High Hopes

This morning I had high hopes. Before 8:30am I had already yelled at two people. That should be a record. I’m not one to flip out on people, especially right after having my morning coffee. But this time, I did. We’re talking full-blown yelling. Jersey Shore status. Bad.

My MIBOLC classmates THREW AWAY my Nalgene water bottle and Starbucks cold cup. That’s like $30 in cups. They effing THREW THEM AWAY!!!! WHO DOES THAT!?!?!

I was so mad.

I was even more mad because certain people were laughing about it. Others (on my side) were pissed about it too though. It’s not like we’re in a class of 100+ people. There’s about 30 of us. What’s wrong with sticking it in your car for me? Obviously it was an accident and I didn’t MEAN to leave it on the table. But no, they just tossed it. Pretty much just said, “Fuck you, we don’t care about anyone in our class. We have no respect and don’t give a flying shit.”

I sat at my computer and just bit the inside of my mouth. I was so mad you could almost see the steam coming out my ears. I wasn’t so mad about the bottles (which is still really maddening) — it was more about the lack of caring. And the fact that I want to go home. Basically just feeling sorry for myself. Not my proudest moment.

I’m ready to get out of here. 6 weeks. Just 6 weeks.

EDIT: The cup and water bottle magically appeared 2 hours later. Some saint had half a brain and rescued them. Magically they appeared. No one will fess up, but I thank you. Apparently they knew it was there all along, but watching Hayley flip the F out on people seems to be more entertaining. Crazy how yelling sometimes gets you what you want. Whatev.

At lunch I sprinted through the snow to my car. Full blown snow storm. In the desert. This is just straight craziness. I never imagined this happening.



The hotel front desk ladies gave me a peanut butter cookie. And then all was right in the world again… ahhhh.

I mean really, what is better than a warm, gooey PB cookie? nothing.

Even though I already ate a TJ’s Super Spinach Salad for lunch. I needed more: granola, yogurt and almond butter. Can one live on said meal? I’m willing to try. I justified it by telling myself that I needed the “energy” for my 8 mile run tonight. Yeah… just keep tellin’ yourself that… fatty.

Compliments of “people of Wal Mart”

Class today was really long. We didn’t get released until 6pm. But… it went by fast because we were so busy the whole time. I actually really like it that way. I am much more comfortable with MOD C. I actually think it’s kind of fun. That makes me really happy because I was worried that I chose the wrong branch. But now I’m starting to get the swing of things.

After class I headed straight to the gym and ran 8 miles (1% incline) on the treadmill. Potentially miserable, but it wasn’t so bad. I people watched and rocked out to my music. Afterwards I did the “Monday” workout:

Those Russian Twists were KILLER!!


And I used the yoga ball thingy for the tricep dips.

Dinner = protein shake. I know that’s not very good balanced, but it’s just so damn easy! And that almond/coconut milk I bought yesterday. It’s amazing. I don’t think almond or coconut milk by themselves will ever be the same again.

Tomorrow is a SNOW DAY! We don’t have PT. It’s canceled due to black ice. Whatever. I still don’t believe it. That never happens in the Army. I’m waiting for the phone call, “Just kidding, see you at 5:45am at formation.” It hasn’t happened yet…!! Sleeping in until 7am, yes please!!

Heater is on, music is playing… I’ll take it as a decent Monday. So much better than last week.




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