Dearest Neighbor

Dear Army Hotel New Neighbors,

First off — why do you start playing your AWFUL (in my opinion) music at 9:30pm? Why not stop playing it at that time instead?

Now listen here, honey, I’ve been here for two months. That pretty much makes me the GRANDMA of this place. That gives me the authority to knock on your door and TELL – not ask – you to turn your music off. (But I’m such a coward, instead I’ll just blog about it and then put ear plugs in so I can go to bed.)

Why do you have to talk so loudly? Why do you have to yell at each other? I know it’s suuuuuuuuper exciting to have a boy in your room on a Wednesday night when you’re 22 years old, but you really don’t need to talk that loudly. Believe me.

I also really don’t want to hear your conversation. I’m trying my hardest not to listen, but you’re really making that a difficult task. I don’t care about who your drill sergeant was in basic training. Or what he did to your friend. Or how much you drank at that one party in college. Really. I. Don’t. Care.

Don’t you have PT in the morning like everyone else? How do you stay up so late? I won’t judge you, maybe you have sleeping problems just like me? But considering I’m sitting in my quiet room with sleepy-time tea — I’m pretty sure I’m the only one here with a sleeping problem. Another words, go to bed!!!

And in the morning, when you two get up together. Well, that’s just classy. I’m glad you’ve found your soulmate at MIBOLC. Congratulations.


Very annoyed/granny(ish)/neighbor/Room 230


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