Writing, Planning, Running

Hey guys!! How was your weekend?? Mine was great! To help start your weekend with a ‘feel good’ story, read about Jenna’s book signing.

I dream of one day writing a book. I was borderline tears reading through her post. It’s exciting to read about other’s success.

On to another kind of success… I’ve been planning for marathon training! It quickly snuck up on me… Nike Women’s Marathon is October 14th!! So exciting! Today I bought a whiteboard calendar in order to help me map out all my runs. I used Tina’s marathon training guide. I’m trying something different than I used to use for my half marathons. We’ll see how it goes. But I like that it’s less running which will allow for more CrossFit.

When I first start planning a training program, I have to physically write it all down in my paper planner.

After that I add it to my google calendar. That way the reminders will pop up on my phone. For this training, I asked Justin to join me on his bike for the longer runs. I think it will help to have a buddy… Besides carrying my water and Gu for me. ūüėČ

With all this planning and training, I’m starting to clean up my eats!

Last Night:

I did a fridge/pantry sweep and chopped up the rest of the sweet potatoes and threw them in the oven.


With some Coconut Oil, garlic and pepper. Oh how I’ve MISSED coconut oil!!!


I also used the can of Mole that I had bought back in Arizona — and made a pot of Chicken Mole. Holy-Mole-YUM.


The Mole remained un-used because I could never get the darn top off!! I got too frustrated and just stabbed it. A little aggressive… but hey, it worked, right??


After my “Run 5 Miles” calendar alarm went off… I decided to put it in gear. And I ran the full 5. I think I might just be getting over this non-running rut I’ve been in.

And then the green smoothie was born….


Frozen banana, frozen kale, coconut milk, ground flax seed and protein powder.

I spent the rest of the evening enjoying a few episodes of Grey’s anatomy, laundry, foam rolling and a glass of¬†Riesling.


What races do you have planned this summer?

I’m doing the NWM, but thinking of adding another 1/2 Marathon into the mix.




Saturday Surprise

Yesterday I woke up to a case of the “I don’t wanna go to work”‘s … You know. The no-make up, casual clothes wearing kind of day. And so that’s what I did.


I got lucky because the kitchen at work had just been stocked when I got there. Spoiled, I know.


And a Sub… Turkey/bacon/avocado. Omg, yes. Oh and those are definitely TOMS… told ya it was a casual day.


While at work I was surprised by the news… J said he’d come hang out for the night!! I already had plans with my Aunt to go to Dancing on the Avenue in Willow Glen — So we all went!

This is Justin staring at cooking meat. Grilling, smoking, BBQing meat. We’re so soul mates.


Walk away from the food…


Dancing on the Avenue was a blast. It was pretty much a bunch of people eating, drinking and dancing. I don’t know about you guys, but that’s a perfect Saturday afternoon in my book. As time goes by, I’m becoming more and more in love with my new city. I love that there always seems to be something fun like this to do. I learned that they have music in the park every Thursday night. My aunt said you can bring your own food and wine… I’m so in.


Speaking of wine…

I often try and buy new-to-me, inexpensive wines. I’ll buy a few at a time and then it’s like a wine tasting at home! I’ve found some really great, affordable wines this way. My mom calls us “label girls” because the cutest label wins!!

A few weeks ago I snagged a bottle of Liberte Cab. I opened it the other night when Jacqueline and I were decorating the apartment. We were both surprisingly pleased with it. It was a very smooth red. A little fruity, yet dark…. Just the way I like em’. hehe You can read a full review of it here.

Hope you all have an amazing Sunday. Snag a bottle of Liberte from Trader Joe’s — you won’t be¬†disappointed!



Stability Ball = Amazeballz

Ever heard of using a stability/yoga ball as a desk chair? Livestrong talks about it here.

They even did some studies at a few schools by replacing chairs with a stability ball.


