Sleepin’ Like a Baby

I’m happy to report that I haven’t had to use benedryl OR alcohol to fall asleep lately. It’s just been happening!!

I’m REALLY excited about this. I can only think of a few things that are worse than laying in bed at 11pm, not falling asleep, knowing you have to be up at 5am. Not fun. Not fun at all. I think I was just really stressed and not exercising enough? Not quite sure, but I’m hoping that episode is behind me.

After my sweat-a-thon from last night, I made the infamous breakfast cookie. I knew it was my turn to experiment because my Little made it, before me, AND posted it on her Facebook. Oh no she didn’t.

(Notice the mug? Look familiar? G.I. Jane also has one…!! Oh the simple things.)

Since I’m the worst baker of all time, but a decent cook – I figured I could handle a little oatmeal adventure. Well… turns out you actually need to measure that crap. And I’m not down with that. So my breakfast cookie turned into more of just plain old COLD oatmeal in the morning. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t what I had imagined.

So… Since I’m not one to give up — I’m going to re-make the experiment tonight and try again. Only this time, I’m actually going to pull out those damn measuring cups. hmpf.

Today I’m also going to make an inspiration board. I’ve been meaning to do this since January — but with all the hustle and bustle of life, I’ve yet to make one. Tonight I’m going to get some poster board and tape to make my own. I once did this with my mom when I was younger. It was more of a goals board. It’s always a good idea to put your goals up to remind you on a daily basis.

Here’s where I got the idea from

To include funny thoughts such as these…

What REALLY spurred this idea? I want a Garmin GPS running watch. But, I can’t justify spending $130 on a running watch unless I reach a goal.

So… I’ve ran 5 half marathons. Yeah? And we all know that I’m training for my first full marathon, yeah? Well… with that, I’ve never ran over 13.1 miles. Ever. So, the day that I complete 15, yes FIFTEEN miles… I will plop myself infront of the computer and click “purchase” — That’s my reward.

Why do I want this said watch? Because I need a change. I need a running change. I’ve been going back and forth between running obsessions — and I just need some excitement mixed into this running relationship. OKAY!?!? But honestly, I want to up my game. I’m tired of my lame-o 9ish minute miles. I want to be faster. I want to be better at running. It’s a sport and I need to start challenging myself. Changing my game. UPping my game. Fitness magazine talks about change:

“We’re all for it (change) when it doesn’t involve much risk or it’s something that instantly makes us happy, like going on vacation. Otherwise, experts say, we’re pretty much content to stay safely within the confines of the status quo.” Page 108, March issue.

This is me with running. I’m content running at the same pace, varying distances — all the time. Day after day. Changing the pace, distance, tempo, etc involves hard work. This hard work is something I’m afraid of failing at.

What are you afraid of? What changes do you want to make? Do you have a goal in mind? Maybe a reward for when you accomplish that goal?

Happy Tuesday!! (New Girl tonight!!)



If you haven’t seen this yet, watch it. I love how she says “Microwave.” and… “Why are you sweating so much!?” and the Dobbie part at the end. I was peeing. She’s a good time.

And here’s a response from my battle buddy, Justyn who answered Jenna’s questions, he’s a writer and hilarious:

Exlanations from a Boy.

#1 – Guys watch the same movie over and over for the same reason ladies like lots of foreplay. We know what’s about to happen (in the movie). We can’t WAIT for the big car chases, explosions, and hot shit that’s about to hit the fan. When it finally gets to the big scene/scenes – it’s so much better the 2nd, 3rd, 800th time.

Our insecurities lead us to watch the same thing over and over because we’re scared of wasting the experience on one of those 80 crap-ass TV shows.

#2 – See #1, but with less foreplay. Sometimes we just like a quickie.

#3 – We want you to smell our farts in one of three scenarios: (1) We don’t think we’re going to get sex from you because you’re not into us/we’re not into you/you’re our sister/you’re a lesbian, or (2) we’re super-comfortable with the relationship and secure enough to not give a shit, or (3) it slipped and we’d rather act like we did it on purpose. For the record, (3) what happens 98% of the time.

#4 – Our penis needs air. Walking around in a towel is our only legitimate commando time. Your feet need air. So does our junk.

#5 – If we didn’t leave it on for two days, you’d be bitching about the stenching. Yeah, I left it on for two days. You’re welcome.

#6 – This is a boy problem. Real men clean their shit up. I apologize on behalf of all boys who shave and leave their shit on the sink. Grow the fuck up gents.

Hair transplants are totally normal. I trim and try to spread some on my head. See my profile picture for an explanation.

#7 – Dudes get scared to ask directions outside of our comfort-zones, like when we’re lost as shit and don’t want to stop and ask. But when we’re home, our fierce walls come down and we let you into our soft hearts for a moment. Don’t crush us in this vulnerable moment. Here’s your chance to build our confidence a bit.

#8 – We have a lot more muscle mass than women and we get hotter faster. Google this shit. I’m right.

#9 – See #8. We are burning fat. It’s why we get to eat whatever we want and not immediately bloat.

#10 – Some peanut butter jars say to “refrigerate after opening”. Besides, you can always pop it in the microwave for a few minutes (See #7).

Have fun.


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