Maybe She Can Lead?

Today marks the end of another chapter here in Arizona. My whole class passed the MOD C test. I was so sure I was going to fail and then have to re-test. But instead, surprised myself with a 90%!! I told Philip, I won’t believe it until I see my score card.

As that chapter closes, another one has opened: I will be the class leader for the next 4ish weeks. I can’t decide if this is a good or a bad thing, so instead I just laughed. And then laughed again. And again. I have a feeling I won’t be laughing in a few days though. When it was announced, the whole class applauded. I’m also not sure how I should take that.

Time will tell.

“Non-leader” = Class Leader. irony.

My race photos are here… Also not sure how I feel about them. (There’s a lot of that going on today.)

I look a little abused here.

Why is that lady behind me so damn happy!?!?

Where’s Waldo? Better yet, where’s Lululemon?

How do you guys feel about running skirts?

I don’t think I could hang. That just seems like too much going on down there. See the floral/yellow girl next to me (pic 3)? I mean, it looks like she’s going to Hawaii… Call me boring, but I like to look like a runner when I go running. Maybe that’s because I’m an unnatural runner, therefore I need all the stars to align in hopes that I’ll deceive those around me into thinking I can run. Look at me, got my athletic watch and iPod arm band… haaaaaaard. cooooore. deception.

I noticed that I’m not heel striking in these photos. That’s a big win in my book.

I also noticed that I don’t have my CrossFit body any more. I feel like I need to go eat a bunch of food and lift some heavy stuff. Beef those arms up.

I looked like this in December:

Today I was told… “Your hips are so bony, we need to get you a sandwich.” Funny, but… not sure how I feel about that.

It’s amazing to me that a body can change so quickly. I feel sad about this. I worked really hard with CrossFit in order to achieve certain goals. And I’m afraid that I’ve lost a lot of my achievements (pull ups? handstand push ups?). I guess I can just look at it as another opportunity to set new goals… But still.

Because of this I spent the afternoon watching CrossFit videos. And honestly, there were tears involved.

I decided to wipe up my self-pity and think of my accomplishments while in Arizona:

  1. I haven’t gained weight.
  2. I can run faster than I have ever been able to.
  3. Due to the elevation my cardio endurance will be better in California.
  4. I appreciate working out at a CrossFit box waaaaay more than I used to.
  5. Due to my circumstances, I’ve been forced to research and plan workouts and nutrition.
  6. You can do a lot of working out without any equipment.
  7. Stuck on a base = more time to work out.
  8. Re-fell in love with running again.
  9. Learned the importance/necessity of weights and strength training.
  10. My CrossFit family hasn’t forgotten about me.

I wrote on my CrossFit gym’s Facebook wall today:

Today I’m getting into all kinds of luck… I got selected for a random drug test. ding. ding. ding!! “You get to pee in this cup! And coincidentally pee all over yourself, congratulations!” By the time I was done with that it was almost 6pm. Instead of running 8 miles, I ran 6. And instead of doing my full circuit workout I did like 20 push ups. Disclaimer: a bunch of AIT soldiers were in the gym and were goofing off. They had boxing gloves on and I was afraid I was going to get a foot to the head. So I ditched the weights and went home to talk to my mom instead. We’ll get em’ next time, champ! 

Moral of this… I might have to start going to the old-smelly gym instead of the new-pretty one. At least I know I’ll always have a place to do my CrossFit stuff at the old one. The new one is hit or miss. And I don’t like that.

As I walked towards my room, as I got closer… the whole hallway smelled like BBQ sause. MMM!!! BBQ chicken for dinner.

Crock Pot BBQ Dinner (Get ready for the most complicated recipe of your life)

  • Chicken breast
  • BBQ sause
  • Chopped onion

1. Dump ingredients into crock pot. Cover. Set on high for 3 hours. boom. just. like. that.

This is perfect by itself, with salad… or with cooked veggies like I had tonight (about to grow a science experiment in my fridge).

Tomorrow we have to be in class by 8. Therefore a shower may or may not happen in the morning. Great. Overnight oats are becoming my new best friend these days. And being that I’m now the class leader (so weird)… I’ll have even less time. awesome.



Paisley…. THE leader. take. that.


2 thoughts on “Maybe She Can Lead?

  1. Great CrossFit push-press picture! You may have lost some CrossFit strength and conditioning, but you’re right. Set your goals even higher this time around, since you know how hard you’ve pushed yourself before. Keep up the great work!

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