Gettin’ A lil’ Cray Cray

Complete and total randomness… It’s a wild one today.


I have some kind words for the commissary.

I pretty much hate the commissary which is why I’ll drive an extra 15 minutes to the grocery store in Sierra Vista. OR… Shop in bulk on the weekends at Trader Joe’s/Sunflower Market in Tucson. The other day, desperate times called for a lunch visit to the commissary.

It wasn’t crowded like it usually is. And I was like a bandit and got out of there for under $50! For me, that NEVER happens. Partly because almost everything I buy has to be refrigerated. Therefore, I buy lot’s of produce which tends to be on the pricey side. I couldn’t believe it when the clerk told me my total.

My list included:

Greek yogurt, greek yogurt ice cream, huge plate of sushi, granola, mango!!!, kale (getting wild over here), asparagus, grapes…

Commissary may be a pain in my rear end, but it’s cheap. Cheap is a good place to be when it comes to food. Sometimes. I’m still went to Trader Joes’s last weekend… Because it’s my favorite.


Buzz Bee is my middle name, well… according to my Dad. My Dad used to say, “BZZZZZZZZZ” to me whenever I was working away on something “busy.” Usually this was some kind of craft: scrap booking, painting, coloring, crafting, beading, sewing. Get it? Now that I’m older I’ve channeled this business to other things: riding, running, reading, cooking, and so on.

I hardly ever veg out and watch TV. And in the Army when I’m given free time, I use to to my advantage. If there’s a computer around, you’ll never see me chattin’ it up with other soldiers. Judge away, I just don’t find it very fun to shoot the shit for 3 hours when I could be reading, or in this case refining my resume.

It’s April which means it’s time to start looking for a big girl job. I have 3 different resumes. And they’re all ready for dispersal. Big girl job is in my very near future. I hope.

Today’s devotion: “Even though you don’t know what will happen tomorrow, you can be absolutely sure of your ultimate destination. I hold you by your right hand, and afterward I will take you into Glory.”



Friday morning my class did the “MI Mile” it’s a one-mile obstacle course. It was cool the first time through. I did ALL of the monkey bars and almost got to the top of the rope climb. The rope was NOT a climbing rope considering I’m still pulling splinters out of my hand.

Here’s some pictures:

– Monkey bars, splits, anyone?

– Rope climb

– Really awesome “soldier” picture

– Army girls

– Two of my battle buddies are in Afghanistan right now. One of which is a fellow Army Barbie: “Rocky”

“Rocky” (not her real name, but I totally made it up for her) and I met a few years ago in my first unit. She and I both lived in Sacramento so we started carpooling to drill on the weekends. We instantly fell in love and lived happily every after…

Which included frequent wine nights, pep talks and yoga sessions. She’s adorable, kind, sane and girly.

She’s totally a bad ass:

Who’s stuck in Afghanistan:

And doing a fabulous job of turning lemons:

Into Lemonade:

And God how I do love her for it.

My other battle is Ryan:

Ryan and I met at phase 1 of OCS in South Dakota. We were in the same squad together and instantly bonded over our immaturity and ability to laugh when ‘black hats’ (officer-style drill sergeants) got a little crazy with yelling and being mad. I’m sorry, but it’s funny when their angry vein starts popping out on their forehead and they’re spitting on you. But I’m not sorry.

He posts pictures like this:

And writes “Oh I can’t wait baby…” as the caption.

Or this:

But then has a softer side, and posts this:

Well rounded, I’m telling you.

He’s also a supporter of Army Barbies:

Botton line, I’d marry him in an instant. No questions asked.

So… this I’m doing my “good soldier deed” and sending off packages to the two of them. This is the first time that I’ve had actual friends away at war. Rocky tells me she’s in a safe area, but it’s still Afghanistan. It’s still very far away from home. And it’s still hard. The power of a care package is indescribable. I would know.

I’m proud of both of them. I know what it’s like to be in the military. But I have no idea what it’s like to be fighting a war.

***I stole ALL of these pictures from them. I’m thinking they won’t mind. I’m replacing the photos with a box of goodness.***



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