I Might Be Back?


The truth is… winter time reminds me of blogging. I started my blog in December of last year. I spent many nights sitting in my hotel in Arizona… blogging. It was really one of my favorite things to do. That, running and shopping.

Thank goodness for Tucson malls.

I made a delicious dinner tonight. And all I could think about was… I want to share it!

Let’s get caught up, yeah?

1. I started a new job. Now I work in sales. It’s been 2 months. And candidly… that’s why I haven’t been blogging. I’m working my butt off. I absolutely love my job, but I barely have enough time to eat/sleep/workout… Let alone take pictures. But now I’m getting in the swing of things and hopefully I’ll be able to find some more time here and there.


But, lately… this guy has been getting most of my weekend free time.

2. I went to a horse show in Santa Barbara. I took my horse, Benson – and my mom and I had a girls weekend. It was an absolute blast. And I even came home with a blue ribbon! I definitely left the snobby people of Santa Barbara in their own town. I appreciated the beach, but I could have done without the attitudes. Yeesh!



3. I drank coconut water from a real coconut. To be honest, it tastes exactly like the store bought kind. Except the packaging was a little cooler… don’t you think?


4. I went to a Giants game… in a suit. One of my company’s corporate executives came to visit us from Dallas, TX. My boss said, “Hayley, Brenden bought us Giants tickets. Obviously it’s optional, but we’re leaving at 5:30 if you want to come.” Um… Optional? Oh, that’s funny. I think we sat at the 13th row… Not too shabby. 😉



5. Justin ran the Tough Mudder. And I almost died as a spectator. It was 95 degrees… and no shade. I met a friend while I was standing in line to purchase my 2nd beer and hot dog. (There was nothing else to do.) We then found ourselves some grass and shade… Quite a hike away though. Next year… I’m participating. It looked like so much fun! **Minus being electrocuted.


6. I’ve been eating EVERYTHING pumpkin: pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin tea, pumpkin spice coffee, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin protein shakes, pumpkin/banana pancakes. You name it. If it says pumpkin, it’s instantly in my shopping basket. But, I’m officially obsessed with this tea… I’m making a bold transition over from vino at night, to tea. Bold. I told you.



7. Gas is almost $5 a gallon. Except I’m sure I didn’t have to remind you of that. Last Friday was the most expensive fill up, ever. Mind you, I drive a VW Beetle. But still… $65!! Let’s be real, people!! That’s a whole week of groceries for me. That’s a pair of sale pants at Banana Republic. That’s dinner for 2, PLUS an over priced bottle of wine at dinner!! Seriously??!!??



What have you all been up to? Made any delicious holiday recipes lately? Caught the pumpkin bug too?




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