Snowy Desert Randomness

I said that I wouldn’t believe it until I saw it. Well. I saw it today.


We did PT in the snow this morning. Granted, it wasn’t full on snowing, but there were snowflakes on my jacket. That’s snowing in my book.

It was so cold this morning that I literally gasped at one point. The wind blew and it shocked me because it felt like needles were stabbing my face. Because of this cold weather, PT was pretty lame… You can’t do very much when virtually every part of your body is on the verge of frost bite. dramatic. And I can use the word “freezing” because my car thermometer told me so.

I was also informed that the heater works in my room. The AC doesn’t, but the heater does. Go figure. That thing is cranking this morning.

This weeks workout plan:

Mon – 8 miles/Ab workout

Tue – 4 miles/CrossFit

Wed – 5 miles

Thur – 4 miles/CrossFit

Fri – 3 miles/Ab workout

Sat – Rest

Sun – Arizona Distance Classic 1/2 Marathon!!

This morning I ventured out and tried something new for breakfast. When I say “new” I mean a different brand than normal.


Love Grown Granola. Snackface is obsessed with this stuff.

And now I know why. Gluten free, cinnamon-y, crunchy amazeballz.


I also picked up something new last night at Fry’s: Coconut/Almond milk blend. Yeah, it exists.


In case I didn’t emphasize my happiness last night… MY MOM IS COMING TO VISIT ME. And this is how our conversation went:


All I had to do was lure her with Lululemon. If only I had known it would have been that easy — I would have done that a loooong time ago.

It’s Monday!! (And I hate Monday)…

I guess this one is a little less angry…

Since I’m not one to go all  optimistic on a Monday, I turn to alcohol sweat instead:

This will be my “CrossFit” portion of tonights workout.




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