The CA Marathon, minus running

Wow. Life sure can catch you by surprise.



Sushi with the fam to celebrate my homecoming.


We went to a new place in Auburn. We were VERY impressed.


They even gave us complimentary FRIED ice cream!



I was up at 5am. Was on the road by 6 and headed to drill. When I got into my car, I found this flower from my mom. 🙂


Drill for me usually includes a lot of “down” time. But not this month. I barely had time to eat. But I do love drilling in Fairfield because I get to take advantage of the air force base. We all know how much I love the air force accommodations.


Sanpellegrino soda. My favorite.

And sushi for lunch? Who cares if I had it for dinner the night before!


And a snack, of course!


That night G.I. Jane came to visit me and go shopping at the outlets!


I needed shoes to go with my suit. And she wanted to find some jeans. Mission accomplished.

Just as were were getting ready for bed, the hotel fire alarm started going off. Wonderful.


All the guests had to “calmly” evacuate the building. I was barefoot. And found peace in watching the firemen. I mean… I had to “hunt for the good stuff.”


Pretty much sucked. I got hell for my hair from other female officers. And I pretty much just wanted to be home and away from everything Army. But… I had a job to do.

And I even had homework:


So I camped out at Panera Bread and got all my editing done. I love being an officer. And I love having more responsibilities. Working on Cinco de Mayo just reminded me that success in life comes with hard work.

I did manage to grab a few margaritas from Chevys with a very old friend. And so I felt that Cinco de Mayo wasn’t a complete wash.


Margaritas + Chevy’s = A need for energy drinks.

Or so I learned.


I managed to get through drill. I got a lot of great mentorship and learning experiences. But I was glad to be greeted with this…


when I walked into my aunt’s house. I stayed with her because I had interview in the bay area on Monday and Tuesday.

She even treated me to a foot massage!!


I was in girl-Heaven.

The next morning I had some time before my interview and went to check out CrossFit Lifeworks in San Jose.

It was awesome!


The coach was great and all the people there were really friendly. I was happy to sweat and be in a CF gym.

I also got to try out my new kicks! Since I threw away my muddy Nike’s at the Warrior Dash, I treated myself to a new pair. And may have copied G.I. Jane’s… what can I say? Copying is the truest form of flattery, right?


Interviews went great. I scheduled another one for Tuesday but decided to go home for the night instead. I needed clean underwear (ew) and just wanted to be home, even if it was only for a few hours.


Met Nadine for CrossFit. We did Annie. I was toast after the back squats from the day before.

Somehow I convinced Nadine to road trip with me back to the bay for my interview. I must have bribed her with a breakfast sandwich or something…

We made it in time. And got the lovely pleasure of sitting in traffic.


Instead of wallowing in the suck-factor of the situations, we turned to Spice Girls and Backstreet boys. Amazing how much FUN it is to rock out to songs from when you were 10. Oh and having a convertible makes it even better!


We sang, laughed and then ended the trip with beer and pizza at the Golden Bear in Sacramento. Truly a Nadine/Hayley kind of day.


Finally got to eat breakfast that I didn’t have to wait in line for. That’s a big deal for me. I went for a smoothie and oats. Yum!


I also found out that I got the job that I was interviewing for. YAY!

So looks like I’ll be moving to the Bay Area as soon as I find a place/room mate.

Everything has been happening so fast. And I’m thankful. Life is a crazy. Lately it’s been feeling like a marathon.




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