Super STAR

This morning — which is NOT Monday — started with some good old fashioned reading:


And then just like that, all was good again. After my awful Monday, I needed a big, bright and cheery kick start for Tuesday. (I’m fully aware that today is not February – but I wanted to read some old ones.)

PT consisted of lots of warm up drills (conditioning?) and then some tabata (20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest – 8 rounds)

  • V-ups
  • Leg Lifts
  • Burpees
  • Split Jumps

This morning was bright. Figuratively and literally. The field lights went off at about 6:15 — it was already light out by then!! And no, it’s not due to the time change because Arizona doesn’t have one of those. I had a fabulous view of the AZ mountains and sunrise. I said out loud (to whoever’s ears were subject to my word vomit) “Wow, way to go Arizona! Good job…” I’ll never get over the beautiful sunrises here.

When I got back to my room I threw this together:


Iced coffee and yogurt parfait (yogurt, frozen blue berries and GF granola) — long live the almond butter jar. My lack of groceries still hasn’t phased me. Free yogurt from the hotel breakfast? Oh yeahhhhhhhh.

At lunch I went grocery shopping. At the commissary. Which I hate with a firey passion.  But… I did find some sushi which I ate for lunch. Along with one of these waters:


A few weeks ago I bought an entire case of Crystal Geyser Sparkling Water from Costco. I think I’ve drank 3 a day lately. Oops. Is that a bad thing? I mean, it’s just water– right?

Oh and here’s another reason why I hate the commissary… They have an ENTIRE section of all kinds of peanut butter, but this is ALL I get for Almond butter.


Really guys? It’s like snack size. Not to mention… it’s super watery. Not a fan of this brand. Maybe the whole “raw” and “organic” aspect of it is just TOO healthy for me. Wow, never thought I’d say that.  But I did slather it all over a banana and called it a day.

When I got back to the classroom this afternoon I found my insides all balled up. I wanted to throw things at the instructor. An LT reminded me, “Rub your ears and repeat after me, ‘Ah-woo-saaa'” And so I did. Repeatedly. It’s a joke. But I needed some yogi tea in my life. or something.

And then as I was sitting there, I started thinking of the movie Superstar. Okay, so here’s some background: That movie came out… oh, I don’t know 2000? Maybe? Well, when I was in 6th grade, every time I was home sick from school, my mom rent it for me. (I was sick a lot that year.) Then a few years later my sister bought it for me. Long story short, it’s by far one of my favorite movies. I know every. single. line. word. for. word.

Okay… So I went to my happy place and thought of Molly Shannon when she said to Evian, “I’m going to use my telakanisi to KILL YOU!!” and used her fingers as fangs. Do you remember that part?? I’m super immature, but I started laughing at this, out loud, in class.

After this, I no longer felt the need to scratch babies.

KEY: I earned my gold star of patience for the whole. damn. week.

And then to further add to my sanity… Dave is sitting at his desk, takes his hat and completely whacks himself in the face with it. Stephanie and I DIED laughing. I was crying. The simple things. Laughter was definitely needed — perfect timing, Dave.

Tonight I have to write a paper on leadership. But guess what…. NEW GIRL IS ON TONIGHT!

Watch it.

XO – ArmyPaisley


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