Paisley Answers Questions

I wasn’t going to post again today, but I had to when I found such beautiful surprises in my inbox this afternoon:

Pictures from New Years weekend in San Diego!

D box jumped a wall. nbd.

Dylan This one is a new favorites… D and I used to arm wrestle and I used to win. My how things have changed…

Not only is he WAY taller than me… but he’s stronger. And we actually like each other.

And get brother/sister bracelets!! eee!

Absolutely love this kid!!


Eh. That’s pretty much how I feel about it.

But… I did check my Army email (296 unread messages) and found some beauties from readers:

Good evening Ma’am,

A fellow Officer Candidate sent me the link to your blog.   How did I find you?  It was easy ….. you mentioned your first name in a blog and I simply looked you up in AKO with the search filter of “first name=Hayley” and “rank =2LT”.  We are both branching MI and headed to Huachucha after OCS graduation in August.  Is there any specific advice you can give me for the physical aspect?  How many road marches are conducted?  Is it full battle rattle?  How many runs, etc.  Really, any advice would be beneficial.

Dear Tawney,

This will be easy. Physical aspect: minimal. If you read some of my posts you’ll notice that I do A LOT of working out on my own. The PT here is too short and not intense enough for me. But, I’m a little psycho. So… if you come here in “decent” shape, you’ll be just fine! Road marches: Typically every Wednesday morning. We barely ever make it to 3 miles. And you ruck with your assault pack with 25lbs… but they don’t really have scales, so who knows how much weight you’re actually packing around. I usually fill my backpack with some books and a ton of water bottles… until I can’t fit anything more! All in all, they’re kind of a joke. But they’re fun(ish). Full Battle Rattle: For those of you who aren’t military, this means full gear ie: helmet, bullet proof vest, etc. You wear full battle during the field exercise (plus a weapon) which I believe they’ve taken out of the program?? And you’ll wear it a few other times, but barely at all. This is a gentleman’s course, you’re not going to be smoked and run around like a chicken all crazy like. You wear just your uniform or patrol cap. You can breathe now. 🙂 Runs: I’m a long distance runner/PT fanatic so Army runs are pretty pathetic to me. But you usually do a long run (5ish miles) every Monday morning and some other form of running on Friday morning. Sometimes unit/cohesion runs, but rarely since we hate them so much.

Hey cute girl!!

So I follow your blog!  You look fantastic by the way! Real motivation for me right now!  I wanna do that workout you posted… but what are squat thrusts, squat jump squats, and leg raises in your workout dictionary? I have an idea but I am obsessed with doing things the way that the people who post these exercises do them.. make sense? Competitive I guess. lol And you do that all for time?

Dear Britt,

Squat thrusts: I did dumbbell thrusters. I used 25lb dumb bells.

Squat jump squats: I did split jumps (because I didn’t know what those are either):

Leg raises: I lifted my legs to a full 90 degrees, but it’s the same idea.

For time: Yes… but it took me a really long time. Therefore I just tried to finish it instead of worry about my score!

The workout Britt was referring to is this one:

I’ve been getting a lot of emails like this lately. As a result, AP deserves her own email address… armypaisley at gmail dot com. Ask away my friends, and I’ll be happy to answer all of your fitness/Army/food questions!!


5pm was a leadership meeting, you know cause I’m the class leader and all… well, I was honorably discharged from the position. (for a situation that has absolutely nothing to do with me) squeeeee!!

It’s past 7pm and I’m STILL in my uniform, UNSHOWERED. hotttt… i know. So, off I go.


armypaisley at gmail dot com 🙂


2 thoughts on “Paisley Answers Questions

  1. I just wanted to write you and let you know that your blog has made a huge impact on my health and lifestyle. I came across your blog when researching MIBOLC. I mentioned you in my blog My new loves: your blog, crossfit and paleo. I wish i was as disciplined with my blogging. What is your secret?

    • So happy to hear! Thanks for the shout out!! My secret? Well, I try and base my posts around 2 things: pictures and daily thoughts. If I take a picture of “it” then I’ll remember to write about it later. Or if I write it down, I’ll remember to do(fitness)/write something. I also draft blogs sometimes a day in advance depending on what’s going on. I’m by no means an expert at this blogging business, it’s just something I enjoy. I think because of that it’s easier for me to write regularly. Blogging keeps me accountable. If I say, “I ran 6 miles” — it means I really ran 6 miles because I’d never want to lie to you guys. So… if I say that I’m going to do something on my blog, 9 times out of 10 I do it and then write about it later. Basic accountability. Also, being away from my family encourages me to write on a regular basis to keep them informed. I don’t have time to talk to every single person all the time — so my blog is a great way to keep them up to speed on what’s going on with me. Therefore, it has become a routine for me and I quickly wrap up my day/thoughts at night and out comes a post! Lastly, I really wanted to document my time here at BOLC for other incoming MI soldiers who need a resource. I know how it feels to not know about the details of a training situation: frustrating. Getting comments like yours keeps me motivated to keep talking about BOLC and hopefully help a few other soldiers in the process.

      If you love to write/take pictures… blogging becomes a hobby and passion. Hope that helps! 😀

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