Houseboats 2K12

I’ve been MIA due to a certain kind of weekend…. Houseboats 2012!!


The weekend started on Friday morning by cramming as much crap into the car.


Houseboats was a new experience for me. The best part was people watching. Jay and I spent almost the entire time perched on the top of the boat watching all the “events.”


Houseboats is a very dangerous time. Unfortunately, 3 people actually died this year. That’s terrible. Knowing that kept me anchored to the boat and attached at the hip to this guy.


We also wrote our boat number on our arms… just in case we got lost.


I ate more hotdogs and burgers than I thought possible. I didn’t drink enough water. And I never went swimming. But we had a blast. Lake Shasta is gorgeous. I’m really glad that I allowed myself to have this experience because I never had the opportunity while I was in college.


By the end of the weekend we were dirty, tired and ready to go home.


But couldn’t help but soak in the views.


On the way home I crashed.


I can’t say that I’ll be attending Houseboats next year. It was a one-time deal for me. But, I would LOVE to plan a houseboating trip with a bunch of friends. Just… um, a little less crazy. Thanks to my Army experiences, I was able to rough the “living conditions” with minimal complaining. The worst part? Trying to sleep while 3 boats are blasting their 20′ speakers. It would be like building a house in the middle of 3 dance clubs. Talk about “boom boom.”

Tuesday I started work — officially. My college days are over. I think HB2K12 was a great way to celebrate the end of such a fun chapter.




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