Army Leadership

Happy Friday!

My favorite weekday of the week. duh. 

Yesterday I took a break from blogging.

Thursday morning’s workout:

Teams of 4, complete:

  • 1,000 jump rope
  • 400 box jump
  • buddy carries (2 across field)
  • Run 200m after each exercise

I don’t think I could have been any happier… Being able to do CrossFit at Ft. Huachuca. BOLC is slowly redeeming itself thanks to our PT officer. And I’m slowly learning how to function on gallons of iced coffee, a lack of sleep and running too many miles.


A standard over here: greek yogurt, banana, strawberries, GF granola and almond butter.

Unbeknownst to me, my day got even better — thanks to a visit from the COL. She’s inspiring, motivating, influential, funny and above all; the perfect example of leadership. Being that I just wrote a paper on leadership, this topic is hot on my mind.

Leadership, to me, is influencing.

There’s an entire Army field manual written on leadership. So obviously there’s a lot more to it, but everyone has their own philosophy and way of leading or not.

She made several statements that really stuck with me throughout today.

“This (points to uniform) does not define me. I define me.”

Remember when I wrote a post on this? I was pleased to see that my thoughts were valid supported. A leader, someone who has been in the Army for years, has the same idea on this topic. My best friend is G.I. Jane, I also had this conversation with her. I said, “When we’re together — we are Nadine and Hayley. Not PV2 and 2LT. No matter which rank we wear on our chest, that doesn’t define our friendship.” I feel really strongly about this. Yes I’m in the Army, but that’s not all of me. I have other significant things that contribute to who I am as ‘Hayley.’

COL also talked about some of her own leadership values. She said that a leader should make their subordinates want to follow them. That they should rally around the leader and do things without being asked.

Having her come and talk with us was motivating and exactly what our class needed. Sometimes talking things out makes you feel better.

After class I did this workout:

It was hard. Wednesday I had a hard time getting through my workout too. I don’t think I’m eating enough, or something? Luckily I had some shot blocks in my gym bag. Those helped, but I was still having to stop and drink water often too often.

After a good self-screaming session, “Stop being a little b$!ch and just finish it!” – I finally did:




I also busted out the ol’ Nikes. Still having foot problems. I’ll be making a trip to the running store in Tucson this weekend. I’m sick of being in pain.

Last night I finally got some sleep. Benedryl = my friend. 🙂

This morning’s workout:

  • warm ups/jumping jacks/conditioning drills
  • pull ups
  • toes-to-bar
  • shuttle drills
  • and…?

This weekend’s happenings:

  1. Benson is in Las Vegas for a horse show!! So wishing I could be there. Good luck, Amanda!

2. Tucson Bootcamp Mud Run

Except this time it will be lots of GREEN! (Picture from Halloween Mud Run 2011 with Dianna).

3. St. Patricks Day!!

There will DEFINITELY be some green beer drinking and pinching.

4. COSTCO. My favorite.

5. Sleep, finish the Hunger Games (I know… I’m still not done reading yet!), running store, manicure, 8 miles?

Hope you have an amazing weekend. And wear some GREEN tomorrow!!!




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