Sugar Rush

I slept for 8 hours last night thanks to our fabulous friend Melatonin. I took one at 7:40, layed down to read, I was full on sleeping BEFORE 8pm. That’s a miracle. I felt happy, energetic and GOOD this morning.

Combatives is still a struggle for me. And always will be. I partnered up with another non-fighter this morning and we made the best of it. There was plenty of laughing, and some practicing involved. Tonight is the clench drill. You know what I say to that? I’m bringing my book.

When I got home I was so excited to make this breakfast:


Pumpernickel tortilla (don’t knock it till’ you try it), 2 scrambled eggs, goat cheese and salsa verde. Blackberries and strawberries too! The beginning of the sugar rush.

As I sat down to eat, I did some nutrition research on nutritional yeast. I picked some up at Sunflower Market because Fitnessista uses it — and she knows best, right? Turns out, it’s actually really good for you!


And you can even put it on a breakfast, just like I had today!


When I got to class I was feeling all healthy… Until I saw the cupcakes. Cupcake, down.

We had an early lunch today and I neeeeeded chocolate. Chocolate, down.

Dried mango, down.

What’s going on!?!?!?! Then I remembered that I bought a six pack of these:


Sweetened with stevia. Zero calories… NO SUGAR. SCORE! Well then how the heck does it taste so good? At this point, I don’t even want to know.

In an attempt to kill this sugar rush, here’s my workout plan for the week:

Mon – Rest (that’s what you’re supposed to do after a 1/2 marathon)

Tues – CrossFit

Wed – 8 miles

Thur – CrossFit & 45 min 5 mile treadmill

Fri – Elliptical

Sat – 11 miles

Sun – 4 miles/crossfit

This Afternoon:

– BOLC stuff: Site Exploitation exercise. Actually really fun. Anytime we get to go outside, I’m happy. The best part? I learned how to extract finger prints from a surface. You know, using the powder. I felt very spy-esque. I feel like everyone had a pretty good time. Our personalities were out FULL FORCE today. There was a lot of laughing and joking around — something we all need once in a while. I know I do.

– I picked up my mail today and look what was there for me…


MY SHOES!! I’ve been hunting and searching for these high and low. I started my search before New Years. And it’s been an on-going process ever since then. I bought a wedge-look-alike when Nicole was in town, but took them back because they weren’t perfect. Caity even dedicated a whole post to them a few weeks ago. Zara is my hero. I finally found them. I’m in shoe addict heaven. Good thing Mr. Medical Sales is tall cause these little beauties will help me grow a few inches at Dianna’s wedding!!


Did I mention I love them? And that I didn’t take them off until I had to leave for combatives? Yeah. obsessed.


Do you think the Army would be okay with me wearing them to class tomorrow?

– At 5:30pm, it was time for combatives… AGAIN. That’s 4 hours of combatives just today.


Like I planned earlier, I sat out… along with a few other Army chicks.


We got called “weak” and “non-leaders” and all that jazz… but you know what? I was not feelin’ this action:


I know that if I would have participated, I would have been fine. But my head would have hurt. And frankly, it was optional. I don’t feel like I know quite what I’m doing yet. And there will be other opportunities if I feel that I need to be level 1 certified. As if.

– Rag-poo had to go to the kitty hospital today. I get a text from my mom, “Rag has a hole in his neck. Vet now.” $200 later the vet decided he needs surgery. He doesn’t get to go home until Thursday… poor guy! My parent’s neighbor’s cat basically ate a chunk out of him. Raglin isn’t a fighter OR aggressive so this really aggravates me. Dear mean kitty, you’re attacking the wrong animal. You should be hunting mice and gophers… not cats! But what do I know, I’m just an Army chick who trains to hunt bad guys. And apparently sucks at being a leader because I don’t want to get my face punched by a 200lb dude during an OPTIONAL event. 

– Instead of working out tonight, I stared at my new shoes. all. damn. night. Another words, I took a melatonin, drank tea, read my book and now I’m crashing.

– Best Monday of all time. Maybe it was due to all the sugar I consumed? But probably because I got 8 magical hours of sleep and NEW SHOES!


Army Paisly, the non-leader.


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