Toughin’ it Tuesday

Good Evening Lovelies!

After work today I headed straight for Target. Being that we got our butts kicked this morning at PT (team CrossFit workout – so fun!), I skipped out on tonights “CrossFit” workout.

I really wanted to get some stuff for my inspiration board and possibly a mini crockpot.

… I found one!!! And it was only $10 — SCORE!


I also found THESE!!


Larabar has found her match. These are really, really good. And made of only a few ingredients.

I rushed to my car and googled slow cooker recipes. Grabbed the ingredients at Fry’s and headed back home (had to be back by 8 to catch New Girl.)

I originally intended on making this recipe so I’d have a yummy breakfast in the morning.

But once I started making it, I realized it wasn’t a crock pot recipe after all – It’s stove top. Sadness.

After some intense googling, I found this recipe and decided to modify it. We’ll see how it goes…

I started on my inspiration board.


Made another breakfast cookie. Hopefully this time it won’t be as gooey gross as this mornings:


Attempted some reading homework… Gotta love that lemon water and sticky notes (thank you Dianna!)


And packed my assault pack for tomorrow’s ruck march.


Last week my pack only weighed 18lbs. YIKES! It’s supposed to weigh 25! I packed as much “heavy” stuff as I could find tonight. Looking around, I realized… I don’t really have anything heavy in my hotel. Unless you count my coffee maker… So, I loaded it with as many books (which are strictly made of paper – not the heaviest) and a few water bottles to top it off. I can’t fit anything else. So if it’s still under weight tomorrow, we’re going to have to recruit some dumb bells from the gym!

Now I’m sipping some NEW-to-me tea and going to crawl into bed.


Oh snap… it’s 9:07.





3 thoughts on “Toughin’ it Tuesday

  1. You MUST have a crock pot. I’m proud of you. Putting stuff in the crock pot is so easy and you can just throw stuff in there and when you come home….DINNER! Good for you.
    Also, can you send me one of those coconut bars or tell me where you got them. I WANT!

    • Denise,
      I have a crock pot at home too — but it’s been buried in storage for a few years. The mini one is so cute and perfect for one person! I threw a bunch of stuff in it this morning, we’ll see how well it turns out tonight!

      YES I can send you a coconut bar! They are delicious! But, if you want to snag your own today — I got them at Target. They’re NEW! I found them in the vitamin/supplement section. They have 3 different flavors. I bought a whole box!!


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