Chi Omega Formal

Oh look at that… She’s still eating salads!


But these days they’re served on PRETTY plates. And eaten outside by the pool. Big improvement from a few weeks ago.

Friday was my mom’s salon 1-year anniversary party. Nadine and I could be found “steaming” my dress in the bathroom. I wasn’t quite up to par on the wrinkly end. We joked about our wedding days…


The party was fantastic. So many people. Some that I already knew from years ago and also some new faces. I’m so proud of my mama for living her dream of opening her own salon. It’s beautiful and just the way she had imagined. And wow, already a YEAR has gone by! The party was a perfect example of the salon and all the different personalities. Everyone eating and drinking — a great night to say the least.

In addition, that night included some make up by our girls over at Bare Essentials. Nadine was turned prettier than she already is! I admire make up (artists) girls. It’s true art. I told the BE girl, “Gosh, what a fun job! You get to make women feel pretty all day long!”


Speaking of pretty, check out their quote that’s posted in the store. So cool.


My sidekick and I also needed some caffeine. Thanks to Dianna, I’m really good at spotting out insane chocolates. My original favorite is the toffee chocolate from Trader Joe’s. We have ourself a new winner…


Seriously a food-gasm.

I had to leave the anniversary party early to meet up with this pretty girl!! Julie!


She invited me to go with her to Chi Omega’s formal dance. I happily accepted the offer because I was never able to go to my own formals when I was in college — mostly due to Army obligations. :/

I also go to see my Little! Look we have matching hair now!


It was soo good to see everyone!

And we had a little “mess up” with the cake… It’s supposed to say XO, not XU. haha!


The night ended in Davis with a beer. Just the way I like it. Such a fun dance. Reminded me once again how happy I am to be home.




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