The last two days at work I’ve been sitting on a ball instead of a chair. At any point during the day, you can find me bouncing or doing ab crunches on the stability ball. Where did I find it? Aimlessly wandering the conference room at work. Towards the end of the day my lower back started hurting. Turns out you’re supposed to “gradually” ease into this ball/chair shenanigans. Oopsie. I’ll take a break from it tomorrow.

Speaking of… Fitnessista gives a very thorough post on all the different exercises you can do on a stability ball. (Most are not work-appropriate, if you know what I mean…) All are great at the gym or in your house for a quick at-home workout.

All this stability ball craziness was getting me pumped up for my yoga class last night at Willow Glen Yoga!! I went to the 5:00pm class. After researching local yoga studios, I felt that WGY was one of the best reviewed. Lately I’ve been relying on yelp reviews. I don’t always listen to them, but they’re a huge help when you’re BRAND new to a city (–except for the fact that I was born here, nbd). Sometimes people get on there and just rip a business to shreds. I think it’s their way of getting back at the company over ONE bad experience… ¬†I try and read the positives and see if what that person liked jives with what I’m looking for.

As for WGY, all the positives jived with everything I was looking for in a yoga studio… plus it’s close to my house!

The “Level 2 Vinyassa” class was exactly what I needed. It was lots of leg stretching and tons of flow. I’m definitely a fan.

Before yoga, I swung by TJ’s to grab some ingredients for a few Ella-inspired recipes. I love her blog because she’s always coming up with deliciously-healthy-looking recipes. Her blog has been one of the primary reasons I’ve been missing a fully-stocked kitchen, as well as this blog. Well, up for trial is her PB ella bars.

I’m a huge fan of Larabars, so her ella-bars were a no-brainer. They’ll be great for grab-n-go.


The bars are currently waiting for me in my refrigerator. But I can tell you right now, the batter was amaaaaaaaazing.

I also made a batch of gluten-free banana muffins. And dinner. It was a cooking kind of night.

Today Justin is coming for a visit. SQUEEE!! We’ll probably do a repeat of the last visit. With some added CrossFit time.

Hope you all have an amazing week!



Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing, lovely, kind, supportive, funny and beautiful Mom’s out there… Just like MINE!

We started Mom-Day at church as a family.


I’m still in disbelief over how tall my brother is. I’m wearing heels in this picture and he’s STILL so much taller than me! When did that happen!?!

After church we took a family field trip to the grocery store. This…


Turned into this…


With the help of one sexy kid.


And a little of these!! Sweet potato wedges, eee!


And home made guacamole. YUM.


All the while I snacked on strawberries and almond butter.


While also enjoying a glass of Reisling (my new favorite) with the stunning woman herself!


Dylan and I were grilling masters. It was a definite team effort. I’d check the veggies with a fork and he’d flip em’.


All that hard work turned into this magic:


So much fun to be cooking again… other than with a crock pot! And even more fun to be cooking for my Mom and as a family!

Now I’m blogging and relaxing. Enjoying this beautiful (quite hot for May) weather on the patio.


I hope your Mom-Day was filled with love, family and happiness.



Weekend Wrap – Finally

This post is long overdue. I get that.

A brief¬†synopsis¬†of the last 3 days: 5am wake up, PT, shower/shove food down, class by 8am, 10 minutes to inhale lunch, leave class by 6pm (if I’m lucky), eat, sleep. I’m not even kidding. It’s the worst week of BOLC thus far. The days go by fast, but they’re a lot of work and I’m constantly rushing. I have 2 days left and I can’t wait until this part of training is over with.

Well… onto the fun stuff!!

Saturday morning I woke up to all my running stuff ready to go:


I planned on 12 miles, but only made it to 7. Ya know, sometimes you just have to say, “Okay then… today just isn’t my day.” Truthfully, my quads and hip was hurting – more than the normal “I don’t really feel like running” situation. So, I didn’t push it. I did what I could and I was fine with that.


The running trail was really pretty. I researched a trail in Phoenix that was close to the Air Force base.


