Yesterday’s morning’s 6:45am wake up was glorious.

I packed my snack for the long day and was off to class.

Let’s talk about class…

Ever since I was 9-years-old, I’ve never been able to just sit and listen to a teacher for more than an hour or so. I always have to be doing something. When I was younger I’d actually bring crafts to school. My teacher didn’t care, but my mom would get pissed! And then later, 7th grade, I’d read books under my desk. The teacher would get really mad if she caught me. I continued the sneaky reading throughout high school.

Classrooms were always too warm for my taste. I’d complain about it being stuffy. One of my math teachers actually put my desk outside so he didn’t have to deal with my complaining. I parked my desk in the door way and carried on with class. I had the best of both worlds, breezy-non-stuffy air and front row seat!

Then during my Jr. year of high school, I couldn’t take it anymore. I was too darn bored. So I graduated early and left the 8-3pm class schedule once and for all.

Or so I thought…

College was a beautiful thing. 50 minute blocks of instruction. That was perfect for me. Plus, I was able to bring my laptop and cruise the internet when I got bored.

And then I came to BOLC. shoot.

My opinion on classrooms and class time has yet to change. I still can’t sit still. I’m still burning up. And it’s STILL a struggle for me.

I’m a writer. I’m a list maker. Therefore I write everything down. I make lists of to-dos, packing lists, workout plans, meal plans, everything… If I think it, I write it down. I have countless notebooks filled with writing. None of it is “private” (journal/diary) — it’s just a bunch of crap and reminders, etc.

Over the past 3ish months I’ve made more lists, reminders, written words than you could possibly imagine. Sitting in a classroom from 8-5 everyday does that to ya. I drink copious amounts of liquids too. All of a sudden I have this drink addiction. I’m not biased either… coffee, tea, water, sparkling water… I’m all for it. If it means getting up in the middle of class to stretch my legs get a drink of water, I’m so in.

Being stuck in a classroom really makes you appreciate kind instructors. You know. The ones who smile when they’re talking to you. They say, “Gooooood Morning class!” before they start rambling on. If I have to be stuck in a classroom with a bunch of people, it’s nice to have a spec of nice-ness. You think?

Overall, as much as it sucks to be stuck in class for 8+ hours — I’ve learned SO much. I’ve learned more than I thought was possible, and I’m not even done yet. I can pretty much speak in acronyms. I know a ton more Army lingo/jargon and customs. I’m going to go on a limb and say that I almost sound like I know what I’m talking about. almost.

This morning we did combatives. Something’s up with me cause I’m feeling all optimistic lately… but it really wasn’t that bad. Maybe I’m feeling this way because our Saturday class got canceled? Oh yes it did… Praise God.

In celebration I bought these:

They’re compression socks for running. I’ve been wanting a pair for a few weeks and found THESE on sale for $25 — that’s 50% off! I’m running the half marathon this weekend. I doubt they’ll be here by then… but you never know. SkinnyRunner raves about compression socks, as well as a few others, so I’m giving them a go.

Also up this weekend (because I like to start talking about my weekends on hump day) is Hunger Games – the movie!! The Army boy said he’d go with me. Maybe because the movie involves mass killing. Just a thought.

I’m stoked.

Enjoy your hump day… and watch the new Jenna Marbles video.




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