Take a Load Off

Happy Tuesday!


This little guy has been loving the fact that I’m home. He’s one of those cats that need to be sleeping ON you. all. night. I’m seriously thinking about taking him when I move.

I spent a lot of today hanging out. And using my Dad’s giant TV as a clothes line. I seriously don’t understand the need for this large of a television. It must be a guy thing. I watch movies on my little laptop and it’s the perfect size for me.


I made a glorious lunch: strawberries, veggie burger and spinach ravioli’s. I’m in love with my parents george-foreman-style grill. I’m getting one when I move. It might even be cooler than my Keuirg. Almost.


And then I decided that it was time to sweat. Since I was having such a productive day. ha.


I tried out the Nike Training Club app… oh yes, totally in love with it. And it’s free!!

I did a 30 minute “toning” workout.


Look what I found at Whole Foods!! Apparently it’s about the same as a yogurt… cool! And tastes amaaaaazing!


And of course a Trader Joe’s shopping trip!


And then a big glass of wine with my mom to finish the day.


I’m totally in love with this nail polish color.


It’s perfect for summer. Lately I’ve been really into the bright coral color. This is no exception.


And now it’s Glee time!




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