Weekend Wrap – Finally

This post is long overdue. I get that.

A brief synopsis of the last 3 days: 5am wake up, PT, shower/shove food down, class by 8am, 10 minutes to inhale lunch, leave class by 6pm (if I’m lucky), eat, sleep. I’m not even kidding. It’s the worst week of BOLC thus far. The days go by fast, but they’re a lot of work and I’m constantly rushing. I have 2 days left and I can’t wait until this part of training is over with.

Well… onto the fun stuff!!

Saturday morning I woke up to all my running stuff ready to go:


I planned on 12 miles, but only made it to 7. Ya know, sometimes you just have to say, “Okay then… today just isn’t my day.” Truthfully, my quads and hip was hurting – more than the normal “I don’t really feel like running” situation. So, I didn’t push it. I did what I could and I was fine with that.


The running trail was really pretty. I researched a trail in Phoenix that was close to the Air Force base.


It was really pretty and even had fields… that were GREEN! Phoenix is strange in that there will be random horse properties mixed into neighborhoods. That’s not really how California works. But, I did enjoy looking into everyone’s back yards and the new scenery. I just didn’t enjoy the killing pain in my hip.

At 11am I picked up MommaG!! And we went straight to the wine bar… obviously!


We walked around downtown Scottsdale for a bit and then headed to the mall… for a “teeny” bit of shopping. hehe 😀


Got shoes??


More wine at The Culinary Dropout. It’s a trend, I promise. Anytime I’m with people from home… The wine glasses start a-comin’ !


Culinary Dropout was recommended by several people. So we gave it a try. We loved people watching all the “step-fords” as we called them… Ladies in their 30s decked out in dresses, full blown make up/hair and heels… While their husbands sported jeans and a t-shirt. Interesting, right?

The restaurant was awesome. MommaG and I both agreed that we could have done without the BLARING music. We had to YELL at each other from across the table. Oh well.


These chandeliers were all over the place. I’m a sucker for a fancy lamp.


We started with some meat and cheese appetizers. Prosciutto and parmesan… (they had fancier names, but that’s what I requested — In simple food terms). The bread and olive oil was out of this world. And I mean… I’ve had some great bread before.


Dessert: salted carmel custard. Ohmygoodness. Hence the blurry picture — I was that excited about it. That’s carmel corn on the top. I felt full until the following afternoon. Ridiculousness.

The next morning was Easter Sunday! MommaG was completely enamored by the size of these cacti… I insisted on her taking a picture with one! Oh and look how freaking cute she is in her TOMS!! AHHH! love it.


On our way to church was were desperately searching for a Starbucks. The hotel didn’t offer an Easter breakfast. What’s wrong with them, right??

I got my famous oatmeal and iced coffee. Duh.


This was the church we went to. It was awesome. So glad I did my research before hand. MommaG was a big fan as well. Score!


Our only picture together from the weekend… Thanks to a random stranger.


After church we did in true Easter tradition… Bloody Mary’s. (Definitely not a tradition, but neither is Phoenix.)

Why don’t I drink these more often? They’re so darn good.


And this beast of a salad. Pesto dressing? Couscous? Holy macaroni!


Then we wandered around Tempe and found this awesome wine bar:


We sat outside and talked about dreams, nightmares, ambitions, intuitions, etc… not really. MommaG totally got hit on my 5 college dudes. It was awesome. They asked to buy her a drink. We declined. But posted on Facebook about it. I mean, after all… that’s why we all have a Facebook, right? To brag and complain?

Then we bounced over to La Grande Orange, another place that was recommended to me. And oh my gosh… Look for yourself:



Seriously people? Mom and I split an apple oatmeal cookie and each got a coffee.


Big coffee for me… and teeeeeeny coffee for MommaG. 😀


Afterwards we stopped at Sunflower Market so I could pick up some groceries for the week. And then I had to take her to the airport. We had been dreading this since before I picked her up. It was sad to say goodbye, but soo good to see her. I’m such a blessed girl to have such a wonderful Mom. I think about this often. I didn’t get to pick my parents, but wow… I would pick them over and over again if I had to.

I can’t say enough good things about my mom, but my favorite is how supportive, loving and kind she is. I hope to be 1/2 of the Mom she is one day.

And then I drove 3 hours and it was back to the daily grind…


2 more days and I get to enjoy ANOTHER weekend! Thank God for that.

Since I’ve been so busy there’s been zero working out (other than morning PT) and eating oatmeal and salads for every meal. Super exciting.

Next week I’ll be back in action. Until now, run a few miles for me — will ya?


Paisley 🙂


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