1st Ride and New Apartment

So many fun things to share!! But first… notice the difference in my breakfast?


Still oats. But now SMOOTHIES!! This one: frozen mixed berries, almond milk, cinnamon, 1 pack of oatmeal and yogurt.

The other day I “ordered” a set of Grey’s Anatomy DVD’s from my sister… and look what was waiting for me when I woke up!


4 FULL SEASONS!! [Insert the laziest Friday of ALL TIME.]



The boots went on…


And I finally got to go out and ride Benson. It was a blast. I missed that guy so much. He’s doing really well. It felt great to be around horses and be able to ride for a long time.


On my way home I stopped at Trader Joes’s for some lunch. And a delicious chocolate too!


Cookie spread… oh em gee!

As I was laying by the pool…


Attempting to watch Grey’s on my laptop (it doesn’t really work in the sun… duh)


My mom came and asked me to come down and watch K ride Latte’… This is a BIG moment in the kids’ life. I bought her cowboy boots before she was even born. You get it?

So her ride started like this… a little worried and nervous.


And quickly became this. All smiles, gripping the horn and screaming “RUN!” — kidding about the screaming part.


The kid was stoked. It was awesome. A few minutes after we took her off Latte’, she was signing (she knows baby sign language) for “more” and was pointing at the horse. I pretty much melted into a pile of mush. I love that she loves horses.


Apartment shopping!! I say that as if it’s exciting… but it was really quite frustrating. Jacqueline (my new room mate, but also my Little from Chi Omega) and I started our search early in the morning. We quickly learned how difficult it was going to be. We talked to several people, called on multiple Craigslist ads and drove all around Santa Clara and San Jose. It was exhausting. But, finally we found an awesome lady who took us under our wing.

And said the words “Willow Glen” and “HUGE closet”… and I was hooked.

Check. Out. My. Shoe. Shelves. And. Vanity. #ShoeAddictHeaven


And I have a vanity for all my jewelry… eeeee!!!!


Willow Glen is the ideal location in San Jose. It’s really clean, great neighborhoods and cute shops throughout. Totally my kind of place. And the apartment is walking distance from all of this… not to mention the amazing running routes along trail lined streets. Pretty exciting.

There’s even a wine bar (female owned) that sounds amazing. Funny how things work out perfectly when you let them. Love it when that happens.


On our way home I grabbed one of my favorites… Arizona Arnold Palmer


When I saw it, I instantly thought of summer and California — two of the greatest things these days.

On my ride home I talked to my (new) boss… I won’t be starting work for a few weeks. YAY! I was feeling so overwhelmed with all this apartment hunting, moving, etc… Feeling like I haven’t had any time to relax and just “be.” So that was really good news.

Since I was going to be driving through Sacramento, I made plans with Carlen. And of course, our date consisted of CrossFit and wine, with a side of dinner.

When I walked in the gym, Jared (coach) said, “Army Barbie!!! Look, it’s Honey B!” I love that place. I had so much fun laughing and talking with everyone there. I miss that gym so much. I love that I can go back, any day, and they’re so happy to have me. I tried to pay them for a drop in class, and they hand me a tank top. They’re amazing. Truly the model of being personal, yet professional.

Well done CrossFit Envy.


The workout:

We worked on hang cleans, then WOD:

2 Dead lift

2 Cleans

2 Toes 2 Bar

Repeat, 4,4,4 – 6,6,6 – 8,8,8 – and so on.

My forearms were shot. I kept trying to shake them out. Nothing helped, they were just screaming, “WEAK!”

Afterwards, Carlen and I headed straight to the usual…. Paesano’s… We didn’t even consider going anywhere else. Why change something that’s been so good? Paesano’s has been my favorite restaurant since I started working in Sacramento in 2007. I’ve lived there for roughly 3 years (walking distance from everything)… and it’s STILL my favorite.


We shared a bottle of Riesling and both ordered salads. I got the steak salad… because it’s amazing.

Today I’m taking full advantage of a lazy day. I’m going to watch Grey’s, read my book, workout and soak up the sun/time off.


Clearly I don’t need to be working on that running tan line… oops!



Are you reading any good books right now? What’s your favorite way to spend a lazy/day off?


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