I pretty much love 90 degrees.

No internet requires a catch up agenda… Lezzzz do this…


Raglin came home from the hospital. He’s doing great – so I’m told. Grayson is quite worried about him. Ah, I miss those guys! BrotherD calls him “Scar Face” now. Sad.


I packed my bag and laid out my outfit in preparation to leave ASAP after class.


I made sure all my laundry was done and everything was ready to go.


About an hour into the trip I stopped for some much needed snacks: Smartpop popcorn, coconut water and PEANUT BUTTER M&M’s! (New-to-me, and am in love).


The road trip also included some John Mayer and Dave Matthews. Perfection. My Dad and I went to a DM concert a few years ago, AND…. My Dad is obsessed with coconut water. Needless to say, I was missing that guy hard core.


I was shocked that at 8:00pm, it was STILL 80 degrees!!???!! WHAT!!!


I managed to pick up Mr. Medical Sales from the airport (a HUGE accomplishment because that airport is hard core insanely BIG) and make it to Brian’s house all in one piece. We then found ourselves at RnR, the San Francisco Giants-loving restaurant.


Being that I ate dinner on the car ride there, I stuck with an oldie, but a goodies: Sweet potato fries. I couldn’t finish all of them. It was literally a BUCKET of fries! Oh and a few of my usual: Vodka soda.


We spent the rest of the night hanging in Scottsdale. So far I really like that city. I don’t have any major complaints and/or praises – I’m still a newbie in a foreign city. I loved that it was still really warm at midnight (no jacket necessary) and I liked the more “professional” crowd. Tucson is generally a college town, so I liked seeing a different age bracket… even though I’m of the “college age” – I’m well aware.


The next morning Brian and I snagged some breakfast and then I headed out to explore this sunny city. I eventually made it to my hotel room and was pleasantly surprised. Loving the government rate prices!! Now THIS is a bathroom. Yes, please and thank you. I wanted to kiss it.


BIG KING bed… all for me!!



Being that it was 90 degrees, and the pool was right outside my pool-level-room (my door opened up to the pool, ee!), I spent some well-deserved time out there. My trail mix couldn’t hang with the heat. Chocolate covered peanut butter/nut mix pretzels, anyone?


By 4:00 I was in desperate need of some food. Somehow I forget to eat on the weekends. I get so carried away with all the free time, I forget the necessities… food! Baja Fresh was down the street so I got some ensamble of a chicken salad. It was good and exactly what I needed to fuel for my run. I really did try and take a nap, but that didn’t work so well… so I went and ran 11 miles instead. Go figure.


It was cool to explore downtown Phoenix, but a little sketchy because I didn’t really know what neighborhood or what kind of people I was going to bump into.


I originally planned on 6 miles outside, and the rest on the treadmill… But my inner-bad ass (key word: inner) told me to run the whole thing outside.


This probably wasn’t a very good idea because I didn’t bring my hand water bottle. Luckily I had a Gu pack, but had to stop at McDonalds to beg for some water. It was really hot, much warmer than I expected. And, well, I’m really not used to this heat right now. It was a rough 11 miles, kinda felt like I was going to vomit towards the end. But I finished, and that’s all that maters.

When I got back to my hotel, I threw on my swimsuit bottoms and dove into the pool. I used to do this at home during the summer – bringing back good memories! I quickly got dressed and met these girls and guys (guys were taking the picture) out for dinner and drinks. Shrimp (so good) and Blue Moon for me.


It was a great night. Lots of laughs. Many stories. And a few new friends.


8+ hours of sleep. Score! We all know how much I love my beauty rest. I threw on some leggings and headed out in search of coffee and food. Starbucks answered my cry for help.

Ran 3 miles.

Pedicure 😀

Met Ryan for lunch and Lululemon in Scottsdale.

Bought this water bottle because it was on SAAAAAAALE!!

All in all… I really liked Phoenix. I loved the warm weather. But I did miss the familiarity of Tucson. Is it weird that when I got to Tucson to do some grocery shopping, I let out a huge sigh of “It’s good to be home.” — As if Tucson is my home? That’s weird.  I’m not a big fan of downtown Phoenix, it was a little too “city” for me. But I looooved Scottsdale. MommaG and I will explore Tempe next weekend. I hear that’s a nice area.

I was happy to see familiar faces: Mr. Medical Sales and Ryan. And meet some new friends too! Sunday is always depressing for me. It means the weekend is over and I have to start a whole new week… 4am wake up, anyone? But I’m staying optimistic because in exactly 1 month I’ll be leaving this awful city we refer to as Sierra Vista. Dun. Dun. Dun…. !!!

Next weekend I’ll take more pictures. It’s a little weird to take pictures of random stuff when you’re with friends. Fellow bloggers understand. “Why are you taking pictures of your salad?” Ummmm… I want to remember it forever??



Found some new goodies at Sunflower Market last night… Vitatops??? MMM!


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