M Day

Happy tired, irritable Monday…!!

Since I’m not one to “fake the funk” — let’s call it what it is. Monday’s suck. The weekend is over and 5 days of work are all sprawled out in front of me. What can make Monday better? Fitness and food planning of course!

M – 5 miles

Tu – CrossFit

W – 5 miles

Th – 6 miles

F – CrossFit

Sa – Tucson Bootcamp run

Su – Rest OR 8 miles

Speaking of food… I tried Chili’s last night for the very first time. Overall, it was exactly as I expected. (I’m not a chan restaurant kind of girl.) I inhaled 3+ blackberry iced teas which were delicious!!


And had a buffalo chicken salad. I only had breakfast yesterday so I figured I could have some Chili’s inspired chicken. When in Rome.


I also found a very special purple spandex treat while sitting in the restaurant. CHECK IT OUT!!


Yowza. You go girl. Rock that outfit. (Sorry for the blurry picture. I had to catch her as she was walking by outside. It was too amazing not to capture. Courtney would appreciate it.) Nicole and I were dying laughing. Obviously. She kind of reminded me of the grumpy lady from Monsters Inc.

When we got back to the hotel, Nicole and I watched the TLC show: My Strange Addiction. We were dying laughing at this girl who is addicted to sniffing her doll’s head. I’m not even kidding. Also featured was a girl who drinks gasoline, a girl who sniffs baby powder and a guy who MAKES OUT with his car! WTF!?!?

My favorite part was when the baby head sniffer told her friend, “My fiance told me ‘It’s him or the head.'” I think I peed a little. So funny. I can’t decided if the show was meant to be serious (I mean you can DIE from drinking gasoline) or funny (girl sniffing a doll head, that’s pretty funny). Hm?

Later I watched Walking Dead for the first time. It’s a zombie drama. I think. I had to get up at one point in the middle of it to use the bathroom — because it was scary!!! I’m definitely not a scary movie fan so I don’t think I’m going to be a Walking Dead fan. But we’ll see… I’m not writing it off quite yet.

This morning started with a 5 mile run. My foot was dying. But I did finish it with a good amount of self-motivational speaking, “Hayley, keep running. It’s just your foot. Keep running.” Before I knew it I was done and back in my hotel room — with my foot in a bucket of ice and eating breakfast:


Warm quinoa, trail mix and blackberries in an almost-empty almond butter jar. Can you tell I have pretty much no food left in my refrigerator?

Alright so this post is about to get serious…

I’m really, REALLY homesick. I’ve adopted the “I don’t give a f*%k anymore” attitude and I need to stop that. Monday’s are hard. I have to keep reminding myself to smile and that I only have 7 weeks left. Also, soldier up. I signed the dotted line. So I need to just get over myself. Put some pep in my step and re-charge that motivation.

So… On my way back to my room at lunch time I made a point to blare happy music and smile. And you know what? I felt so much better. I reminded myself that I have 7 weeks left. That I have the ability to chose my attitude. And that the Army won’t always consume my entire life. And then I said out loud, “Breathe… this too shall pass.”

QUESTION: What are you most nervous/excited/scared about in your life? Your future? And how do you handle it?

I’m nervous/excited/scared about entering the next chapter of my life. My far off goals are now at the top of my list. I’ve checked off a lot of the “life to-do’s” thus far. It’s nerve wracking to make ‘big girl’ decisions… Like, which career I want to pursue, buying a house, taking over my horse’s finances, stuff like that. I handle it by taking one day at a time and focusing on the things that make me happy — and the things that move me closer to achieving my goals. Instead of overwhelming myself, I am constantly adapting my plan. But always moving forward.  

And now for a pick-me-up… I’m absolutely LOVING iced coffee lately. This weekend I picked up a Starbucks cold cup just for this new liquid love of mine. It’s delicious and helps keep me focused during the day. Even when I’ve only had a few hours of sleep… ahem, like today.

Also, I’m really excited for this weekend because I’m doing the Tucson Bootcamp run with a big group of Lieutenants from my class. We’re all dressing up in costume and running the race together. It’s on St. Patricks day so I anticipate a lot of green and pinching! Although I probably won’t sport the green, (I want to be Batman — because any excuse to dress up, my go-to is Batman. I also want to be able to say “I’m Batman drunk” at the post-race party.) you can bet that I’m ready to defend myself from the green-wearing-pinchers. Green ribbon in my hair, hello!

Tonight I’m playing catch up. Unpacking from the weekend, laundry, homework, the works. Dinner will be trail mix. Don’t feel sorry for me — I’m too tired lazy to make a trip to the grocery store tonight.

I hope your Monday was a little better than mine… Mr. Medical Sales told me in response to my day, “Well, on the bright side… the sooner you go to sleep tonight, the sooner it will be TUESDAY!” Right you are my friend, right you are.







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