ups PLUS 3 mile treadmill run

Studying for MOD C test… eeeek!

New Girl. yay.

Melatonin – bed.




Sugar Rush

I slept for 8 hours last night thanks to our fabulous friend Melatonin. I took one at 7:40, layed down to read, I was full on sleeping BEFORE 8pm. That’s a miracle. I felt happy, energetic and GOOD this morning.

Combatives is still a struggle for me. And always will be. I partnered up with another non-fighter this morning and we made the best of it. There was plenty of laughing, and some practicing involved. Tonight is the clench drill. You know what I say to that? I’m bringing my book.

When I got home I was so excited to make this breakfast:


Pumpernickel tortilla (don’t knock it till’ you try it), 2 scrambled eggs, goat cheese and salsa verde. Blackberries and strawberries too! The beginning of the sugar rush.

As I sat down to eat, I did some nutrition research on nutritional yeast. I picked some up at Sunflower Market because Fitnessista uses it — and she knows best, right? Turns out, it’s actually really good for you!


And you can even put it on a breakfast, just like I had today!


When I got to class I was feeling all healthy… Until I saw the cupcakes. Cupcake, down.

We had an early lunch today and I neeeeeded chocolate. Chocolate, down.

Dried mango, down.

What’s going on!?!?!?! Then I remembered that I bought a six pack of these:


Sweetened with stevia. Zero calories… NO SUGAR. SCORE! Well then how the heck does it taste so good? At this point, I don’t even want to know.

In an attempt to kill this sugar rush, here’s my workout plan for the week:

Mon – Rest (that’s what you’re supposed to do after a 1/2 marathon)

Tues – CrossFit

Wed – 8 miles

Thur – CrossFit & 45 min 5 mile treadmill

Fri – Elliptical

Sat – 11 miles

Sun – 4 miles/crossfit

This Afternoon:

– BOLC stuff: Site Exploitation exercise. Actually really fun. Anytime we get to go outside, I’m happy. The best part? I learned how to extract finger prints from a surface. You know, using the powder. I felt very spy-esque. I feel like everyone had a pretty good time. Our personalities were out FULL FORCE today. There was a lot of laughing and joking around — something we all need once in a while. I know I do.

– I picked up my mail today and look what was there for me…


MY SHOES!! I’ve been hunting and searching for these high and low. I started my search before New Years. And it’s been an on-going process ever since then. I bought a wedge-look-alike when Nicole was in town, but took them back because they weren’t perfect. Caity even dedicated a whole post to them a few weeks ago. Zara is my hero. I finally found them. I’m in shoe addict heaven. Good thing Mr. Medical Sales is tall cause these little beauties will help me grow a few inches at Dianna’s wedding!!


Did I mention I love them? And that I didn’t take them off until I had to leave for combatives? Yeah. obsessed.


Do you think the Army would be okay with me wearing them to class tomorrow?

– At 5:30pm, it was time for combatives… AGAIN. That’s 4 hours of combatives just today.


Like I planned earlier, I sat out… along with a few other Army chicks.


We got called “weak” and “non-leaders” and all that jazz… but you know what? I was not feelin’ this action:


I know that if I would have participated, I would have been fine. But my head would have hurt. And frankly, it was optional. I don’t feel like I know quite what I’m doing yet. And there will be other opportunities if I feel that I need to be level 1 certified. As if.

– Rag-poo had to go to the kitty hospital today. I get a text from my mom, “Rag has a hole in his neck. Vet now.” $200 later the vet decided he needs surgery. He doesn’t get to go home until Thursday… poor guy! My parent’s neighbor’s cat basically ate a chunk out of him. Raglin isn’t a fighter OR aggressive so this really aggravates me. Dear mean kitty, you’re attacking the wrong animal. You should be hunting mice and gophers… not cats! But what do I know, I’m just an Army chick who trains to hunt bad guys. And apparently sucks at being a leader because I don’t want to get my face punched by a 200lb dude during an OPTIONAL event. 