It was really pretty and even had fields… that were GREEN! Phoenix is strange in that there will be random horse properties mixed into neighborhoods. That’s not really how California works. But, I did enjoy looking into everyone’s back yards and the new scenery. I just didn’t enjoy the killing pain in my hip.

At 11am I picked up MommaG!! And we went straight to the wine bar… obviously!


We walked around downtown Scottsdale for a bit and then headed to the mall… for a “teeny” bit of shopping. hehe ūüėÄ


Got shoes??


More wine at The Culinary Dropout. It’s a trend, I promise. Anytime I’m with people from home… The wine glasses start a-comin’ !


Culinary Dropout was recommended by several people. So we gave it a try. We loved people watching all the “step-fords” as we called them… Ladies in their 30s decked out in dresses, full blown make up/hair and heels… While their husbands sported jeans and a t-shirt. Interesting, right?

The restaurant was awesome. MommaG and I both agreed that we could have done without the BLARING music. We had to YELL at each other from across the table. Oh well.


These¬†chandeliers¬†were all over the place. I’m a sucker for a fancy lamp.


We started with some meat and cheese appetizers. Prosciutto¬†and parmesan… (they had fancier names, but that’s what I requested — In simple food terms). The bread and olive oil was out of this world. And I mean… I’ve had some great bread before.


Dessert: salted carmel custard. Ohmygoodness. Hence the blurry picture — I was that¬†excited about it. That’s carmel corn on the top. I felt full until the following afternoon. Ridiculousness.

The next morning was Easter Sunday! MommaG was completely¬†enamored¬†by the size of these cacti… I insisted on her taking a picture with one! Oh and look how freaking cute she is in her TOMS!! AHHH! love it.


On our way to church was were desperately searching for a Starbucks. The hotel didn’t offer an Easter breakfast. What’s wrong with them, right??

I got my famous oatmeal and iced coffee. Duh.


This was the church we went to. It was awesome. So glad I did my research before hand. MommaG was a big fan as well. Score!


Our only picture together from the weekend… Thanks to a random stranger.


After church we did in true Easter tradition… Bloody Mary’s. (Definitely not a tradition, but neither is Phoenix.)

Why don’t I drink these more often? They’re so darn good.


And this beast of a salad. Pesto dressing? Couscous? Holy macaroni!


Then we wandered around Tempe and found this awesome wine bar:


We sat outside and talked about dreams, nightmares, ambitions, intuitions, etc… not really. MommaG totally got hit on my 5 college dudes. It was awesome. They asked to buy her a drink. We declined. But posted on Facebook about it. I mean,¬†after all… that’s why we all have a Facebook, right? To brag and complain?

Then we bounced over to La Grande Orange, another place that was recommended to me. And oh my gosh… Look for yourself:



Seriously people? Mom and I split an apple oatmeal cookie and each got a coffee.


Big coffee for me… and teeeeeeny coffee for MommaG. ūüėÄ


Afterwards we stopped at Sunflower Market so I could pick up some groceries for the week. And then I had to take her to the airport. We had been dreading this since before I picked her up. It was sad to say goodbye, but soo good to see her. I’m such a blessed girl to have such a wonderful Mom. I think about this often. I didn’t get to pick my parents, but wow… I would pick them over and over again if I had to.

I can’t say enough good things about my mom, but my favorite is how supportive, loving and kind she is. I hope to be 1/2 of the Mom she is one day.

And then I drove 3 hours and it was back to the daily grind…


2 more days and I get to enjoy ANOTHER weekend! Thank God for that.

Since I’ve been so busy there’s been zero working out (other than morning PT) and eating oatmeal and salads for every meal. Super exciting.

Next week I’ll be back in action. Until now, run a few miles for me — will ya?


Paisley ūüôā

Almost seniors! Gluten-Free too!


– I wish I could tell you guys what I’ve been doing in class, but it’s a secret. Literally. But I’m learning how to do my job as if I were deployed. Like the real deal. It’s a lot of fun. But also kind of nerve-wracking because it makes you really think about what your doing… and how it could affect people. Good stuff.

