Recovered. Almost.

I underestimated the effects of a 24 hour shift. Afterwards you feel like you’ve been hit by a train. And you stare at air. It’s really special. And you get out of class, go straight home, put PJ’s on and crawl into bed.

Good side of the 24 hour shift, I discoverd a love affair with Grey’s Anatomy. I know I’m like 86 years behind the curve. But I was busy doing college and having other excuses to deal with. I’m here now. And I’m getting on that band wagon. Stat.

So today, after about 9 hours of sleep… I’m pretty much recovered.



I went to the gym and did the HIIT elliptical workout. I love that it’s 22 minutes and makes you sweat like crazy. Then I did this:


And 1 minute each of these:


And called it a day. My hair fits into an itty bitty pony tail, WITH a headband. Totally winning at this short hair deal. Oh and when I run, it doesn’t smack my back and face. And I’m not destined to “the braid” anymore.

Short hair and I are going to be really good friends. I can already tell.


Is it disrespectful/rude to put your hands on your hips when someone is talking to you?

I’m curious because an instructor told me, “Take your hands off your hips while I’m talking to you.” And related it to the ‘defensive arms crossed position.’ Holding my hands on my hips is a very natural, nonchalant position for me. Do certain “cultures” deem it disrespectful? Am I dumb in thinking that it’s not? It’s so interesting to me… the things that offend people. I think we all need to just calm down and not be so uptight!


Can I please put my hands on my hips now?


Today and for the next couple of days… BOLC classes are the new “trash men.” Yep… Instead of doing productive PT… we get to walk around Ft. Huachuca with big trash bags and pick up trash. We look like prisoners. I find it hilarious. This place gets better and better, every. single. day.

Oh hey… 8 days left! I might be really, really, really excited about that.


I have another question… Is it inappropriate to wear skimpy shorts (girls volley ball status) and sports bras (ONLY) while working out at a CrossFit gym? Like, from start to finish: warm up, workout and afterwards? How about in January?

I’m having an ethical/moral dilemma. One of my home boxes contains some of these “skimpy-shorts-wearing” girls. Call me old fashioned, but I just don’t think it’s appropriate. I don’t feel like CrossFit is the place for struttin’ your stuff. It’s kind of awkward and just plain uncomfortable. I know that it makes other guests feel the same way.

I’m sure the young guys dig it. But I come to workout, not watch you walk around like your hot shit. You have a nice ass, nice abs and nice hair. Cool shit. I like mine too. But I don’t have to show the whole gym!

Hm… Do I just need shut up and get over it? Get used to their “asses eating their shorts every time they do a squat”? Or stick to my gym with a moral compass (unspoken dress code) that’s more in line with mine? Mind you, the coaches at this gym and phenomenol. But then again… they consent this (in my opinion) inappropriate behavior.



Sassy Paisley


2 thoughts on “Recovered. Almost.

  1. Hands on hips is a universal sign of aggression 🙂

    Definitely distracting when a hottie wears a skimpy outfit to the gym, but the sexual tension has a way of motivating us guys; so we like it, too.

  2. I really like this post! As for your questions.. I think that some people think of the “hands on the hips” thing disrespectful, because at my house, we only do that when we’re tired or annoyed, so maybe some people think that’s why you do it. In Asia, it’s always like “hands in folded together in front” or something like that, so yeah..

    And as for your volleyball shorts comment… I personally think it’s fine if you’re actually getting a good workout in and not just trying to strut your stuff! I’m guilty of wearing them all the time, yeah, and sometimes I feel self conscious and wonder what people might think about me wearing those short-short spandex shorts, but then I remember that since I don’t wear those shorts for them, it doesn’t matter! Haha, I actually prefer wearing the short spandex shorts because they breathe better, allow for more movement, and etc.

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