Quickie Din-din!

The other night Justin and I had big plans of going out to eat.. But then life happened and going out seemed like a bigger ordeal than it was worth.

So instead… It was Mexican-night-in!

And whoever says that cooking takes too much time…? You’re all kinds of wrong! This meal took about 5 minutes and it cost as much as 1 meal at a restaurant.

I was so happy with the outcome, I knew I had to share with all of you, so here ya go!



1. Bottle of red

2. Pre-cooked chicken

3. Tortillas

4. Trader Joe’s guacamole kit

5. Chips

6. Frozen bell pepper mix

All this for only…$26.97!!


Dump bag of peppers/onions into pan on stove. Heat with some olive oil and seasonings. I did garlic, onion flakes and pepper.


While that’s cooking, mash 2 avocados and throw in some chopped tomatoes and onions + sea salt, garlic and lime juice. Snack on guacamole and chips while you wait for your guest. Or boyfriend.


Then warm up the chicken and viola!! Dinner is served!

I had my fajitas with just chicken and veggies. Justin did the real deal with tortillas. It was a quick, cheap and delicious meal!

Who says you can’t have gourmet on a budget and a time crunch? Not this girl!

And on the even brighter side… We got to enjoy an entire bottle — not just 1 glass!!

Happy Saturday!




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