The Great Outdoors!

First I want to say a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my cousin Nicole!! She’s turning 22, again… šŸ˜‰ In a matter of months, Nicole and I went from mostly just talking/hanging out during family holidays to… Talking/texting almost every day. I love all of my family members, but it’s fun to have some that you’re extra close to. I wish I could be in San Diego celebrating with her… Like I did a few weeks ago:

Instead, I’m here in Arizona… playing Army Barbie. You know how it goes.


Most of today was spent outside. Halleluja.



We did another site exploitation exercise. This time I really got to use my new spy skills. We even got a bag of ninja stuff! … gloves, camera and fingerprinting kit. Not so ninja after all.


During the first exercise I got to ask the “detainee” all the questions. I was told that I did a good job of getting the necessary intelligence. I asked all sorts of questions. At times I had to bite the inside of my mouth to keep from laughing though. The stuff those “actor” people say is really funny. This is all supposed to be serious professional, therefore laughing is frowned upon.


For the second exercise, I was the assistant to the team leader. Basically I followed him around with a pen and paper and drew a sketch of the buildings and items we found. That role wasn’t as fun — but still very useful to the operation.


I look like a child here. awesome. I spy with my little eye, something red… do ya see it!?!? sneaky.

By 2:00pm we still hadn’t eaten lunch. Starve-city over here! I had overnight oats in the fridge, so I had that for lunch. I don’t believe in “standard” meals for their designated times of the day. Therefore breakfast is perfectly acceptable at all times of the day. Any day. And every day. Hence my standard yogurt, banana, granola ensamble for most dinners.

Overnight Oats:

There are also some really awesome other overnight oatsĀ recipesĀ here!Ā It’s kind of a new trend… Just like gold jewelry which is TOTALLY making a come back, which I’mĀ ecstaticĀ about!

Ā (Source)

I mean, it’s always been “in” sort of… but it’s back in large quantities. Like.


Turkey wrap for dinner.

Reading: blogs & Girlchild

This workout: 5 rounds — 50 mountain climbers & 25 sit ups PLUS 3 mile treadmill run

Studying for MOD C test… eeeek!

New Girl. yay.

Melatonin – bed.





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