– The class ahead of me graduates next week. Do you know what this means?!?! My BOLC class will move into the SENIOR status!! squeeeeeee! We’re the big kids now. We stand at the very far end of the formation: the place I dreamed of standing since I’ve been here! It means you’re the farthest along, aka: the closest to graduating! wow. exciting, much?

– Now that’s it’s April the hotel is allowing us to use the air conditioning. But not the heat. Go figure. Um, hi… it’s still 40 degrees over here!! Arizona can never just pick a temperature. Why you gotta jump all around!?!? Good thing I didn’t send off ALL my winter clothes!! And thank goodness for long HOT showers to singe my skin off.

– If you run enough miles, you’ll lose weight. I promise you this.


Combatives was the worst. I would say the worst MI BOLC has had thus far. Let’s just say it was complete, utter, ridiculous insanity. 2 people with dislocated shoulders, bruises, tears, scratches, and the list goes on. Apparently safety was not the main concern this morning. Everyone is thoroughly ticked. Including myself.

A female officer got in my face. I, in true Hayley fashion… got right back in hers. I don’t care what rank you are, there’s a time and a place for that kind of behavior. And this morning. Well, it was NOT the time. This particular person will no longer be instructing combatives. Thank you for your service. And have a nice day. Buh-bye.



Did you know that I’m a Chi Omega? Funny story. I’m a sorority girl. The proofs finally came (from last year). Fun stuff.

I never talked about all the fun stuff I found at Sunflower Market last weekend. I thought I’d share because of a gluten conversation I had with Ryan. He said that gluten bothers him too and was asking about some of the stuff I eat… So here we go.


Of course I’ll start with the sugar. Dark Chocolate and PB mixed together? You had me at Justin’s…


These are new to me. They’re good, but not gluten free. VitaTops (muffin tops + vitamins) I do think one of their flavors is GF because I didn’t realize they weren’t until I got home. Hm. That’s weird. I could have sworn they were. But, they have a ton of vitamins and they’re an easy snack. I’m a fan.


Brown rice tortillas. Haven’t tried yet. But… I finally found them! They were in the freezer section, go figure!


These I got last week but I’m all about putting them in my oatmeal in the morning. They add extra sweetness and they’re my favorite fruit (except watermelon)… it’s a win/win. Oh and they don’t rot in your fridge. I’m notorious for letting things go bad, especially because I usually go on fruit-buying-rampages. I can’t help it. Fruit is just so exciting.


Gluten free granola. This is better than the one from Trader Joes.


Almond crackers!?! Say it ain’t so! These are really good. And they come in a TON of different flavors. I chose Hazelnut, because it reminded me of Nutella. I threw a few of these on my salad for lunch today — so. good.


This oatmeal is a huge hit. I’d eat it for every meal if I could. Well, I mean… if that was appropriate. If you do eat oatmeal for every meal, more power to ya! I like this oatmeal better than regular “gluten” oatmeal. You must try it.

Through blogging/education/everything I’m beginning to learn what works for me. I listen to my body. It’s hard to do. Mostly because I don’t always know the signs/symptoms. But… My body does better on some carbohydrates. Minimal gluten. High protein. I mix in veggies and fruits and fats… I try and stay as balanced as possible. And eat lots of whole foods. Portion control and limitations are definitely necessary for me. I’m a bit over-indulgent at times. But I’m finding what works for ME and that’s the most important thing!! Diets, what you¬†should/shouldn’t eat and all that jazz isn’t a do-all solution. Experimenting helps. One way of eating/exercising doesn’t work for every single person.¬†

Like for me… running WORKS for me. For my sister Shannon… not so much. Every body is different. Thankfully!!

LOOK! My compression socks came!!


Aren’t they preeeety!?!? A little bright for my taste, but fun, right!?


In¬†conjunction¬†with my whole “Listen to my body” campaign… I went out to the track tonight. I wanted to try out my new socks, but didn’t want to look silly in front of everyone at the gym. omg… what is that girl wearing? are those YELLOW socks?


