Bootcamp Mud Run

Snacks were packed.


Veggies cooking.


Finished Hunger Games, book 3. (By the way, I kinda hated the third book — but at least I’m done. success.)


5:00AM – Alarm goes off. What am I thinking!?! It’s freaking Saaaaaturday!

Grabbed my bags, iced coffee and I was off.

The car ride started with this song:


And then I knew, it’s going to be a good day. Love, love Norah.

Once I got to the race, I grabbed my teams race packets.


Finished my breakfast.


And put my number on my shirt.


And tried to imagine it being 20 degrees warmer. Brrr!


Team “Beat” finally arrived: Sam, Ryan, Baker and Philip.

I spotted this dude a mile away and NEEDED a picture with him.




Baker didn’t get the St. Patricks (GREEN) memo… He thought it was valentines day. Understandable.


Yay. BOLC girls. WOO.


Team Beat insignia.

The run was a 5K. We were in it to win it. We started at the “competitor” start line and maintained a strong pace. But geez, this run was hard! The obstacles were not joke! Push ups, crawling through tunnels, sit ups, push press, box jumps, running through sand. You get it? It was definitely a good work out for only being 3ish miles.

And… the after picture. Got MUD!?!?!


More BOLC girls! (I already look clean in some of these pictures because we finished before Team Meat and had time to get rinsed off. I was muddy, I swear.)


And here’s the gang… Team Beat & Team Meat. And yes, that was planned.


The post race party was amazing. We almost left right after the race but decided to stick around to see if we won any prizes (which we didn’t).

Breakfast burritos at a race? What!?!


Yogurt and granola? Now you’re speaking my language!


The race was really well organized, fun, warm enough (afterwards) and a great event.


Everyone had a great time. Tucson, you’ve yet to fail me. This time was no exception.


Pink water?


After we left the race, pool time. This pool was like bath water. And I’m kinda sun burnt now, oops.


Lunch at In-N-Out: Double-Double, animal & protein style. It never gets old.


And purchased a ticket for tonights pub crawl.


Quite possibly the best St. Patricks day ever — so far.

And now for the green beer!

Happy GREEN day!




3 thoughts on “Bootcamp Mud Run

  1. Sounds like you had fun! Makes me want to sign up for Mud Run, since it’s coming to Seattle sometime soon. 🙂

    P.S. I also didn’t like the third book of the Hunger Games.. Is it just me, or was Katniss a bit out of character throughout the whole book? Strong in the first few books, but just kinda lost herself in the last. 😦

    • You totally should sign up! It’s a blast! And when do you get to roll around in mud otherwise!?! So much fun.

      Now that you put it that way, maybe that’s the main reason I didn’t like the 3rd book. I mean, a lot of the characters were different. I was so mad that Peeta turned all crazy. I did like how much of a bad ass Katniss was… I just needed some small, happy victories mixed into the bunch — like the first 2 books!

      • I’ve actually been talking to my friends about joining Mud Run, and they seemed interested. The funny thing is, before even reading this post with the small mention of the Hunger Games, we kinda thought about naming our team, “Girls on Fire” for Mud Run. We’re extremely big dor–er.. fans of the series. 😉

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