I Have A Sickness

I’m not sure if this is good or bad. But it’s a problem.

I, Hayley, am addicted to shoes.

It all started when I was a little girl. Take a peek into my mom and sisters closets and you’ll understand where it came from.

When I was 4-years-old my parents planned a camping trip. MommaG told me to pack some clothes. I was 4 and perfectly capable of packing some things, or so she thought. When we got to the camp site, Dad set up my pink tent. I promptly started unpacking. What did I pull out of my bag? Every single pair of shoes that I owned. And for a 4-year-old, it was about 15 too many.

I lined up every single pair on the outside of the tent. What more does a girl need when she has all the shoes in the world?


This morning I got an email from Gap: “You’ve earned $10 Reward!” This is on top of my already earned $20.

Last week I emailed SkinnyRunner to ask her about the shoes that she’s wearing in this picture:

She responded: “they are diane von furstenburg and i bought them online from neiman marcus a couple months ago on a big sale.  love them, super comfy.”

Well… I went to the Neiman Marcus website and couldn’t find them.

So another shoe search was born…

5″ is a little too tall for me… and I’m not really a fan of the color/material.

Way over budget and a little too mom-ish.
These are kind of perfect, but I’m still not diggin’ the 5″ wedge.
So then I kind of got a case of ADD and created a new quest…
Too Good by Stuart Weitzman – $375
I’m pretty much obsessed with these. But holy crap, $375!?!?! Bummer.
Morgan 2 by Tommy Hilfiger – $69.00
These are a definite possibility. Love the price, color, tweed…
I’ve seen these in Dillard’s and I keep gravitating towards them. You know what that means…
I kind of like these. But they aren’t my favorite.
I’m obsessed with these. These might be the perfect happy-medium. Loving the coral too!
These are probably 2nd place. I’m loving the price. But not really loving the platform.
Do you have a shoe addiction??
Which pair would you buy??
XO – A. Paisley

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