Some Days

Some days just start out crazy, insane, hectic, all over the freakin’ place. Yesterday was that day.

0500 – Alarm

0510 – Alarm **NOOOOO! I don’t wanna!!

0520 – Tea, breakfast (hoping I have everything else) and out the door.

0525 – Attempt to eat this in the car: Plain Chiobani, almond butter, gluten free granola and frozen blue berries.


0530 – Arrive at Medical Clinic

0600 – Medical exam

Doctor: “Pee in this cup and what’s wrong with your foot?”

AP: “I already peed in that cup last week. And my foot is fine. I run on it. And when it hurts I keep running.”

Doctor: “Pee in the cup. Period. And run less.”

0650 – Hospital

Sergeant: “Go to your dental appointment and then be back here for a hearing test.”

0700 – Dental: Silly puddy in my mouth. Gagging. Drooling. Eyes watering. All bad news.

But really, I had to get impressions made for a mouth guard (to help keep me from grinding my teeth at night). If any of you have had braces, you feel my pain. They put this really cold, wet puddy stuff in your mouth and hold it there for a few minutes. That’s what she said? It’s pretty terrible, but it means saving $300 and preserving my teeth — I’m so in.

0800 – Back to the hospital for a hearing test: press a button when you hear a sound. But try not to breathe, otherwise you won’t hear the beeping noises.

“You have really great hearing!” — I guess blaring those headphones and blow drying my hair my whole life hasn’t affected my hearing. Saaaaa-weeet!

0830 – In classroom ready for the most boring 4 hours of my life. Put it on my tab.

Whirl wind much?

0830-1200: The most boring block of instruction, ever. 6 briefs on terrain in Sierra Vista, AZ. Shoot me.

Turns out, it really wasn’t the most boring 4 hours of my life — I just hadn’t had my coffee yet. We’re talking eyes watering, yawning, no make up, frizzy hair, the works. I looked like a hot, tired mess. I’m all for the whole “drink tea instead of coffee” campaign, but let’s be real. Tea has 1/3 the amount of caffeine. On a Thursday, waking up at 5am for the 4th day in a row — the girl has got to have her coffee. Case closed.

At lunch I slept walked (verb?) back to my room for lunch. I crashed on my bed for a quick power nap and then threw some iced coffee into a mug. (Mr. Medical Sales told me this mug is ugly!?! He’s a guy… what does he know?)


Why oh WHY have I not thought of this sooner!?!?! HELLO!!! Coffee at lunch time?? I was bouncing off the walls! Listen intently to the instructor?? No problem. I got this.
It was fantastic.

coffee. coffee. coffee. i. love. you.

I was so cracked out on caffeine that I was literally crying from laughter after reading this:

“You and me, we’re so identical it’s crazy. Besides the fact that you only made $45 million last year, are depressingly 7th on the list of most powerful people in entertainment, are bummed because it didn’t work out with Jake Gyllenhaal or Zac Efron, I totally relate to ya, girl. totally. One time I had to pick up a dog turd and the poop bag had a hole in it.”

I mean, she’s talking about Taylor Swift (whom I really like – but it’s always funny to make fun of celebrities, to me). Is it funny? I kept reading the last line. Over. And over. And over. Again. And every time it was just as funny as the time before. I wished Dianna was around. She would have been crying right there with me. #lostmymind

When I first drafted this post, I included a vent. Then I read a blog that vented about gym goers. I was annoyed by her venting. People don’t always want to read about your negativity. Consequently, the ‘venting paragraph’ magically disappeared from my post. Then, contrary to this morning’s instructor, the afternoon instructor was so nice. So helpful. So cool. So easy to talk to. So. So So. And then I realized. Sometimes you gotta take the good with the bad. Sometimes you just have to wait out the storm. Sometimes instructors suck. Other times they’re awesome. It’s just the way it goes. I have a hard time accepting that. I want everyone to be perfect. I want all teachers to be just the way I want them to be: nice, helpful, cool and easy to talk to. But hey, we don’t always get our way. Only sometimes.

ARMY NEWS!!!! Rumor has it, starting soon-ish, females will be allowed to wear their hair in a pony tail during PT. Do you understand how unbelievably happy this makes me? PONY TAIL!?!?!? I have dreamed of this happening since I found out that Air Force is allowed to wear pony tails. Lucy brats.

That, my friends, is a girl — in uniform, wearing a pony tail. Now… if only the Army could adapt this whole legging-wearing fashion…? (Why is that girl wearing two watches and two iPod arm bands? Oh… Air Force.)

Makes more sense, right? The bun always falls out anyways. Might as well adopt all Air Force uniform standards while we’re at it! I’ll wait out the storm. Until them, I’m perfectly happy thrilled with my small, pony tail victory.

Being that I’m a new-found treadmill diva, I’m in desperate need of a better running playlist. I don’t get very good cell reception (see picture), therefore Pandora isn’t always an option. Not to mention, I usually purchase more slow/relaxing/calm, aka: non-running music. So… the search is on. I added about 12 new songs.


And then I did this treadmill workout (4.5 miles):

A few weeks ago my toe was all messed up. Well… it’s BETTER!!! The Army actually fixed the infection! Now I can wear flip flops! But… something is STILL wrong with my foot. It hurts really bad and I’ve really been trying to ignore it, but I think it’s just getting worse.


The doctor wanted to put me in physical therapy. But that means putting me on profile and taking me out of class. Class time that I can’t miss. So… limping around for the next few months? That will be me.

I ended the night with a beer out with friends and some of this chocolate:


Dark chocolate with toffee, walnuts and pecans. Sinful and delicious!

Happy Friday lovers!!




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