– Instead of working out tonight, I stared at my new shoes. all. damn. night. Another words, I took a melatonin, drank tea, read my book and now I’m crashing.

– Best Monday of all time. Maybe it was due to all the sugar I consumed? But probably because I got 8 magical hours of sleep and NEW SHOES!


Army Paisly, the non-leader.

Lucky Number 5

– Have you ever found yourself enjoying grocery shopping? It’s usually something that I rush through. I make a list ahead of time and try to get out of there as fast as possible. Not today. I found out that Tucson has a Sunflower Market. Um, hello… Only my favorite store. I think I spent an hour in there. I walked down every single isle. And looked at e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. I was in foodie heaven. They have so many cool things… coconut milk yogurt, quinoa tortillas, 0.99 cent blackberries, nutritional yeast, herb goat cheese… and the list goes on.

– While shopping I chatted with my love: G.I. Jane. She’s my kindred spirit. Always a joy talking to her. We’ve been apart since November. And in just 5 weeks, that will all change. I’m really busy during the weekdays, duh, so I love being able to chit chat on the the weekends. Sometimes it’s about nothing important. Other times… it’s pertinent, top-secret level, girl talk. Today it was about melatonin. And how I’d like for the grocery store to alphabetize their vitamin isle.


I will be taking one of these tonight before bed. 8pm bedtime is definitely in my near future.

– Ever since my cousin talked about TJ’s cupcakes, I’ve been craving them. I stood in line at Coldstone last night and ended up leaving because I already ate frozen yogurt that day the line was too long. So when I saw these little beauties, I knew I had a winner.


I was ecstatic. That’s actually an understatement.


Blogging + Cupcake + Sunday = LOVE


– I didn’t eat lunch until 3:00pm. I thought I was going to die. And I’m not eating paleo anymore. So there. I’m doing whole foods instead, but with a paleo emphasis. And eating whatever the hell I want — in moderation. But not gluten. Gluten makes me feel like poop.

After making this decision, I read this:


Enough said.

So there. Bring on the oats and tortillas. It’s not like I was going to stick to paleo for very long anyways… who was I kidding?

– A straight guy told me which kind of jeans I was wearing today — and that they were awesome. I can’t decide if I dig it or not.

– I judge blog credibility by what the person eats. What’s wrong with me? I think I have eating jealously.

– Today I decided that I’m not doing the clench drill at combatives tomorrow. And if someone asks me why, I’m telling them, “Because my mom said no and she won’t let me.” Truthfully, I don’t want to get hurt. (But MommaG really did say that.) I was really sore yesterday from getting the crap beat out of me (by girls). I’m not physically or mentally prepared to have a large dude throw punches at my face and ribs. No thanks. I’ll take the wimp card on this one.

– I can do anything for 5 minutes. I can do anything for 5 days. Therefore, I can do anything for 5 weeks. 5 years? Now that’s a different. I have 5 weeks of training left. And I couldn’t be happier.

– I’m REALLY loving this song: Take Care (feat. Rihanna) by Drake. It’s been on repeat all afternoon. Pretty sure my neighbor hates me. oops.


– I’m psychotic. And I went to the gym tonight and did this, again. Except this time I did all 10 rounds. Apparently 13 miles wasn’t enough.

I almost threw up twice. This is a really hard work out. Or else I’m just really out of shape.

– The gym looks clean and sparkly during the day time. I like it so much better.


– Before I went to the gym I threw two chicken breasts and 1/2 of this (TJ’s Salsa Verde) into my crock pot.


When I got back, dinner was ready. What more could a person ask for… I mean, it’s basically an automatic dinner maker. You throw stuff at it and it spits out amazing-ness.

– Talked to Mr. Medical Sales today. I asked him, “Do you even know where I am?” Him: “Uh, yes… Mexico!” Me: “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!” for 5 minutes, “EXACTLY!” He’s going to be in Phoenix next weekend. scoooooore!!

Remember when I made my “lent” decision…?

Well this pretty much sums it up…

True story. Sad story.

5 weeks kiddo’s. 5 weeks!!


