TGIF Thoughts

1. Did anyone else know that COCONUT M&M’s exist?? Why am I just now finding this out!?!? They’re delicious.

2. It’s very safe to say that I am NOT a bad ass at combatives. In fact, I royally suck. I’m better at fighting with my words. Oh and I don’t really like my hair getting all messed up and having bloody lips. Just isn’t really my thaaang.

3. I attempted this workout last night. And I got through round 6 and called it quits. I don’t suggest it. 10 rounds is a little much — mentally. But that’s just me. I will attempt the full 1,000 next week. I had running on my brain.

4. I’m really, really, REALLY excited to run the 1/2 marathon on Sunday. Like really. The last time I ran a 1/2 was in October at the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco.

5. I miss CrossFit in a big, bad, sad, huge, enormous, agonizing way. I miss my back muscles. I miss the camaraderie of the gym. I miss my coaches. But… running works for now, I guess.

6. As much as my life kind of sucks here, I’m really grateful for the entire experience. I love that I’ve been able to explore a new area (Tucson), meet new people, learn my branch (still in process), train for a marathon, and everything in between. Week days pretty much suck. But I keep reminding myself: I’m getting paid to be here. It’s. Not. That. Bad.

7. Thank GOODNESS it’s Friday.

Hunger Games tonight!!




3 thoughts on “TGIF Thoughts

    • Katie,
      I didn’t do any cardio only because I had a limited amount of time (I car-pooled with a friend to the gym). But, if you do the 1000 FAST then you’ll get plenty of cardio in. I was huffing and puffing — but remember, I only did 6 rounds. The full 10 would have been a killer workout. Let me know how it goes if you end up doing it!!


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