Midnight Marathoner

At 7:00pm tonight I found myself in this…


With these socks on…


And these shoes on…


Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my new running shoes? I was very skeptical at first, but absolutely love them now. Being that I had the whole toe extravaganza (infected due to too-small running shoes), these are working so much better for me.

I was working on my essay that’s due tomorrow and found myself speeding right on through it. 1-2 pages is a no-brainer for us English majors/writing minors. However, the possibility that I’m writing about the correct topic and doing it correctly is an issue on its own.

But… off to the hotel gym I went!


I was pleasantly surprised by their little gym. I can’t believe it’s taken me TWO months to come here!! Geez! All that time I wasted driving to and from the base gym — when I could have just walked downstairs!


They have a treadmill, elliptical, bike and some random weight machines. Good enough for me. And there aren’t any bobcats who can eat me for dinner, that’s the biggest plus.


I FINALLY did the 45-minute treadmill workout that Carrots ‘N’ Cake posted. It was faaaaaabulous!


I had it written down on this post-it and finished all 45 minutes. It was fun, well, for a treadmill workout that is.


I ended up doing almost 4 miles (more than my goal for today).

Being that I’ve been MIA from the blog world lately, I definitely made up for it today. I keep forgetting to post my March goals, so here they are:

1. Be in bed by 9pm. Don’t care if the light is off — just need to be laying down, NOT sitting on the computer.

2. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

3. No eating after 8pm.

4. No eating out on the week days.

5. Resume marathon training.

A lot of these goals are carry-overs from last month. Simply because of an injury and some small re-adjustments to find what works!

I have 8 minutes until 9pm, better get to skippin’.




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