February Wrap Up (Long Winded)

Last night felt like college again. A lot of reading and highlighting. (And that’s a pen, promise.)


I woke up to a fire-y bum. Yes, b-u-m. Seriously. My buns are a-burnin’ from last night’s sexy legs workout. Holy shhhhnikeys! Talk about soreness — on top of my already sore legs from the PT test and 3 mile run. I honestly look like a 9 month pregnant woman walking around. Waddling my way through the day. A few people asked me, “Are you ok? You look like you’re hurting… Do you need help?” 

No… I’m just ridiculous and I think that working out several times a day is good for me. I have a problem. I’ll be fine. But, please just give me a little nudge so I can roll down these stairs. Kay. Thanks.

Apparently I think I’m Batman. And that I can do any amount of working out and nothing will happen to me.



Well… sort of. I mean, I WAS Batman for one night in October.

Today was one of those “I don’t really feel good” days… which meant, bustin’ out the glasses and chocolate. Ohh… Yeah…


Remember these little beauties?

I was told that Chocolate can help your workouts. I’m not lying, read it here! And drool over the pictures in this month’s Food Network magazine.

Not sleeping doesn’t help my judgment. Chocolate makes its’ way to my face as if it aint’ nothin’. Oh and 1/2 a Benadryl isn’t doing the trick anymore. We may have to up it to a WHOLE one and THREE “goodnight baby” teas. Good grief.

Despite my chocolate-eating and glasses-wearing kind of day, I did get a TON of crap done. I finally sent off my taxes to my tax lady. She’s so nice. I’ve never actually met her, but MommaG tells me she’s a doll. That’s the beauty of having a hair stylist as a mom. First of all (among a zillion things), that means she’s a lot nicer than me — and in turn, she makes lots of friends who help a girl out, ME!


Not to mention, she’s one of the cutest moms — EVER!

I also made a doctor’s appointment for that ridiculous toe that STILL isn’t better (sorry for all the caps, it’s a dramatic day). So hopefully Mr. Army Doctor can fix that whole situation. YUCK-O!

While on my to-do list spree I stopped by to drop off some mail and was totally SURPRISED by a care package from G.I. Jane!!!! Seriously guys, you’re really starting to spoil me. And I love it. Please don’t stop.

If you haven’t caught on yet, this is G.I. Jane. She’s my other 1/2.

G.I. Jane + Army Barbie = Presh.

She sent me my favorite chocolate eggs (pictured above) which I promptly shared with the entire class because we ALL know that I would have eaten the entire bag tonight — by myself. She also included a book AND… “Bitch” wine. Not sure where she got this, or what this implies. But I love it.

Pink label, red wine, “Bitch” – we’ll leave it at that.

I love being surprised which further develops my love affair with cards. Greeting cards. Like the paper kind. You know? Have we talked about this yet? I love cards. I love buying them and sending them. I could seriously spend an entire afternoon at Hallmark juuuuuuust reading cards. That is all. But honestly, there’s something so much more authentic and wonderful about sending someone a card instead of a text or facebook wall post. Now, don’t get me wrong — those are all wonderful things, but a card is so much better. Which is probably why they cost $4 instead of $0. Go figure.

The afternoon was SLOOOOOOOOOW. Wow. I mean…

I look at my watch, 2:34. Then again, 2:37. Then again, 2:39. Then again, 2:45. Are you freaking kidding me!! Is the clock stopping? Am I losing my mind? What’s wrong with ME!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! [Insert 80th chocolate egg into mouth. Gulp more water.] Hmmm.. Do I have to pee? Yah, I think I do. Okay good. 

I’m back. Look at watch, 2:52. AHHHHHHH!!! [Insert 85th chocolate egg into mouth. Gulp more water.]

That’s pretty much how it went. In a nutshell.

So…. Earlier this month I made some February goals.  Let’s see how that went for me.

1. Complete Saturday long runs (at a minimum) in preparation for running a maraton.

Welp, I went a little too crazy with this one and ended up hurting myself. The first two weeks I was dead on. The second two weeks I was physically unable to run more than a few strides. So, we’ll call this one a wash and move it over to March. Yes, sounds like a plan.

2. Strict Paleo during the week days (with the exception of the few Luna bars I have left) and one cheat meal on the weekend.

Judging by my food log I did AMAZING with this. I barely even cheated on the weekends. If I did it was something like frozen yogurt or some chips and salsa. I’d hardly consider those big cheats. I did cheat BIG TIME last week with the tacos and felt like crap the next day. So, we’ll consider this one accomplished. Way. To. Go.

3. Eat out only one time during the week day. In an attempt to save money…

Definitely accomplished. I was like a hermit crab during the weekdays. People would literally have to bribe me to come out of my room at night. Well, almost. Even when I was away on the weekends I usually stopped at the grocery store or brought food with me. Success.

4. Take “me” time every day, even if that means saying “no” to social events.

Done. I was MUCH better about this in February than I was in January. I finally got in the swing of things here at Ft. Huachuca which made me all around just a happier person. I was still somewhat social, just restricted it to focus on other things that make me happy: fitness and quiet nights.

5. Be IN BED by 8:30pm every night (except weekends).

Fail. Fail. Fail. More like 10pm. I have a severe sleeping problem here in Arizona. It takes me a very long time to fall asleep which in turn makes me dread getting into bed. Taking Benadryl kind of helps, but even then it’s an up hill battle. We’ll carry this one over to March and make it a more realistic 9pm instead. Deal? MmmmmK.

This month was crazy, fantastic, fun, WARM and just flat out awesome. I’m looking forward to an even better month in March. On the menu: San Diego, cousins visiting, Tucson spring festivities, Ft. Huachuca Rodeo…

Arizona Distance Classic Half Marathon (I just registered today!!!)… Exciting. EX-CI-TING.

 Tonight, dinner was at La Casita. (Chicken salad and only one one and a half corona light(s) for me). I’ll definitely miss the guys this weekend while they’re galavanting in Tucson. But…. not that much cause I’ll be in San Diego!!

Remember the last time I was in San Diego? It was a good time. A very good time.

Be good.




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