Disneyland Extravaganza!


Hi Friends!!

I’ve been on vacation for a few days, can’t wait to tell you all about it!


Started at the ridiculously early hour of 3:45am. Coffee was a necessity. As was a great playlist filled with 90s, Jack Black and top 40.










We didn’t hit any traffic (Hallelujah!) and made it to Disneyland a little after 10am. Parking was a piece of cake (except for the insane $15!!) and we walked a short 1/2 mile to the park. I was like a little kid — STOKED OUT OF MY MIND to be there!!



It’s seriously the happiest place on earth. I didn’t even care that there were long lines, or children screaming — I was at Disneyland!

A few years ago, Justin refused to go on roller coasters. And then I took him to Six Flags Marine World — and his world was changed.

Now, he’s a roller coaster junkie. His favorite ride was California Screaming. If you ask him to describe it, he says: “The one that goes upside down.” I think we went on that one about 4 times. It helped that the line moved particularly fast. I think the most we waited was 20 minutes.

He had quite the hair-do after that ride… 🙂



Justin has this weird talent. He’s good at everything. To include carnival games. He won this horse “Bullseye” from Toy Story… What a guy!



We spent equal amounts of time at Disneyland and the California Adventure side. I was excited to ride Space Mountain for the first time. Turns out, it was also Justin’s first time!!



We ended up riding it twice. So. Much. Fun.



I was strangling Bullseye.

Although CA Adventure was a blast, I had a special love for Disneyland. Maybe because it’s a true classic — fond memories from when I first came to Disneyland as a little girl.



I fulfilled my Mom’s request of riding the Peter Pan ride. It’s absolutely adorable. A MUST. Although I didn’t ride all the kiddie rides, I did do a few of them — and I was happy I did. I think that when you go to Disneyland, it’s okay to be immature —  or ‘young at heart’. It’s part of the experience.




We got a 3-day hopper pass, but only ended up spending 2 days at the park. But, I assure you — we got ALL our money’s worth. We were exhausted by then end of each day. So much walking and standing. We took every opportunity to rest in the shade. Me, personally, I’m a very energetic “I wanna see it all” kind of person. And that’s what we did. So you can imagine how tired Justin felt by about 6pm.


To keep us bubbly and excited to tackle the park — Starbucks was a must. I got a BIG iced coffee with a few pumps of coconut syrup. Holy-yum!



We also enjoyed other snacks like soft-serve ice cream cones, popcorn, icee’s, and a clam chowder bread bowl. I came prepared with sandwich fixings, larabars, bananas, trail mix, water with propel packs and other snacks to keep us fueled throughout the day.

I didn’t see too many characters, but I did see Minnie!! She’s so darn cute!



On the second day, Justin and I took a more relaxed approach. We had a few rides left that we wanted to ride, but also wanted to take in more sights/experiences of Disneyland.

So we rode the big ship while we waited for our Fast Pass time.



Friday night we stayed for the Disney Fantasmic show as well as the World of Color light/water show — a MUST see!!




I was amazed at how beautiful the water show was. Incredible.

We had an amazing two days, but were very tired and ready for a relaxing weekend afterwards. Instead of going the full 3 days, we packed it all into 2 and headed to the beach on Saturday morning. A wise choice considering we both had work on Monday and needed to re-coup after 24 hours of Disneyland!

My favorites: Indiana Jones ride, California Screaming, the white water rafting ride, Space Mountain and Splash Mountain. Also… the Pixar parade (Toy Story, Monsters Inc, and Bugs Life) and the Disney Parade. I was smiling the entire time I watched the parade — be-bopping to the music. I absolutely loved it.

I’m so excited to come back to Disneyland again. Now that I’ve experienced it as an adult, I’ll definitely be back sooner. It’s such a magical place — no matter how old you are.




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