Rainy Sunday

Houston, I think she’s found them…


Dear Zara, you are number 1 in my book today.

They shoes will be a perfect addition to my dress for Dianna’s wedding — which I officially booked my flight for today. AHH! So excited. And I filled out the RSVP card too – I must officially RSVP because this girl is attempts classy. I can’t believe how fast time has gone by. It seems like just last week Dianna was texting me pictures of her gorgeous engagement ring! Can’t wait to see her as a bride!

Speaking of shoes… I got new running shoes, again:


Being that the New Balance’s I got a few weeks ago didn’t quite work out, I didn’t have to pay any extra for these new ones. This is why I go to running specialty stores. I usually don’t have problems with my shoes, but then there’s always that one time… And then it makes spending a little extra money totally worth it.

And yes… they’re purple. My least favorite color. But, they are kinda zebra print. I didn’t even notice this until after I bought them when Ryan and Philip told me so. Me: “No… they aren’t zebra. You guys are crazy.” “Hayley, yes they are.” Me: “Oh…”

Saturday afternoon I stopped at my favorite smoothie store: Xoom. I crave these during the week.


Xoom menu:

Not only are their smoothies tasty, but their company motto is on point too! They are big into “healthy community” atmosphere and are always adaptive to anything you want (ie: almond milk). Their smoothies taste like whole, natural real fruit — instead of a big gallon of sugar (Jamba Juice). I’m a big fan.


After fulfilling my Xoom fix, I headed down the street for some quality R & R: Pedicure!


The water was BURNING — just the way I like it. I got all caught up with People magazine. Leave it to the reader/writer to find that the most interesting part of the magazine was the book review section…

I read about a book called Girlchild. I promptly downloaded it onto my Kindle as soon as I got back to the hotel.

Reading the description reminded me of my favorite book: The Glass Castle.  I am excited to start reading it.

Most of “Team Beat” was waiting for me to join them so I headed downtown and instantly found a GREEN beer in my hands!


And then a shamrock tattoo on my arm.


Tucson was a little too crazy for my liking. St. Patrick’s day seemed to call out every single person. I have a problem with people running into me, being belligerently drunk. I’m okay with a few of them. But not the whole damn town.

This morning I woke up, threw on my running clothes (and NEW shoes) and stepped outside to find this:


Hm… that’s not really going to work for me. But hey, they look sexy cool, right? Let’s just hope they don’t hurt my feet like their wicked counterpart: New Balance.


And yah… So here’s the deal. Those snowflake thingys, yeah… that means snow in SV. SNOW people!!


It really did snow, for like 4.2 seconds. But still. So weird. Yesterday I’m swimming and get a sun burn. Then today I’m bundled up in a down coat. Go figure.

When I got home from Tucson I got stuff done… Cause I’m good at that. I loved that it was raining. Nostalgic. Reminded me of winter – something I’ve seen very little of lately. crazy… I know.

I registered for the 2012 Arizona Warrior Dash:

It’s kind of like the Tough Mudder, except not.

I booked my Mom’s flight for her to come see me. Let me say this again, I BOOKED MY MOM’S FLIGHT!!! She’ll be here for Easter. And. I. Can’t. Wait. I miss that girl more than my horse. (That’s saying a lot.) Who, by the way, looked amazing this weekend at his big boy horse show.


Still waiting to hear how he did. I do know that the weather wasn’t cooperating in Vegas and Amanda had to do some extra lounging. Thoroughbreds… Can’t ever predict them.

I also booked my flight for Sacramento for Dianna’s wedding. That’s in only THREE weeks. I’m all set to go: dress, shoes… um, is there anything else I need? Mr. Medical Sales will be my plus 1 and it’s going to be a blast. Wedding in Tahoe… Dianna and Shane – enough said.

I also saw 21 Jump Street with Ryan and Philip. I got to stare at THIS for two hours:

That face never gets old. The movie was hilarious. I laughed the entire time. Laughing is definitely what I needed to end this weekend right. If you haven’t seen it yet — GOOOOO!

Off to bed — another greaaaaaaat week of MI BOLC awaits me. Oh joy.




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