So, track it was! I chatted with Nadine for the first mile. I had to tell her my Army Barbie drama. And then I ran 2 miles. I really planned on 5. But sometimes I don’t always follow through with my plans. Oh well.

I figure that since I wake up at 4am, it’s okay to skimp out on some of my workouts. I’ll catch up another day. My body said no more and I listened.



Snowy Desert Randomness

I said that I wouldn’t believe it until I saw it. Well. I saw it today.


We did PT in the snow this morning. Granted, it wasn’t full on snowing, but there were snowflakes on my jacket. That’s snowing in my book.

It was so cold this morning that I literally gasped at one point. The wind blew and it shocked me because it felt like needles were stabbing my face. Because of this cold weather, PT was pretty lame… You can’t do very much when virtually every part of your body is on the verge of frost bite. dramatic. And I can use the word “freezing” because my car thermometer told me so.

I was also informed that the heater works in my room. The AC doesn’t, but the heater does. Go figure. That thing is cranking this morning.

This weeks workout plan:

Mon – 8 miles/Ab workout

Tue – 4 miles/CrossFit

Wed – 5 miles

Thur – 4 miles/CrossFit

Fri – 3 miles/Ab workout

Sat – Rest

Sun – Arizona Distance Classic 1/2 Marathon!!

This morning I ventured out and tried something new for breakfast. When I say “new” I mean a different brand than normal.


Love Grown Granola. Snackface is obsessed with this stuff.

And now I know why. Gluten free, cinnamon-y, crunchy amazeballz.


I also picked up something new last night at Fry’s: Coconut/Almond milk blend. Yeah, it exists.


In case I didn’t emphasize my happiness last night… MY MOM IS COMING TO VISIT ME. And this is how our conversation went:


All I had to do was lure her with Lululemon. If only I had known it would have been that easy — I would have done that a loooong time ago.

It’s Monday!! (And I hate Monday)…

I guess this one is a little less angry…

Since I’m not one to go all¬†¬†optimistic¬†on a Monday, I turn to alcohol sweat instead:

This will be my “CrossFit” portion of tonights workout.



Bootcamp Mud Run

Snacks were packed.


Veggies cooking.


Finished Hunger Games, book 3. (By the way, I kinda hated the third book — but at least I’m done. success.)


5:00AM – Alarm goes off.¬†What am I thinking!?! It’s freaking Saaaaaturday!

Grabbed my bags, iced coffee and I was off.

The car ride started with this song:


And then I knew, it’s going to be a good day. Love, love Norah.

Once I got to the race, I grabbed my teams race packets.


Finished my breakfast.


And put my number on my shirt.


And tried to imagine it being 20 degrees warmer. Brrr!


Team “Beat” finally arrived: Sam, Ryan, Baker and Philip.

I spotted this dude a mile away and NEEDED a picture with him.




Baker didn’t get the St. Patricks (GREEN) memo… He thought it was valentines day. Understandable.


Yay. BOLC girls. WOO.


Team Beat insignia.

The run was a 5K. We were in it to win it. We started at the “competitor” start line and maintained a strong pace. But geez, this run was hard! The obstacles were not joke! Push ups, crawling through tunnels, sit ups, push press, box jumps, running through sand. You get it? It was definitely a good work out for only being 3ish miles.

And… the after picture. Got MUD!?!?!


More BOLC girls! (I already look clean in some of these pictures because we finished before Team Meat and had time to get rinsed off. I was muddy, I swear.)


And here’s the gang… Team Beat & Team Meat. And yes, that was planned.


The post race party was amazing. We almost left right after the race but decided to stick around to see if we won any prizes (which we didn’t).

Breakfast burritos at a race? What!?!


Yogurt and granola? Now you’re speaking my language!


The race was really well organized, fun, warm enough (afterwards) and a great event.


Everyone had a great time. Tucson, you’ve yet to fail me. This time was no exception.


Pink water?


