FleurBow Weekend

Fleur-Bow: Cousins, happiness, excitement, craziness, healthy eating, curly hair, smiling, FIAT driving, fabulousness. (A collaboration of last names, but the definition works too.)

This weekend was a Fleur-Bow weekend.

Nicole shows up in her rental car… a RED Fiat. It was like a golf cart on steroids. Low gas mileage? Hey!



Zippy, compact, red and all her majesty…


Nice license plate. Tacky.

When we got to Kristen’s softball game (Coach!) we were in need of some snacks… Trader Joe’s it is!!

Sweet potato chips, oh yes.


THE Super Spinach Salad. Yes. Slightly obsessed. It’s ok.


Some girls softball… OH yeah…


Snap peas.


Dark Chocolate Pretzels. “Get those away from me!” #WhiteGirlProblems


I learned a little bit about softball. Kristen’s team had a “split” — I’m probably not saying that right. But it means they won and lost a game. So it’s like a wash in my book. No one wins, no one loses. Good. To. Go. But what do I know? I’m just a cowgirl crossfitter!

Being that Nicole and I are Class A shoppers, we definitely made a “kill time” trip to the Tucson mall. It was so nice to shop with a girl!! Every time I’ve been shopping in Tucson it’s with guys who usually don’t want to be in the vicinity of retail for more than an hour. I can’t say that Nicole enjoyed every minute of her shopping experience with me, but she was definitely an upgrade. (I’m a lot to handle when it comes to shopping. I pretty much treat it like a sport. It’s like a hunting game with 1 million distractions. Try to keep up.)

After shopping and getting turned around in Tucson — oh hey, we have a red Fiat — we made it to the hotel to meet up with Coach Kristen.

She wanted sushi. So sushi it was…


I didn’t take a picture of the sushi because it kinda looked (and tasted) like crap. I was NOT impressed with their service or sushi making abilities. Ew. But, the beer was pretty!?!? Yeah?


YAY!! Cousins!!!!


OH HEY! More cousins! See the resemblance??

I’m proud of myself for showing Nicole Tucson (with the help of a few others). She said she had a good time. I’ve never been able to show someone around a city that they’ve never been to before. It was actually really fun. And weird too because I’m not from Tucson, but I’ve already learned so much about it.

But… I learned something new this morning: Beyond Bread exists. And when Good Egg has too long of a wait, Beyond Bread is a decent alternative.

I started with tea. I loved that they gave me a cup AND saucer. The little things, you know?


Also loved that your food order tags were names. One of which included “Nutella” — Now regular table numbers just seem so boring. Also loved the interior. Cool lighting and brick walls. All the pastries and bread looked amazing.


I ordered a salad. I was lured to it because of the hummus and artichoke hearts. But when I got it, I was really disappointed. It was mostly iceburg lettuce. For those who know me… “I don’t eat white lettuce.” Enough said. And the hummus was really bland. I basically just ate all the toppings off the salad and left the lettuce. White lettuce? I’ll pass.


But… I was smart enough to splurge on a muffin. Okay, it was a blueberry bran muffin — hardly a splurge, but for a gluten-free girl, it was amaaaaaaa-zing! The muffin almost made up for the salad disaster.

Today I’m exhausted. Nicole went to watch Kristen’s game and I’m being the “bad cousin” and staying back at the hotel. I have a headache (I wonder why… haha) and I just want to veg out for a few hours.

I have this week (Monday) lurking over my head and I don’t want to deal with it. I love my weekends too much. More than the average person, I can assure you.

Nap, poolside, magazine catch up, food and fitness planning… I’m there.




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