Wedding Love

My flight to Sacramento was pretty terrible. That kid who was wailing on the floor, on a leash, was screaming the whole time. There was crazy turbulence and I kinda just wanted to vomit. I couldn’t get off that plane fast enough. When I finally got home around 1am, I was perfectly happy playing with the cats and dogs. Reminded me of how much I miss having animals around.


Grayson was following me all around the house. And Bella wouldn’t stop wagging her tail. It’s safe to say they love and miss me.


All my clothes are scattered throughout my parents house (and storage), but I was really happy to see all my clothes. I miss them. If you had to wear an Army uniform every day for 4 months, you’d understand.


The next morning the whole family came over for breakfast. It was a crazy, wonderful, perfect time. I love it when everyone is home. Then I put my sparkly TOMS on in preparation for Dianna’s wedding!


Got dressed and did the hair straight. That never happens.


Mr. Medical Sales picked me up and we were on our way to Tahoe! The ride there was absolutely gorgeous. I’m definitely used to the warm weather I’ve been living in because I’ve been freezing all weekend… This desert girl isn’t used to temperatures below 60 degrees!


We checked into the hotel and quickly changed so we could make it in time for the shuttle.


How cute is this? Everyone signed it. Such a cool idea instead of a guest book. And they can hang it in their home.


The venue was amazing. The flowers were beautiful. It was so Dianna. Classy and just the way I had imagined.


I’d say his feet are a bit larger then mine… 🙂


The ceremony — sweet and simple.


Afterwards everyone went upstairs for drinks and appetizers while they set up the dinner tables. I got to meet all of Dianna’s closest friends. It was so cool to talk about Dianna and Shane and see how everyone fit into their lives. I was finally able to put names to faces of people that I’ve heard so much about from Dianna.


Hydrangeas… my favorite.


And cupcakes!!


I loved how small and intimate this wedding was. I was able to talk to Dianna several times that night. I know that oftentimes at large weddings the bride and groom have a hard time making it around to say “Hi” to all of their guests. That wasn’t the case for Dianna and Shane. It felt like a celebration where everyone was a part of their big day — the way it should be.


Each girl got a monogrammed make up/jewelry bag waiting for them at their seat.


Dinner was so good. Dianna’s friend Emily made and catered it all herself. Talk about a hook up!


Mr. Medical Sales and I danced and drank the night away. I think it’s safe to say that everyone had a great time.


I feel honored that I was invited to Dianna and Shane’s wedding. It’s hard for me to string words together in order to express how much I love Dianna. I can’t say enough good things about her and our friendship. I feel so blessed that she’s a part of my life and I couldn’t be happier for her and Shane.


I’ll always remember and cherish the memories from last night. Dianna, “This is my little sister!! I love her!” Her genuine love, care and support of me is worth the $500+ I spent this weekend to make it to the wedding. I’d spend it 10 times over again because I know that she would do the same for me.

Happy vibes to all. Weddings have that effect on me.




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