After we left the race, pool time. This pool was like bath water. And I’m kinda sun burnt now, oops.


Lunch at In-N-Out: Double-Double, animal & protein style. It never gets old.


And purchased a ticket for tonights pub crawl.


Quite possibly the best St. Patricks day ever — so far.

And now for the green beer!

Happy GREEN day!



M Day

Happy tired, irritable Monday…!!

Since I’m not one to “fake the funk” — let’s call it what it is. Monday’s suck. The weekend is over and 5 days of work are all sprawled out in front of me. What can make Monday better? Fitness and food planning of course!

M – 5 miles

Tu – CrossFit

W – 5 miles

Th – 6 miles

F – CrossFit

Sa – Tucson Bootcamp run

Su – Rest OR 8 miles

Speaking of food… I tried Chili’s last night for the very first time. Overall, it was exactly as I expected. (I’m not a chan restaurant kind of girl.) I inhaled 3+ blackberry iced teas which were delicious!!


And had a buffalo chicken salad. I only had breakfast yesterday so I figured I could have some Chili’s inspired chicken. When in Rome.


I also found a very special purple spandex treat while sitting in the restaurant. CHECK IT OUT!!


Yowza. You go girl. Rock that outfit. (Sorry for the blurry picture. I had to catch her as she was walking by outside. It was too amazing not to capture. Courtney would appreciate it.) Nicole and I were dying laughing. Obviously. She kind of reminded me of the grumpy lady from Monsters Inc.

When we got back to the hotel, Nicole and I watched the TLC show: My Strange Addiction. We were dying laughing at this girl who is addicted to sniffing her doll’s head. I’m not even kidding. Also featured was a girl who drinks gasoline, a girl who sniffs baby powder and a guy who MAKES OUT with his car! WTF!?!?

My favorite part was when the baby head sniffer told her friend, “My fiance told me ‘It’s him or the head.'” I think I peed a little. So funny. I can’t decided if the show was meant to be serious (I mean you can DIE from drinking gasoline) or funny (girl sniffing a doll head, that’s pretty funny). Hm?

Later I watched Walking Dead for the first time. It’s a zombie drama. I think. I had to get up at one point in the middle of it to use the bathroom — because it was scary!!! I’m definitely not a scary movie fan so I don’t think I’m going to be a Walking Dead fan. But we’ll see… I’m not writing it off quite yet.

This morning started with a 5 mile run. My foot was dying. But I did finish it with a good amount of self-motivational speaking, “Hayley, keep running. It’s just your foot. Keep running.” Before I knew it I was done and back in my hotel room — with my foot in a bucket of ice and eating breakfast:


Warm quinoa, trail mix and blackberries in an almost-empty almond butter jar. Can you tell I have pretty much no food left in my refrigerator?

Alright so this post is about to get serious…

I’m really, REALLY homesick. I’ve adopted the “I don’t give a f*%k anymore” attitude and I need to stop that. Monday’s are hard. I have to keep reminding myself to smile and that I only have 7 weeks left. Also, soldier up. I signed the dotted line. So I need to just get over myself. Put some pep in my step and re-charge that motivation.

So… On my way back to my room at lunch time I made a point to blare happy music and smile. And you know what? I felt so much better. I reminded myself that I have 7 weeks left. That I have the ability to chose my attitude. And that the Army won’t always consume my entire life. And then I said out loud, “Breathe… this too shall pass.”

QUESTION: What are you most nervous/excited/scared about in your life? Your future? And how do you handle it?

I’m nervous/excited/scared about entering the next chapter of my life. My far off goals are now at the top of my list. I’ve checked off a lot of the “life to-do’s” thus far. It’s nerve wracking to make ‘big girl’ decisions… Like, which career I want to pursue, buying a house, taking over my horse’s finances, stuff like that. I handle it by taking one day at a time and focusing on the things that make me happy — and the things that move me closer to achieving my goals. Instead of overwhelming myself, I am constantly adapting my plan. But always moving forward. ¬†

And now for a pick-me-up… I’m absolutely LOVING iced coffee lately. This weekend I picked up a Starbucks cold cup just for this new liquid love of mine. It’s delicious and helps keep me focused during the day. Even when I’ve only had a few hours of sleep… ahem, like today.

