2 Days in Paradise

Even though I really should be napping… I’ll take the time to enlighten you with the account of my oh-so-fabulous weekend escapade.

San Diego trip numero dos started out in the airport.


Coconut almond milk? Now that’s right down my alley!


AND a gluten free (upside down) dark chocolate bar. YES!


Dinner was spent with a Home Alone look-alike. Creepy, right? But absolutely hilarious!


The next morning I got a view of the Navy’s ships, Mexico and the ocean.


That hazy mountian – the one you can’t really see – well, it’s Mexico. So I was told.


The weather was to die for. Be jealous.

Nicole and I started our weekend with manicures, pedicures and Starbucks. Girl’s weekend at its finest.

We promptly headed to Pacific Beach for some lunch, people watching and beach lounging (aka: tanning).


This was our view from the rooftop lunch spot.


Nicole is a table-snagging-ninja and found us a table at PB Alehouse.


It was packed. Packed. Packed. We shared (meaning I ate most of it) sweet potato fries and a salad. YUM!


This was my view for the next few hours. It was exaaaaaaactly what I needed.

I was so happy to have my toes in the sand, in a swim suit, on the beach — just everything.



The beach day was completed by a trip to Yogurt Land and picture with the cousin. I definitely rocked the UofA hat. Do you go to UofA? hahaha… No. I’m a poser.


So gorgeous. I didn’t want the day to end.

But, the sun eventually set which turned the evening into a shopping extravaganza. And oh my gosh, extravaganza it was. Nicole and I have a Sephora/Bare Essentials shopping problem. All you have to do is tell us how amazing something is and it’s instantly in our shopping basket. Or, just put some eye shadow on my eye lids — and I’m sold.

The mall workers kept telling us, “You girls are so FUN! Thank you!” Our response… “We’re cousins!” 🙂 Imagine my energy, bubbly-ness and crazy self times that by 10 — that’s my Nicole. Pure awesome.

We finally made it out of there alive. Picked up take out.


Thai food. It was a bit too spicy for me, but definitely hit the spot.


This is what a trip to Sephora will get you — well, that and good genes. 😉 The hair? Yes — definitely runs in the family. (Wait until you see Kristen next weekend!)

I’m so thankful to have such an amazing family. A family filled with people who love and care about each other. I know every family has their quirks — but, we’re pretty damn lucky. And to think we actually enjoy hanging out with each other (besides holidays) now that’s just insane!


Say it ain’t so. Is that a bloody marry buffet? Why, yes. It is! And it was amazing.

I did not partake in this amazingness, but after meeting the owner — I will next time.

Um, hi, morning after wedding idea — most definitely!

My last day (Sunday) was relaxing. We slept in (YES!!) and then had brunch. We split a veggie frittata and chocolate chip pancakes with peanut butter. I was so hungry that I didn’t remember to snap a picture until our plates were completely cleaned.

A little Trader Joe’s trip and pool time and then I had to get back to the airport. Sadness.

I finally caught up with my mom and G.I. Jane while sitting at the airport. I had to keep myself busy while I was waiting for my flight, because I always get really sad at the end of weekends. Especially when I have a really good one and I get to spend time with family.

I hate goodbyes.

BUT…. Nicole and Kristen (cousins) will BOTH be here in Tucson next weekend. YEAH!!!

Until then… I have LOTS of dark chocolate to hold me over.


I got a little carried away at the cash register, ya think?

Hope your weekend was filled with sun, fun and happiness.



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