A. Paisley

Cali Girl Runs

Last night I was reminded:

And so that’s what I did… set everything out.


Googled directions. Disappointed to learn how FAR the race was. Oh well.


Set my alarm. And asked myself, “Why am I doing this again?”


Bright (dark) and early I woke up, showered and slathered on some sun block.


Morning hair and all… I’m ready to run 13.1 miles!!


Made sure to put the “correct” socks on their respective feet.


En route… I made a necessary stop at the ol’ bux. Iced Coffee.


And since my banana tasted like preservatives (yes I can tell a difference), I opted for a honey wheat bagel with peanut butter instead… A serious cheat/treat for me. But I really did need some substantial carbs for the run.


And then I drove into this. I am absolutely in love with sun rises.


Once I got to the run, parking was a piece of cake. I walked over to the start area and checked my bag (keys and jacket). I stretched a little and made sure I had all the necessities.


As I was standing waiting for the race to start I couldn’t help but laugh (in all good fun of course) and feel reminded of Napoleon Dynamite. This girl is seriously his soul mate: typical runner stretches that crack me up…


And then she leans over to her friend and says, “I’m SO EXCITED!!” and proceeds to hike her spandex leggings up EVEN HIGHER than they already were!! With a tucked in shirt! Oh my gosh it was so funny and adorable that I laughed out loud. I love runner fashion. There’s so many different styles… This tucked in shirt, hiked up leggings is definitely one I’ll be trying… NOT.


The course was pretty awesome. It was kinda hard, literally, running on all the pavement. The entire course was on the road, but I made it work. I ended up rockin’ this race. I maintained a 9:00 min mile pace, even with stopping at every drink station for water and taking a Gu and bathroom break. For me, this is a substantial improvement, especially since my training was limited due to a few injuries.

I’m really proud of myself. And I truly had a blast. The miles flew by and it was comfortable to run the entire time.

AZ Distance Classic = Success.


After the race I grabbed a banana and headed back to my hotel in time to shower before check out time.

Now I’m off to grocery shop and relax for the rest of the day.

Happy Sunday!!


Paisley – An official ‘dual-state’ 1/2 marathon runner. 😀

Saturday Appreciation

It’s the WEEEEKEND!!

Friday morning I passed my MOD C brief with flying colors!! Another BOLC box, checked off!!

Came home from class, packed, showered and I was off !


Tucson, I love you. You’re the best significant other — ever. Always a good time. Always sunny. And always during a weekend. I’ll shower, put make up on and an outfit other than yoga pants — just for you.


Once I got into Tucson, I checked into the Davis-Monthan Air Force base hotel… Colonel suite?? —  yes please!! Why haven’t I stayed here before?? My room is bigger than any apartment I’ve ever lived in (that’s not saying a whole lot)… I’m impressed — especially for a whopping $35 a night!

I brought a bottle of wine with me. This was my first time with a “screw” top — I think a cork bottle would have been easier to open. Where’s a man when you need one!?!? With a little help from my friend knife, this thing was open in no time. hardly.


Screw top and I are not going to be dear friends any time soon. I also am kind of against the no-cork fact. It’s wine people. Not a soda.

I got my Jesus on while I got dressed. Love this song.


And headed out for a few drinks.

This morning I woke up at the beautiful hour of 10:30am. OHHHH yeah. I miss those days… The days of sleeping until the sun comes up. craziness.

I had a ton of errands to run: pick up race packet/t-shirt, pick up jean alterations, Lululemon, manicure, Trader Joes, etc…

Thank goodness for beloved iced coffee. I really am obsessed. (See my pretty ‘Army-approved’ nails??)


As I was driving, I was in awe of these mountains. Pictures really don’t do them justice. But I love them. I think this is one of the best things about Tucson. That and the 80 degree weather in March. Their grand size is breath taking.


I finally got back to my colonel suite just in time to relax and head over to the movie theatre… HUNGER GAMES!!

The movie was fantastic. I absolutely loved it. It was so well done — way better than I expected. I will say, I kind of wish Peeta was casted as a taller guy… I mean, he was shorter than Katniss!! Does anyone else think this? I thought the outfits were phenomenal. Okay yah, I loved it.

