Saturday Appreciation

It’s the WEEEEKEND!!

Friday morning I passed my MOD C brief with flying colors!! Another BOLC box, checked off!!

Came home from class, packed, showered and I was off !


Tucson, I love you. You’re the best significant other — ever. Always a good time. Always sunny. And always during a weekend. I’ll shower, put make up on and an outfit other than yoga pants — just for you.


Once I got into Tucson, I checked into the Davis-Monthan Air Force base hotel… Colonel suite?? —  yes please!! Why haven’t I stayed here before?? My room is bigger than any apartment I’ve ever lived in (that’s not saying a whole lot)… I’m impressed — especially for a whopping $35 a night!

I brought a bottle of wine with me. This was my first time with a “screw” top — I think a cork bottle would have been easier to open. Where’s a man when you need one!?!? With a little help from my friend knife, this thing was open in no time. hardly.


Screw top and I are not going to be dear friends any time soon. I also am kind of against the no-cork fact. It’s wine people. Not a soda.

I got my Jesus on while I got dressed. Love this song.


And headed out for a few drinks.

This morning I woke up at the beautiful hour of 10:30am. OHHHH yeah. I miss those days… The days of sleeping until the sun comes up. craziness.

I had a ton of errands to run: pick up race packet/t-shirt, pick up jean alterations, Lululemon, manicure, Trader Joes, etc…

Thank goodness for beloved iced coffee. I really am obsessed. (See my pretty ‘Army-approved’ nails??)


As I was driving, I was in awe of these mountains. Pictures really don’t do them justice. But I love them. I think this is one of the best things about Tucson. That and the 80 degree weather in March. Their grand size is breath taking.


I finally got back to my colonel suite just in time to relax and head over to the movie theatre… HUNGER GAMES!!

The movie was fantastic. I absolutely loved it. It was so well done — way better than I expected. I will say, I kind of wish Peeta was casted as a taller guy… I mean, he was shorter than Katniss!! Does anyone else think this? I thought the outfits were phenomenal. Okay yah, I loved it.

I didn’t love the guy next to me loudly slurping and sucking on his jolly rancher though. Thank goodness for a hooded sweatshirt — almost created a sound barrier. He kept telling his wife what was going to happen in the movie. DUDE!! Shut up, what if I hadn’t read the books!??!

Afterwards I did some “carb-loading” at Chipotle. What better way to prepare for a race than some good ol’ brown rice and tortillas??


And to top it off… A whole bag of Powerberries. I, Hayley, am a Choco-holic. Step 1: Admitting you have a problem. I don’t plan on moving on to step 2 anytime soon.


I’m an uptight, type-A, control freak, Army Barbie. Chocolate is a necessity in my life.

Tomorrow is the 1/2 marathon. I hear it’s supposed to be a really pretty race. I’m really looking forward to it. If only it weren’t so damn early!! Runners are just as crazy as Soldiers. If not more — because they choose their wake up time.



What did you do this weekend?

Do you like milk or dark chocolate best?


2 thoughts on “Saturday Appreciation

  1. Hello Hayley,

    I love reading your blogs, I feel like I just spent the last 2 days with you.
    Milk or dark? I eat dark more ‘cuz I think I’m being healthier (HaHa),
    although the Milk is more satisfying to me.
    I went Sno Moin 4 days last week. Yes. 4 times. I really enjoy being
    out in those amazing mountains and the snow was perfect.
    Hope your race went good this morning.
    Love you. Dad

    • 4 days of sno-mo-ing!!!??? Oh my gosh, you’re about as crazy as I am with running!! I guess you gotta’ get at the snow when you can because it won’t be here for long! I’m in 80 degree weather today, not a spec of snow in sight! Can’t wait to see you in just FIVE weeks!!

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