Days Like These

Do you ever look at something you have and think to yourself, “Man… I still REALLY love ______.” –?

I had that thought about my car the other day.


I was driving around, doing some errands. I got to a stop light and decided it was perfect “top down” weather. I quickly pushed the button — just in time to drive off as soon as the light turned green. And then as I was driving, I thought… I literally have every little girl’s dream car. Why would I want a new car when I have a perfectly great, no-payment, GOOD, car!?!

And then… I no longer wanted a new car. I came home and washed it. Because I love the things that I already have.

I often find myself wishing/wanting the next best thing. The “new” Lululemon tank top. Or the “new” Nike shoes. Or the “new” Michael Khors bag… it’s absolute madness! As May comes to an end (kinda)… and June begins, I’m going to name June “appreciation month.” I want to focus on the “stuff” I already have and appreciate what I have… With that, no shopping. No “new” must haves.

After washing my girly car, I made a girly lunch:


Grilled turkey burger on top of mixed greens, mushrooms, goat cheese, strawberries and goddess dressing.

Friday night my Mom and I found ourselves sharing a cheese plate… at Carpe Vino.


Somehow I’ve managed to find amazing wine bars in every town that I’m in. This one is in Auburn, my parents home town. The atmosphere is perfect with a side of country. It’s a mix of young and old with a fabulous selection of wine and food. I’ve only ever gotten their “bar food” — because I focus on the wine, of course. They even serve truffle popcorn!

Mom and I split a bottle and then J came and met us there. We then proceeded to share a few more glasses…

That night I also got a call from work. Turns out I start on Monday and not in a few weeks. I’m slightly bummed about this only because I was enjoying the relaxation time. But, it will be nice to start making money again. So I can afford purchases like beer towers.


Cause that’s normal and everything.

Saturday night I hung out with Danger. We did a pub crawl down town. We did less crawling and more pubbing if you know what I mean.


And my good friend Danielle from college came out. So good to see her! Her and the boyfriend were so happy for me about my job and were instantly offering my contacts of friends in the area. I really have the best friends.


I’m super behind on blogs, but that was part of my weekend. To be continued…




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