Love me some Tucson

I’m ALMOST recovered from my 24 hour staff duty shift, so here’s an update…

Friday morning started with the “MI Mile”… It’s basically a 1-mile obstacle course. I wasn’t really a fan, but when am I ever a fan of things people force me to do? I was (I think) the only female to go across ALL the monkey bars. And made it the farthest up the rope climb. Got about 49 splinters in my hands from the rope though. It was fun. I’m just done-zo with this place.

Stephanie and I:

Yay for no make up and 7am!!!

Saturday morning I tried squeezing my eyes shut for as long as possible. But got tired of laying there at 7am. #ArmyBarbieProblems

I got dressed in the essentials: running garb.


And headed to Starbucks for my necessary injection of caffeine.


And food helps too.


Steph came and met me in Tucson. We decided on Sabino Canyon. She had never been. Look, there’s water!! It was in the 100’s… running was a bit too much for us. So we did a lot of jogging/walking and stopped several times to dunk in the water.


As we were walking back to the car, I decided that I needed my hair cut… Immediately. Remember I posted this picture a few days ago?


Well… it needed to be on my head. And so it happened:


I LOOOOOOVE it. One guy in my class told me, “You were hot, now you’re SUPER hot.” It’s funny cause all the guys love it, but the girls won’t say anything. haha… Except for one super bitch. She said, “I can’t believe you cut your hair. What were you thinking?” I kid you not. Those were her exact words. Then the next day a guy said, “You look like a different person!” And this same girl said, “Yeah… remember we had a conversation about this?”

I don’t even know how to respond to that.  I just don’t really say anything. Ignore it and kill them with kindness, I guess. Today I said, “How does MY hair affect you? It doesn’t.” And then we all stopped talking about “the hair”…

After getting my hair COPPED… Steph and I got sushi!!


All week I had been craving. Probably because it’s been so hot lately. Cold, fresh fish is the perfect lunch.

And then of course a trip to Trader Joe’s. Clearly I had been missing that store… Cause I went a little crazy with the whole basket filling nonsense.


Staff duty was OK. It wasn’t “fun”, but I survived… Completed all my security courses online.


And ate a lot of snacks.


Today my class got to pick up trash throughout the base… it was so much fun, right Ryan? Yeah right…


Almost as fun as this kid is having at the park… How diva is she!?! Love little K.


At lunch I grabbed some essentials: Green Tea


And new “short” hair accessories!


So. much. fun.

Me and my short hair are going to try the workout hair fashions tonight… This is new to me.

Happy last full week of BOLC!




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