Also, I’m really excited for this weekend because I’m doing the Tucson Bootcamp run with a big group of Lieutenants from my class. We’re all dressing up in costume and running the race together. It’s on St. Patricks day so I anticipate a lot of green and pinching! Although I probably won’t sport the green, (I want to be Batman — because any excuse to dress up, my go-to is Batman. I also want to be able to say “I’m Batman drunk” at the post-race party.) you can bet that I’m ready to defend myself from the green-wearing-pinchers. Green ribbon in my hair, hello!

Tonight I’m playing catch up. Unpacking from the weekend, laundry, homework, the works. Dinner will be trail mix. Don’t feel sorry for me — I’m too tired lazy to make a trip to the grocery store tonight.

I hope your Monday was a little better than mine… Mr. Medical Sales told me in response to my day, “Well, on the bright side… the sooner you go to sleep tonight, the sooner it will be TUESDAY!” Right you are my friend, right you are.






Elf-Tastic Friday

Happy Sunday!!

A lack of computer makes blogging non-existent, so we’re doing some catch up.

First, Friday¬†I woke up to a surprise email… My fabulously fashionable friend Caity posted just for me! I was sitting in my car waiting for PT to start and was able to read about the shoe info I had requested from her! Last week I asked her for some shoe help – and oh my goodness, she answered my cry — and then some! This girl knows fashion. And when you ask for help, she’s there for ya!

Not to mention… In October, Caity opened her beautiful San Francisco apartment for me to stay at when I ran the Nike Women’s 1/2 Marathon. There I was inspired to create ArmyPaisley. I owe her.

You can read the post here. I HIGHLY recommend her blog if you love drooling over fashion (among other wonderful things) — especially shoes.

I intend on owning these:

Or these will do too…

At PT I couldn’t participate in the run. My damn foot was SCREAMING at me. Instead, I did this:

3 Rounds:

  • 25 lunges
  • 50 Sit ups

Then, 3 Rounds:

  • 25 lunges
  • 10 burpees

At lunch I came home to make a salad and was very sad to find that THIS had happened to my lettuce.


Another reason why I could do without living in a hotel room. The refridgerator doesn’t understand the concept of a produce bin. Instead, it just freezes when it’s feeling particularly cold. Thus, wet, soggy salad is born. Super.

But, I made it work and just added lots of other topping and made this beast.


Arugula, sweet potatoes, chicken, carrots, beets, strawberries, quinoa, goat cheese and goddess dressing. I should open a restaurant. ha.


Packed my bag for the weekend. (UofA hat… yeah.)¬†My two wild, crazy, curly haired cousins came to town this weekend. EEEEEEEEK! This was the first time anyone has come to visit me in Tucson.¬† All morning was asking people, “What are you doing this weekend?” AP: “Oh that’s coole, MY COUSINS ARE COMING!!!” — Obviously I was¬†just using it as an excuse to tell the entire world that I have plans with the FleurBow girls.

I was¬†pretty much like Elf…

“My cousines are coming to Tucson, my cousins are coming to Tucson — And I don’t care who knows it!!!”

Is anyone else dying of laughter right now thinking of all the Elf quotes? No? Am I the only one?

“Does someone need a hug?”

“What’s a Christmas graham? I want one!”

“Fruit spray? SURE! AHHHHHHH!”

“I love to smile, smiling’s my favorite!”

“SANTA!!! Oh my God! I KNOW HIM!”

Or you can just watch the awesomeness for yourself (5 minutes of Elf-tastic-ness):

Friday night was a melow Tucson outing. I spent the morning causing frost bite to the foot. I had to prepare for Nicole’s entrance into Tucson. AKA: My foot is buggin’.


Nicole’s plane landed in Tucson at 11am. It was time for some FleurBow.