Wine & Roses Quarter Horse Show


This weekend was show time!! My 2nd horse show post partum. I still feel wobbly up on top of that big guy, but I’m definitely getting stronger.

We competed in Showmanship and Hunter Under Saddle. We did terribly at showmanship (pictured above), but we took circuit champion in hunter under saddle woo woo!!!

We took this adorable good luck charm 🙂


She pretty much slept the entire time…


This horse show was split/combined. So each class that I was in had two judges. Each judge choses their placings separately. What that also means is that I only had to show 2 out of the 4 days since we don’t compete in the western events.

A typical horse show morning goes very similar to an average army day:

5:30 – Alarm goes off, shower, pull hair into a bun and makeup on.

6:00 – Get Harper up (kind of), feed/change/etc.

6:30 – Coffee in cup, go!

8:00 – Arrive at horse show, practice showmanship pattern with trainer

9:00 – Show starts, wait

9:30 – wait some more

10:00 – SHOW!

English usually follows the showmanship classes

On a typical day I usually leave the show at 1:00 or 2:00 and head home for lunch and a well deserved beer!

Harper throws a wrench into the mix, depending on her schedule. So we had to be flexible.


My mom carts around the stroller and hangs out with her while I show.


We’re looking forward to the day that she can ride. But enjoying the time we get to hold and cuddle her.





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