So I found the skintight pants.

If you want to read about the Army, stop reading. I don’t feel like talking about the Army… other than to share this picture:

Seriously. My life is NOT that bad. Waking up at 4am and laughing my butt off at combatives. I’ll take it.

A few months ago I found the blog, SkinnyRunner. One of the first posts I read featured her in these jeans:

Ever since then I’ve been on a hunt. Kinda like a shoe hunt, but less intense. I tried on about 4 bazillion pairs when Nicole was in Tucson. No luck. But then I found some at good ol’ Gap — only because I had $30 in rewards to spend there…

So here’s my deal, I don’t know what shirt to wear with them!! I have the perfect shoes (thanks to my previous hunt), but the shirt is killing me.

I’m loving the striped shirts with them… If only I had my closet here in Arizona — we’d be set!

Do you wear colored denim? What kind of shirt do you pair with them?

What better way to debut the red denim than an outing in Phoenix!?!

Phoenix Weather:

Gotta love that 0% chance of rain… and 90 degrees in March!

Guess I better pack the swim suit and sun block!!

On an Army note… My first day as class leader was a success. No one died. And no one got yelled at. suuuuper. 

Tonight’s Workout:

  • Talk on the phone
  • Pack for the weekend
  • Waste time
  • 4 Rounds: 25 sit ups, 25 push press (25#), 25 squats, 25 flutter kicks
  • 3 mile run

Got any fun plans for the weekend??





5 thoughts on “So I found the skintight pants.

  1. Love your antics! keep it up Haley Girl! BTW, no longer at CF Sac, Moved on to Anywhere, where I am soooooo very happy there!! I Miss you, keep haveing fun, I know you are!
    Hugs xoxox

  2. Love your Blog!! Keep having fun I miss your smile!!

    BTW I have moved on from CF Sac to CF Anywhere. I am so happy there, and wish I would of done it a long time ago : ) You knoow…We can do as many sit ups or what ever after the WODS THAT WE WANT TO. LOL!

    Im liking the Animal print style shirt.

    Hugs and xoxox

    Lori Fouts

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