I didn’t love the guy next to me loudly slurping and sucking on his jolly rancher though. Thank goodness for a hooded sweatshirt — almost created a sound barrier. He kept telling his wife what was going to happen in the movie. DUDE!! Shut up, what if I hadn’t read the books!??!

Afterwards I did some “carb-loading” at Chipotle. What better way to prepare for a race than some good ol’ brown rice and tortillas??


And to top it off… A whole bag of Powerberries. I, Hayley, am a Choco-holic. Step 1: Admitting you have a problem. I don’t plan on moving on to step 2 anytime soon.


I’m an uptight, type-A, control freak, Army Barbie. Chocolate is a necessity in my life.

Tomorrow is the 1/2 marathon. I hear it’s supposed to be a really pretty race. I’m really looking forward to it. If only it weren’t so damn early!! Runners are just as crazy as Soldiers. If not more — because they choose their wake up time.



What did you do this weekend?

Do you like milk or dark chocolate best?

TGIF Thoughts

1. Did anyone else know that COCONUT M&M’s exist?? Why am I just now finding this out!?!? They’re delicious.

2. It’s very safe to say that I am NOT a bad ass at combatives. In fact, I royally suck. I’m better at fighting with my words. Oh and I don’t really like my hair getting all messed up and having bloody lips. Just isn’t really my thaaang.

3. I attempted this workout last night. And I got through round 6 and called it quits. I don’t suggest it. 10 rounds is a little much — mentally. But that’s just me. I will attempt the full 1,000 next week. I had running on my brain.

4. I’m really, really, REALLY excited to run the 1/2 marathon on Sunday. Like really. The last time I ran a 1/2 was in October at the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco.

5. I miss CrossFit in a big, bad, sad, huge, enormous, agonizing way. I miss my back muscles. I miss the camaraderie of the gym. I miss my coaches. But… running works for now, I guess.

6. As much as my life kind of sucks here, I’m really grateful for the entire experience. I love that I’ve been able to explore a new area (Tucson), meet new people, learn my branch (still in process), train for a marathon, and everything in between. Week days pretty much suck. But I keep reminding myself: I’m getting paid to be here. It’s. Not. That. Bad.

7. Thank GOODNESS it’s Friday.

Hunger Games tonight!!



not that boring.

Hi lovey’s!!

I’m sorry I’ve been so boring lately.

Being in a classroom from 8am-6ishpm on 5ish hours of sleep will generally do that to ya.

Also, getting up at 4am makes you seem really uninteresting and borrrrrrring… because your personality is pretty much shot.

Therefore, ridiculousness is born:

1. You know you’ve lost it when at lunch time you go home to sleep instead of eating lunch. And then realize you never ate after you’re already back in class. sweet.

2. You know you’ve really lost it when you yell at your classmates and tell them that their work SUCKS! and then stomp out of the room (true story).

And then a few minutes later you get your brain back. And it’s a wonderful feeling. Because you realize: it’s. just. not. worth. it.

Let’s talk about something fun… like happy hour! Oh my do I miss that precious time of day. Happy hour in BOLC is 6 miles on the treadmill. Topped off with a protein shake.

I know you’re jealous.

How freaking CUTE are these leggings?

The Tucson Lululemon just got a new shipment. And I think my mom and I both need a pair. Personally I think they’d look stellar with my new pink & purple (zebra) running shoes!

Speaking of, anytime I feel homesick I just think about how excited I am that MommaG is going to be here in 2 weeks!!

Or.. I just thank the good LORD that I’m not back in basic training… in the gas chamber:

Yes it was awful. And yes it feels like you’re breathing in pepper spray. Because you are.

Again, don’t be jealous.

Dear blog world, thank you once again for providing self-therapy at the fabulous price of $0.



Do you ever freak out over small things?

What new workout gear have you had your eyes on lately?

What are your plans for this weekend?

I’m going to see Hunger Games (eeee!), get a manicure and run a 1/2 marathon!!