Almost seniors! Gluten-Free too!


– I wish I could tell you guys what I’ve been doing in class, but it’s a secret. Literally. But I’m learning how to do my job as if I were deployed. Like the real deal. It’s a lot of fun. But also kind of nerve-wracking because it makes you really think about what your doing… and how it could affect people. Good stuff.

– The class ahead of me graduates next week. Do you know what this means?!?! My BOLC class will move into the SENIOR status!! squeeeeeee! We’re the big kids now. We stand at the very far end of the formation: the place I dreamed of standing since I’ve been here! It means you’re the farthest along, aka: the closest to graduating! wow. exciting, much?

– Now that’s it’s April the hotel is allowing us to use the air conditioning. But not the heat. Go figure. Um, hi… it’s still 40 degrees over here!! Arizona can never just pick a temperature. Why you gotta jump all around!?!? Good thing I didn’t send off ALL my winter clothes!! And thank goodness for long HOT showers to singe my skin off.

– If you run enough miles, you’ll lose weight. I promise you this.


Combatives was the worst. I would say the worst MI BOLC has had thus far. Let’s just say it was complete, utter, ridiculous insanity. 2 people with dislocated shoulders, bruises, tears, scratches, and the list goes on. Apparently safety was not the main concern this morning. Everyone is thoroughly ticked. Including myself.

A female officer got in my face. I, in true Hayley fashion… got right back in hers. I don’t care what rank you are, there’s a time and a place for that kind of behavior. And this morning. Well, it was NOT the time. This particular person will no longer be instructing combatives. Thank you for your service. And have a nice day. Buh-bye.



Did you know that I’m a Chi Omega? Funny story. I’m a sorority girl. The proofs finally came (from last year). Fun stuff.

I never talked about all the fun stuff I found at Sunflower Market last weekend. I thought I’d share because of a gluten conversation I had with Ryan. He said that gluten bothers him too and was asking about some of the stuff I eat… So here we go.


Of course I’ll start with the sugar. Dark Chocolate and PB mixed together? You had me at Justin’s…


These are new to me. They’re good, but not gluten free. VitaTops (muffin tops + vitamins) I do think one of their flavors is GF because I didn’t realize they weren’t until I got home. Hm. That’s weird. I could have sworn they were. But, they have a ton of vitamins and they’re an easy snack. I’m a fan.


Brown rice tortillas. Haven’t tried yet. But… I finally found them! They were in the freezer section, go figure!


These I got last week but I’m all about putting them in my oatmeal in the morning. They add extra sweetness and they’re my favorite fruit (except watermelon)… it’s a win/win. Oh and they don’t rot in your fridge. I’m notorious for letting things go bad, especially because I usually go on fruit-buying-rampages. I can’t help it. Fruit is just so exciting.


Gluten free granola. This is better than the one from Trader Joes.


Almond crackers!?! Say it ain’t so! These are really good. And they come in a TON of different flavors. I chose Hazelnut, because it reminded me of Nutella. I threw a few of these on my salad for lunch today — so. good.


This oatmeal is a huge hit. I’d eat it for every meal if I could. Well, I mean… if that was appropriate. If you do eat oatmeal for every meal, more power to ya! I like this oatmeal better than regular “gluten” oatmeal. You must try it.

Through blogging/education/everything I’m beginning to learn what works for me. I listen to my body. It’s hard to do. Mostly because I don’t always know the signs/symptoms. But… My body does better on some carbohydrates. Minimal gluten. High protein. I mix in veggies and fruits and fats… I try and stay as balanced as possible. And eat lots of whole foods. Portion control and limitations are definitely necessary for me. I’m a bit over-indulgent at times. But I’m finding what works for ME and that’s the most important thing!! Diets, what you should/shouldn’t eat and all that jazz isn’t a do-all solution. Experimenting helps. One way of eating/exercising doesn’t work for every single person. 

Like for me… running WORKS for me. For my sister Shannon… not so much. Every body is different. Thankfully!!

LOOK! My compression socks came!!


Aren’t they preeeety!?!? A little bright for my taste, but fun, right!?


In conjunction with my whole “Listen to my body” campaign… I went out to the track tonight. I wanted to try out my new socks, but didn’t want to look silly in front of everyone at the gym. omg… what is that girl wearing? are those YELLOW socks?


So, track it was! I chatted with Nadine for the first mile. I had to tell her my Army Barbie drama. And then I ran 2 miles. I really planned on 5. But sometimes I don’t always follow through with my plans. Oh well.

I figure that since I wake up at 4am, it’s okay to skimp out on some of my workouts. I’ll catch up another day. My body said no more and I listened.




4 thoughts on “Almost seniors! Gluten-Free too!

    • Yes, tracks can be boring sometimes. But they’re great for speed work!! Or if you’re injured they’re soft on the joints. I’m afraid of the wild life here on post so the track is a safe haven for me!!

  1. Transitionin to a gluten free diet. There are some says that I am gluten free and other days that manage to have it at every meal. Those nights are rough-stomach gurgling and lots of uncomfortable farts 😦 I am learning that my body operates 100% better without the gluten.

    • I compltely, 100% agree!! No fun at all! Also, I’m learning that my body responds the same way to Stevia sweeteners. I’m really sad about this because I LOVE Zevia sodas!! 😦

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