End of Combatives!

It’s interesting how things can change DRAMATICALLY when a few people speak up. With that, the last day of combatives was fantastic. No tears. No dislocated shoulders. Just good ol’ training — just the way it should be.

Today was the last day that I had to wake up at 4am for combatives. I can’t even begin to tell you how exciting this is. An extra hour of sleep, yes please!! I joked with the class that’s ahead of me; “Oh stop complaining… it’s only one less hour.” No joke, that one hour makes a huuuuuuuge difference. I was telling a Captain today that nowadays 3:00pm feels a lot like 6pm to me. And therefore I’m completely exhausted by the time I get home.

20120405-115243.jpg And bruised. Gross.

Today SR told me: (the blog world, actually)

I need this constant reminder. It’s okay to take a pass. But it’s also important to kick my own butt.

Workout Plan (Suuuuper late, I know)

Mon: Rest – done.

Tue: 3 miles – done.

Wed: 6 miles – done.

Th: 4 miles

Fri: 12 miles

Sat: Shopping with MommaG!!!! (Hotel CrossFit?)

Sun: Repeat Saturday, with the addition of the bringing a wine glass to my mouth motion. Research shows you burn like 538,324 calories doing this exercise.

Last night was more combatives. I only watched because I’m not getting certified. But everyone who was had to fight off these guys…


I got so nervous watching my class get slammed to the ground. But no one got knocked out. It was a success. Shocker.


I ran my 6 miles last night. I didn’t finish until almost 9pm. WAY past my bedtime. I knew I was going to be able to nap in the morning though. Which I fully took advantage of.

While running on the treadmill I got an email from MommaG with these magic pieces of imagery:


Hi, can I just die of cuteness now??


That’s my cat Grayson. And my niece, Kenzlee… who I know through pictures and videos. Sad story.


And yes, she’s helping MommaG clean stalls. And that’s Comet in the background (my first horse). We always said that we’d keep Kenzlee so the grandkids can ride/play with him… Well, here we are!


And… The cuteness stops here. I was grinning from ear to ear. I’m sure everyone at the gym thought I was a goon smiling all crazy-like at my phone while running. hotttt.


I was a busy bee allll daaaaay loooong. We have a big brief tomorrow morning and I had to accumulate all the intel from the last 4 days and come up with one slide to present tomorrow. The Captains were joking about giving me the “analyst of the day” award because I was the only one in our group (TOC) working in the afternoon. Well… so they said.

And then I repeatedly got comments like, “Wow, you’re actually working.”

When I’m doing intel stuff, I have to SEE everything. I have to roll out a map and draw all over it. Screw doctrinal symbols. I just write what I want so that I can visually see what’s going on. After that I make lists. I write it all out. This way I have a visual and word process. Read it, see it, write it. That’s my learning process. It does take time, but it’s important to me. I want to fully understand what’s going on and be able to make the best analysis/decisions based on my own research/knowledge.

Wow. I just went there with you guys. It’s a nerdy Army Intel thing. It’s okay.


Laundry. ugh. —  4 mile run. — Packing!!! So excited to see my mom this weekend!




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