Monday Blues

This week’s workout plan:

M: 3 miles

T: CrossFit/Fitness Magazine

W: 5 miles

Th: 4 miles

F: CrossFit/Fitness Magazine

Sa: 8 miles

Su: Rest

I know it’s a lot of running. But I slacked on the running last week and want to re-introduce the habit.

Some of the take-away’s from San Diego:

(And some expression of Pinterest obsession.)

1. Tan. Living in Tucson, on top of San Diego — yowza! This girl has got her bronze on! I need to really be careful this summer and slather on the sun block. I’m border lining summer tan status. It’s March, people.

2. Realllly Tired. This morning I thought it was just a gluten coma. But turns out it’s not. No amount of coffee or make up can fix this funk. I’m just plain ol’ t-i-r-e-d. Tired. I guess 48 hours of no-stop fun will do that to ya.

3. New Lipgloss. Remember when I raved about Philosophy lip gloss? Well, we’ve found her match…

It’s totally worth the price. This is coming from a lip gloss connoisseur. It’s fabulous.

4. Trader Joes Powerberry Trail Mix. I picked up a bag of these last week when I was in Tucson. And then I grabbed 3 more bags when I was in SD. It’s so good. So. So. So. Good.

5. Chili Spiced Mangoes. In not in LOVE with these. But they’re definitely a fun snack. Nicole brought them to the beach with us on Saturday and I’m thinking I can join in on that band wagon. A little spice, a little sweet. Yes please.

6. Being more friendly to strangers. Hanging out with Nicole made me realize this. She’s always so happy and NICE to anyone and everyone. At the grocery store she calls the checker by name (look at his shirt for name tag) and she’s quick to chat with anyone and everyone. New goal: be more like this. It makes you and everyone else feel good.

7. I need a #Me night on Friday. Remember when I had one of those a few weeks ago. Well, I’m doing it again: Running myself down and not taking the time I need to rest up.

Seriously. Snackface just had one and I’m jealous.

8. I really miss my friends and family. Sometimes seeing them makes it harder. 8 weeks and I’m back where I belong.

9. Mondays are just kind of crummy. In the event, coffee and make up are a good fix. For now anyways. 🙂

10. San Diego men may be sexy… But I retract my statement of comparison to Sacramento men. The intellectual department is slacking. The tan department is perfectly on key. hehe




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