Why Do I?

This morning I got poked and prodded by a doctor. I still feel violated.

Quinoa, nuts, blueberry, banana mix for breakfast.

3 hours of class. Productive and learned a lot. I was extra sassy — bossing people around and such. Had to get sh*$ done!! people.

Lunch: Chicken (made in my slow cooker!!!) with cream of mushroom (98% fat free — MOM!). Cream-O-Mushroom has always seemed really gross to me. It’s still a little gross. Let’s not get into the reasons cause I have a feeling there would be a lot of “That’s what she said” references. But… When you only have about 40 minutes to shower, dry hair, make up on, eat breakfast, coffee and figure out the day… Dumping some chicken and a can of cream-o-mush into a slow cooker sounds like a pretty great idea to me. And that it was! It was easy and edible, I’m a fan. I added the chicken to left over sweet potatoes. Lunch wasn’t complete without a few bricks of MILK chocolate. Yes, you read right — milk, not dark. Oh my. My mom sent me this a few weeks ago and I finally tried it. There’s a reason I mostly eat dark chocolate. If I ate milk chocolate, I’d eat 4 bars in one sitting.

I started thinking… why do I work out and eat so healthy all the time? Obviously there are obvious reasons… (it’s healthy, makes me feel good, makes me look good in a swim suit, etc, etc) but frankly, I eat so healthy so that I can eat UNhealthy sometimes. Catchin’ my drift? So… I work out and eat like a bird so that I can eat copious amounts of chocolate. fine.

And you know what? I don’t give a damn.

After class I headed to Target. It’s pretty much my favorite errand of all time. I grabbed some green attire for this weekend’s run. No, I will not be Batman — much to my disappointment. The mutual choice was to stick to the St. Patty’s day theme: green. Total bummer – because I had my little heart set on Batman. BUT, green is fun too… right?


I ran 5 miles on the treadmill.


Why the F do I run? I’m “A mediocre, unnatural runner” (Runners World Magazine). I run because I’m a high-stress, type-A, sassy, bossy mess of a person who struggles with anxiety and lack of sleep. Okay so it’s not that bad, but it is true. I run because it releases anxiety and makes me a happier, better, nicer person. Not to mention, my brain is clearly messed up — I’m addicted to torture. I’m addicted to pushing myself, sweating and feeling really tired at the end of a workout. Am I alone on this one?

Another thing I do is read. I’ve written about this before. I often read blogs because they’re a quick read. I don’t have to invest in any characters or a story’s plot. I don’t have to spend hours on one post. Blogs are entertaining and just all around fun. I read them because they teach me new things, keep me motivated with my fitness/nutrition goals and help remind me that I’m not the only crazy-fitness-loving-healthy-eating-blog-writing girl. I have soul mates who don’t even know my name.

There are SOOOO many blogs out there — you’re bound to find a few that you like, I encourage you to explore them. Who knows, you might even be inspired to start one of your own!

Edited: After writing this I learned that one of my fellow Army Barbies from boot camp has recently started a blog! She’s been inspired by yours truly to start CrossFit, how exciting! Follow her on her journey.

Some of my favorite blogs:



Moi Contre La Vie

Carrots ‘N’ Cake

Since we’re on the subject of favorites… Some of my favorite people:


My niece, Kenzlee.


And my brother and best friend: G.I. Jane (Matching shirts? They claim it wasn’t planned…)

Even though I TOLD YOU to watch New Girl last night. I didn’t. And I’m mad at myself. I heard from a reliable source that it was funny. must. watch. tonight.

What habits or activities do YOU do? Why do you do them?

Some Paisley stuff to read:




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