Cali Girl Runs

Last night I was reminded:

And so that’s what I did… set everything out.


Googled directions. Disappointed to learn how FAR the race was. Oh well.


Set my alarm. And asked myself, “Why am I doing this again?”


Bright (dark) and early I woke up, showered and slathered on some sun block.


Morning hair and all… I’m ready to run 13.1 miles!!


Made sure to put the “correct” socks on their respective feet.


En route… I made a necessary stop at the ol’ bux. Iced Coffee.


And since my banana tasted like preservatives (yes I can tell a difference), I opted for a honey wheat bagel with peanut butter instead… A serious cheat/treat for me. But I really did need some substantial carbs for the run.


And then I drove into this. I am absolutely in love with sun rises.


Once I got to the run, parking was a piece of cake. I walked over to the start area and checked my bag (keys and jacket). I stretched a little and made sure I had all the necessities.


As I was standing waiting for the race to start I couldn’t help but laugh (in all good fun of course) and feel reminded of Napoleon Dynamite. This girl is seriously his soul mate: typical runner stretches that crack me up…


And then she leans over to her friend and says, “I’m SO EXCITED!!” and proceeds to hike her spandex leggings up EVEN HIGHER than they already were!! With a tucked in shirt! Oh my gosh it was so funny and adorable that I laughed out loud. I love runner fashion. There’s so many different styles… This tucked in shirt, hiked up leggings is definitely one I’ll be trying… NOT.


The course was pretty awesome. It was kinda hard, literally, running on all the pavement. The entire course was on the road, but I made it work. I ended up rockin’ this race. I maintained a 9:00 min mile pace, even with stopping at every drink station for water and taking a Gu and bathroom break. For me, this is a substantial improvement, especially since my training was limited due to a few injuries.

I’m really proud of myself. And I truly had a blast. The miles flew by and it was comfortable to run the entire time.

AZ Distance Classic = Success.


After the race I grabbed a banana and headed back to my hotel in time to shower before check out time.

Now I’m off to grocery shop and relax for the rest of the day.

Happy Sunday!!


Paisley – An official ‘dual-state’ 1/2 marathon runner. 😀


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