About Army Paisley

My name is Hayley. I’m 20-something.  I’m a military intelligence Lieutenant in the Army. I’ve been in the military for 3 years.

I am Army Barbie.

ArmyPaisley is a collection of my thoughts, opinions, experiences and everything in between. Being an “Army Barbie” is a bit of a rarity, so I started this blog to share my daily life with family, friends, fellow Army kids… and anyone who reads.

I’m originally from Sacramento, CA but am currently located in San Jose which I moved to for my civilian job.

I live for CrossFit/fitness.I’ve always been a lover of fitness, but over the years I’ve taken it to a whole new level.

I used to only run and practice yoga. Since CrossFit, I’m stronger and in the best shape of my life — physically and mentally.

With that, I still run all the time. I try to stay well balanced. I’ve ran several half marathons. I’m planning on running my first full marathon this year.

I love running because it helps keep my mind balanced. I’m VERY high strung and running is a way to neutralize all the craziness in my life.

I have two horses that are my world. Comet and Benson.

I grew up riding and showing horses competitively. I can’t imagine my life without them. They’re amazing, wonderful and such a blessing.

And yes, this Army Barbie knows how to clean a stall…

My life is fun, random and hilarious. And I like it just the way it is.

I’m sassy. Bold and I say it just. the. way. it. is.

Any questions: email me at armypaisley at gmail dot com 🙂




17 thoughts on “About Army Paisley

  1. Hi 2LT Paisley,
    I just ran into your site on the net/Google while I was trying to research what MIBOLC was like. Thanks for all the details, it really does give me an idea of what to expect in September. I’m a little weary about landnaving in the dessert with the short points but whatever, I am pretty confident with landnav. Just a quick question, do you have a lot of exams, quizzes and papers to write in/out of class? Sometimes, I need to know to keep myself mentally prepared :). Thanks again!

    -Soon to be 2LT/CDT Datoc-

    • I’m so glad that my blog has helped you! That’s the main reason I started it!

      Land Nav — it’s only 2 days and everyone passes, I promise. The worst part was trekking up and down all the hills – killer leg workout! Other than that, it was cake! Land Nav was actually one of my favorite parts of BOLC because we were OUTSIDE instead of stuck in the classroom. You’ll do great!

      Exams/Quizzes: Yes, lots of them. And TONS of briefs. We give briefs (as a group/”TOC”) almost every day. You get used to it really fast. You have quizzes often, but they don’t really matter in terms of pass/fail. Then you have final tests for each MOD and there’s 5 MOD’s – those matter, but the cadre is awesome and they’ll prepare you. If they don’t, they’re always available to make sure you understand the material. The hardest one (in my opinion) is MOD B simply because the whole concept is so new for LT’s. The MOD’s get easier as you go on.

      Feel free to ask any other questions as you prepare for BOLC, I’m happy to help!


  2. Hey Paisley,

    Enjoyed reading your blog, I’m a fellow 2LT heading out to Huachuca from VA at the end of April. I’m a National Guard LT, and info for BOLC has been hard to come by for me. Would you mind sharing what you did in terms of lodging, packing list, when to arrive, etc? I’ll be leaving to drive from VA on April 20th-21st and my report date is the 25th. Any info you could share would be a huge help if you don’t mind sending me an e-mail.

    – Zac Hartless

  3. Hi again,
    Thanks again for the information you have provided. It’s really given me some insight for September. I was curious about housing, our LTC brought it up last night. How far advanced did you book your housing? Living on/off post, which do you think is better? Do EL Tees stay in hotels for their stay if they cannot rent a place?

    • You’re welcome, happy to help! I didn’t have to book my housing, I just called Army lodging to make sure that they had a room for me. In the process I added an extra night to my reservation (that was already made for me) because I was arriving the day before my report date. For example, I flew in January 2nd, but BOLC didn’t start until January 3rd. So… I needed a place to stay for the first night. If you call Army Lodging at Ft. Huachuca they’ll be happy to help you out and answer your questions.

      I think it’s better to live on post. It’s free. They change your linens and trash. It’s close to the classroom (nice to be able to run home and nap/eat for lunch or shower/make breakfast after PT). The lodging isn’t a 5 star hotel, but it’s way better than barracks. Your own room, bathroom and kitchen… not too shabby. If there isn’t any room available at lodging then the lodging will write you a “notice of unavailability” which allows you to stay at a hotel off post. That hasn’t happened for anyone in my class. But, I have heard of it happing. Good luck!!

  4. Hi there,

    I just happened upon your blog and I’m so glad I did! Not only are your posts great but I love the fact that you’re an Army Barbie! Thanks you for serving our country in such a proud fashion. (pun intended!)

    My youngest son graduated from AIT at Fort Huachuca (35M) this past November and is now stationed at Fort Gordon. So it’s kinda cool to read things from a woman’s perspective.

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your work!

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. I was in class 12-002 and graduated in march. I recommend living off post if you can. luxurdytdy.com was awesome. I stayed in a 3 bedroom house with a pool, hot tub, brand new appliances and a 50 inch tv.

  6. Dear ArmyPaisley,

    You are amazing for putting this together, because there is a serious dearth of information regarding MI BOLC! I am currently a PFC and after doing ROTC am looking into MIBOLC. Question to you is, I haven’t seen a post about you going into the gas chamber? I know some BOLCs have the gas chamber as their training. Does MI have gas chamber as well? I ask, because well in basic I had a horrific incident with it (thought it would be a cake walk and then almost died in there lol); so I was just curious, so at least I can mentally prepare for it somehow, if possible.

    If you don’t mind, I would very much appreciate if i can continue sending you emails here and there about questions regarding MI BOLC and MI career as well. Please let me know if that is fine for you

  7. I love the info you provided in your blog, but I haven’t been able to find any info on what comes after MI Bolc. Did you go on to language school? Or just go home? Do you want to do a follow-up post so inquiring minds have an idea of what comes after?

    • Thank you 🙂 What came after BOLC was pretty boring. I mean, I went back to my unit, changed units and am now a PL. I did not choose to go onto any language schools or anything further because I had a baby. I’ve been offered to go to a few schools, but I want to wait a few years. Hopefully my last post helped give you a little understanding as to what my life is currently like. 🙂

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