Baby Steps

Yesterday I got to spend some time with this munchkin!


Love that kid. She’s a ball of fire, that’s for sure… But, put her in the car and sleep is inevitable…


I also made my way to yoga. It had been over 5 months. Oh my gosh I’ve missed it so much. I can hardly wait to go back!

This morning was too windy to ride. 😦 I had to be back in San Jose by 2:30. I left a litte early so I could check out the mall which is across the street from my (new!) company office.

I went straight to Banana. Turns out they were having a sale… I got 40% off everything I bought. SCORE!


I’m wearing this shirt. I made sure to get stuff that’s really versatile. Stuff that I can mix and match with each other to create different outfits. I have a lot of “business casual” clothes… but it’s all really old and kind of trendy. I wanted some classics that I can build on later.

And I wore my hair curly for the first time today — well, since I cut it. And I like it way better than I expected. I’m so happy that I’ll be able to wear it both ways. When I first cut my hair short a few years ago… I was dealing with a fro, to say the least. My hair is thinner than it used to be, much more manageable.

The Banana “stylists” were having a blast with me. “Oh try this… how about THIS. Oh and THIS is to die for…” I bet they were a little peeved when I only left with whites/greys/creams… Sorry girls, this girl can’t rock the BRIGHT purple and TEAL… even though it’s your “newest collection”…

And then I headed over to my appointment. And waited. Got some New Yorker reading in.


Something I’m still in love with… TOMS. I was slow to jump on this bandwagon, but boy am I on board now! I even own the wedges… SHH, don’t tell Dianna!


I met a few prospective room mates and then headed back home. I’ve spent roughly 7 hours in the car today. Can’t say that I’m loving all this driving. But, there’s a means to an end. Soon enough I’ll be all settled. But for now, I’m just taking baby steps.

I told this to my dad tonight and he laughed, “Baby steps? Hayley, pretty sure you’re taking giant leaps!” Okay, maybe so… But still. Enjoy the process, right?




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